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Critiques, reviews, opinions – it is really all I ever seem to do! Thankfully for me I enjoy it very much ;-) OK, so today I’ll be turning the spotlight on to Auto Traffic Avalanche. I in general keep to the same structure when writing my reviews, and it goes a little like this:

  • A quick section with the product facts
  • Where to buy – I’ve got a part of the review outlining all of the information required to buy
  • Stats, stats, and even more statistics! You can’t beat a great statistical analysis, and that’s exactly what I do in the stats part of the review.
  • The opinions of our users – exactly what really matters when researching a product
  • We provide a bonus for anybody who ultimately ends up purchasing. Learn about it in the bonus section.
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Auto Traffic Avalanche

Product Facts

Product Name: Auto Traffic Avalanche
Standard Price: $39
Review Updated: 31st Aug 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

I want to start with reminding you that all payments for this product are by way of a completely independent payment processor called Clickbank. They guarantee the 60 day refund promise is upheld. They host the payment page, and will email you details of how to download soon after you pay. To find the transaction page you have to initially go to the Auto Traffic Avalanche web site at It’s the only web site that is offering the program. Once on that site try to find the Add to cart link that will redirect you to the payment page.

Publisher’s Description

Recession victim stumbles across new software and exploits hidden GLITCH in a 1.8 Billion Traffic Bank for $219,249 a month on Clickbank

  • A tool which breaks all the rules and takes you in a NEW direction – away from pain and losses, and towards cash profits and freedom
  • A tool that’s highly controversial and siphons laser-targeted traffic from a 1.8 Billion Traffic Bank
  • And what’s more – it’s all completely legal

User Comment and Discussion

Publishing countless reviews can be a thankless job. Thankfully, however, I don’t need to do it alone – I’ve my audience to help me. Therefore make sure you take the time to let everybody know your opinion about Auto Traffic Avalanche

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Product Stats and Analysis

Buyer satisfaction and buyer frenzy – what exactly are they? Well, you should by now have a good notion of what the product does, at the very least from the publisher’s viewpoint from their outline. But we need to look past that and attempt to obtain an indication of quality which the publisher cannot influence. For this, we utilize statistics that are authored by the transaction processor Clickbank (our about us page has detailed information). I take advantage of these stats to create an indication of how happy customers are (buyer satisfaction) and just how well the product is selling (buyer frenzy).

Our Buyer Satisfaction Indicator

Auto Traffic Avalanche has obtained 98.43/100 which is among the top scores on the site. They are people who clearly have learned to keep their customers satisfied.

Our Buyer Frenzy Rating

The simply means – how well is this program selling? It isn’t surprising that a program that’s got high sales is a good quality one. In this case we have a frenzy ranking of 64.39, that signifies a perfectly typical level of product sales. It isn’t quite a top seller yet, but might be on track.

The Final Verdict At long last we’ve reached the end of the evaluation! It’s taken a little while but at this point you ought to have an excellent understanding of exactly what the package does and whether or not it is leaving buyers satisfied or sad. I too have taken everything into consideration and decided on a final score – considering everything we’ve seen up to now. I have selected a ranking of 8.86 out of10. This is a great ranking – well done Auto Traffic Avalanche! You should definitely seriously consider getting this product. However, although a stellar program you might still benefit from looking into the additional products in this class. It certainly cannot hurt, and you can click the link that follows to see a category listing, sorted by ranking:: E-business & E-marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Auto Traffic Avalanche Bonus

As explained in the initial paragraph, we have an affiliate relationship with the product supplier that benefits us in the event you wind up purchasing. In turn, we want to reward you through the form of a purchase bonus offer. To see exactly what that is read here: Auto Traffic Avalanche extra.
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