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Another day, another assessment! This time around I am examining Attraction Isn’t a Choice. But first let’s have a quick look at exactly what we will be discussing.

  • A simple research table with the top factoids concerning the product
  • Where you should buy – I’ve written a part of the review detailing all of the information required to buy
  • We’ve got access to a limited amount of product statistics that we can use to evaluate it’s level of quality.
  • What is a review without some genuine user thoughts and opinions? That’s to be found in the comments part of the review.
  • A purchase bonus is one thing that really should not be ignored. Discover what it is and just how you can get one.
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Attraction Isn't a Choice

Product Facts

Product Name: Attraction Isn’t a Choice
Standard Price: USD22.97
Author: David DeAngelo
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

This is a digital product, therefore it is not distributed via regular retailers. You will need to go straight to the Attraction Isn’t a Choice website (just click Often you need to run through their sales copy, and it may be complicated to see the “Buy It Now” link. To buy without using an affiliate link clear your cookies and then please click here:

Publisher’s Description

A comprehensive guide on how to use secret communication and sexual body language to attract women

  • The 12 most dangerous beliefs most men have – I’ll break down each one for you and show you exactly what you can do to overcome it for good. – pg. 49
  • The NINE things you MUST do to attract really beautiful women. And, attractive women are different – I’ll show you how to succeed with them).
  • The 7 keys to reprogramming your brain and turning yourself into an attraction magnet that women cannot resist noticing. – pg. 61
  • Why you’re probably the one that’s preventing your own success – and how to overcome your natural “sabotage” mechanisms
  • TWENTY of my personal favorite Cocky Comedy lines that you can start using tonight to have women drooling over you. – pg. 151
  • The real reason why women put men in “The Friend Zone” and the only way to be sure you stay OUT of it. – pg. 127
  • The simple remedy that will smooth out an awkward conversation or situation with any woman. – pg. 113
  • The main reasons why we feel negative emotional states, and how to change them almost instantly
  • Creating positive “feedback loops” in your mind that will help you succeed AUTOMATICALLY
  • How to control your emotions – even in situations with women that normally freak you out

User Comment and Discussion

So we ask our dearest visitors to give us the low-down about this product. Did it meet anticipations? Perhaps exceed them…? We would like to know what you think so you needn’t be afraid and start commenting right now!

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Product Stats and Assessment

Buyer satisfaction and buyer frenzy – what are they? Well, you ought to by now have a really good idea of exactly what the program does, at the very least from the publisher’s standpoint from their outline. But we need to look past that and attempt to obtain an sign of level of quality that the author cannot affect. To do this, we make use of statistics which are authored by the payment processor (our about us page has more information). I use these statistics to produce an indication of the level of customers’ happiness (buyer satisfaction) and how well this product is selling (buyer frenzy).

Buyer Satisfaction

Now, I’ve whipped out the calculator and the overall buyer satisfaction ranking for Attraction Isn’t a Choice is 84.09/100. That is high enough, although it isn’t among the stellar ratings on the site. The majority of buyers were content nevertheless.

The Buyer Frenzy Rating

Buyer Frenzy Rating is a term I’ve coined to aid us rate the amount of interest there is in a program. The greater the ‘frenzy’, the more customers are fighting in their rush to get the product. The bigger the rush – the higher the quality of the product, or so the idea goes. Attraction Isn’t a Choice ranks 71.30 which shows an absolutely normal level of sales made. It’s not quite a best seller yet, but could be on track.

The Final Score When it comes down to it, what’s our final conclusion on Attraction Isn’t a Choice? This score takes into consideration all the things we’ve talked about so far, and in addition trust ranking websites like It’s an indication of the faith that we place in this product, that the public places in the product and that the rest of the internet places in the program. Our final score is 6.88/10. This is a ranking that is undeniably above normal and I’d personally say you can move forward with your buying decision without having too many anxieties. So it’s a fair product, but nevertheless you will most probably want to consider other ones in the category, like the highest rated items in this category. Fortunately for you I’ve put together a listing, grouped handily by category. Simply click the following links:: Self-Help, Dating Guides

Attraction Isn’t a Choice Bonus

As spelled out in the initial section, there’s an affiliate partnership with the product merchant that rewards us if you end up buying. In turn, we want to reward you through the form of a purchase reward. To see exactly what that is look here: Attraction Isn’t a Choice extra.
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