Affiliate Annihilation Review

Cyberspace has been awash with evaluations (just search online) and now it’s the perfect time for myself and viewers to add our opinion on Affiliate Annihilation. I demand a properly organized critique and this is just how I’ll be structuring this one:

  • A product graphic and fact section comprising the principle product info
  • Information on where exactly to buy
  • We have access to a limited quantity of product statistics that we can use to gauge it’s quality.
  • One of the most important areas – customer assessments. That’s where you can get some genuine product opinions.
  • You can get extras! (Really?!) Yes, you really can. Find out how in this area of the analysis
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Affiliate Annihilation

Product Facts

Product Name: Affiliate Annihilation
Standard Price: $39
Author: Andrew Fox
Review Updated: 30th Sep 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

It is a digital product, so it is not distributed via standard retailers. You need to go directly to the Affiliate Annihilation website (click this Typically you will need to look through their sales page, and it can be difficult to find the “Checkout” weblink. To buy without making use of an affiliate link clear your cookies and then click here:

Publisher’s Description

Affiliate Marketing System as easy as a “paint-by-numbers” childrens game

  • NOT time-consuming- Using my revolutionary automated software toexploit Google’s hidden loopholes, I can create sites that shoot to #1on Google injust hours!

User Comment and Discussion

This is the section of the assessment where product customers can let everybody know concerning their experience – positive and negative – with their product. You won’t come across any lame phony opinions here – we accept responses from everyone and want to read constructive criticism of a product.

Responses to “Affiliate Annihilation Review”

  1. I bought the product and now after receiving my password and username, I cannot connect to What is wrong?
  2. Johan – the site is loading fine for me. Maybe it was a temporary error. What is the specific error message you receive?

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Product Stats and Analysis

So now it’s onto those juicy stats. You should have a complete read on this page to find out exactly how we produce those stats. At the end, two indicators remain – buyer satisfaction and buyer frenzy.

Buyer Satisfaction

What are the scores on the doors? So, Affiliate Annihilation gets 99.58/100, which is approaching the higher ranks of the scores on this internet site. Very few people are being left unsatisfied.

Buyer Frenzy

Buyer Frenzy Rating is actually a phrase I’ve coined to help us rate the amount of interest there exists in a program. The greater the ‘frenzy’, the more customers are fighting in a rush to buy the product. The bigger the stampede – the greater the level of quality of the product, or so the theory goes. Affiliate Annihilation scores 63.86 which shows a perfectly standard level of sales made. It is not quite a best seller yet, but could be on track.

The Overall Score So, we’ve reached the final part of the critique and it’s time to calculate all the pros and cons and provide the final score. This ranking takes into account the satisfaction rating, the frenzy score, and I will revise it based on the thoughts and opinions of visitors here. Furthermore, it considers the trust I place in the product’s website and author. So, my closing score is 8.96/10. It’s a high rating – and a high score translates to an outstanding product. I definitely would not have any issues about taking out the visa or mastercard for this one. This really is a great great package. But even so you’ll still like to check out the competitors, like the best placed product on this website for its categories. So you may want to examine every category and discover if there is something that better satisfies your expections. Make sure you click the subsequent hyperlinks:: SEM & SEO, E-business & E-marketing

Affiliate Annihilation Purchase Bonus

In the event that you buy this product after visiting their website via our link, we get fee from the supplier of the package. Consequently, we want to say thank you. To discover exactly how we do so, please visit this site: Affiliate Annihilation purchase reward.
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