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Assessments, reviews, evaluations – it’s all I ever seem to do! Lucky for me I enjoy it so much ;-) OK, so now I will be checking out AdWords Buddy. I’m a stickler for a well structured assessment and this is just how I’m going to be formatting this particular one:

  • A concise report in regards to the product
  • You will need to find out where to buy, so that’s taken care of in its very own segment
  • We have access to a limited quantity of product statistics that we are able to use to gauge it’s level of quality.
  • An area for members to tell us just what they think about this product
  • We offer a bonus for anyone who ends up purchasing. Find out about it in our bonus part of the review.
A quick note on the characteristics of the links in this article, because I really do receive a great number of questions regarding it. The hyperlinks with this icon are “affiliate links”. In some cases people object to them but it really makes no difference regarding price for you or even level of quality. If you buy right after clicking an affiliate hyperlink you’ll be entitled to the bonus. They make no difference to the neutrality of the evaluations since we incorporate them for every review.
AdWords Buddy

Product Facts

Product Name: AdWords Buddy
Standard Price: $7
Author: John Crestani
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

It is a digital product, so it’s not distributed through standard outlets. You need to go straight to the AdWords Buddy website (just click Frequently you need to read through their sales copy, and it may be complicated to see the “Buy It Now” weblink. To purchase without using an affiliate link clear your internet cookies then simply click here:

Publisher’s Description

An advanced AdWords training course to help you create profitable AdWords advertising

  • Make your marketing efforts become much more effective
  • Real world case studies and easy to follow blueprints
  • Receive more sales quickly – Fast and easy
  • Learn how to automate your optimization
  • Optimize your account to increase sales

User Comment and Discussion

You have heard from me, and now it’s my turn to hear from you. Now is not the moment to be self conscious, and commenting here brings its own returns. So get going right now and let us know what you think about this product.

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Product Stats and Appraisal

Good – so there should now be zero uncertainties about what exactly this product does. The next question is – is it high quality?

To answer this question we rely on stats. All of the products we examine utilize the same transaction processor. They offer statistics on every one of the items they include. (Look at the about us post for more info on the way in which we utilize stats). The statistics give us two quality indications: buyer frenzy and buyer satisfaction.

Our Buyer Satisfaction Rating

The results are in for AdWords Buddy and it gets a ranking of 98.28 out of 100. That is incredibly spectacular stuff – one of the best rankings that I’ve come across. This business clearly treat their customers perfectly.

Our Buyer Frenzy Rating

Buyer Frenzy Rating is a key phrase I’ve created to assist us rate how much interest there is in the program. The greater the ‘frenzy’, the more people are battling in a rush to purchase the product. The larger the stampede – the greater the quality of the product, or so the idea goes. AdWords Buddy ranks 70.05 which shows an absolutely standard level of product sales. It is not quite a best seller yet, but might be on track.

The Final Score At long last we’ve reached the conclusion of the review! It’s taken quite some time but chances are you’ll have a good understanding of just what the product really does and if it’s leaving consumers content or sad. I also have weighed everything up and selected a final ranking – taking into account everything we have seen up to now. I’ve decided on a ranking of 8.84 /10. It really is a superb score – well done AdWords Buddy! You should definitely seriously think about buying this product. It’s a great great program. But even then you will always want to check out the competition, like the additional products in this category. It undoubtedly can’t hurt, and you can click the website link that follows to see a category listing, sorted by rating:: Computers / Internet, Programming

AdWords Buddy Purchase Bonus

Lastly, permit me to just mention the very important purchase bonus. In the event you buy AdWords Buddy after reading about it right here, that entitles you to a little from us. To find out exactly what that may be and the way to obtain it, have a look here: AdWords Buddy extra.
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