Adsense Geyser Review

The author has informed me that he has removed his product for the time being. I have therefore removed the review.

Responses to “Adsense Geyser Review”

  1. Hi Les, Do you know why in the world Charles has removed his product from sale? I can’t even find his sales page today? Is this a bad vibe? Thanks, Harry
  2. Hi Harry, I’ll shoot him an email and try to find out.
  3. Thanks Les.
  4. Hi Les, Just checking in on the status of Adsense Geyer and if you have heard from Charles Montgomery? Thanks, Harry
  5. Harry – I didn’t hear back from Charles at all after his initial email to me letting me know he’d removed the product
  6. Thank you Les for your time and effort in my behalf. Maybe this is just one more of those real sorry gurus gone bad.

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