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Blow by Blow will be the product which I will be examining today and I’m going to be giving it a comprehensive assessment. These pages is designed to present:

  • A short section with the product information
  • Purchasing details
  • The payment processor publishes stats on the product and I evaluate these figures to determine its level of quality.
  • A review is not a review without having some actual user opinion. That’s where the comments and user evaluation section comes in.
  • Information about the bonus offer we provide to everyone
A quick note on the characteristics of the links in this article, on the grounds that I really do receive a substantial amount of questions regarding it. The hyperlinks with this icon are “affiliate links”. Some people don’t like them but it really does not matter with regard to price to you or level of quality. Should you buy after clicking on an affiliate hyperlink you’ll be eligible for the bonus offer. They make no difference to the neutrality of the reviews since we include them for every single review.
Blow by Blow

Product Facts

Product Name: Blow by Blow
Standard Price: $37
Author: Michael Webb
Review Updated: 30th Sep 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

This is an electronic product, therefore it is not distributed via normal retailers. You need to go straight to the Blow by Blow site (click this Frequently you need to take a look at their sales copy, and it may be confusing to find the “Checkout” link. To buy without making use of an affiliate link clear your cookies then just click here:

Publisher’s Description

Drive your man wild with these amazing blow job tips and secrets.What You Absolutely Must Know About Pleasing Your Man!

  • The one thing you must ask him before he decides to get a wax… forget this and he could be in a lot of pain for a long time! Hint: It’s got nothing to do with the pain of waxing itself (page 36)
  • Understand the 4 components of the penis so you can lick, suck and caress the right places at the right time, giving him a more powerful and intense experience (page 22)
  • How to double his chances of orgasm by only doing HALF the work… save time and avoid a crick in the neck that would come from giving head for too long (page 38)
  • Nervous about performing fellatio? Maybe it’s your first time? Page 40 reveals how to become more comfortable and relaxed about performing oral sex on him
  • How to encourage him to shower before fellatio WITHOUT offending him… gain peace of mind that his groin will smell great down there (page 32)
  • The one thing you should do long BEFORE fellatio… forget this and you may impede the climax and make your entire effort a waste! (page 37)
  • 8 places to give him a surprise blow job… you’ll both enjoy a much more intense, pleasurable and memorable experience (pages 53 – 55)
  • How to perform oral sex on a circumcised man… do this wrong and you could put him off fellatio or even cause him pain (page 60 – 61)
  • The TRUTH about STD’s with fellatio and the complete guide on how to stay safe against sexually-transmitted disease (page 15)
  • 6 positions to perform fellatio in… spice things up with these different angles, sensations and experiences (pages 62 – 64)

User Comment and Discussion

It’s not easy being a writer. Writers-block is a common problem. Yet, fortunately, I don’t have to rely entirely on myself personally to create these assessments – I’ve got you all to assist me! You shouldn’t be afraid to let everyone know what you think. We love a good discussion here at

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Product Stats and Evaluation

You now really should have a decent understanding of exactly what Blow by Blow does – you’ve read the product information and facts, the publisher’s information and the user reviews. What’s left? Well, we can make use of certain info from the transaction processor (Clickbank) to generate two statistical signals (see here to determine precisely how we do that). Those signals I have called buyer frenzy and buyer satisfaction.

Our Buyer Satisfaction Indicator

The buyer satisfaction rating for Blow by Blow comes out as 98.57/100 which is amongst the top ratings on the web page. These are people that evidently have learned to keep their customers pleased.

The Buyer Frenzy Rating

Buyer Frenzy Rating is actually a key phrase I’ve coined to assist us rate how much interest there is in a program. The greater the ‘frenzy’, the more customers are scrambling over themselves in their rush to get this product. The bigger the charge – the greater the quality of the product, or so the theory goes. Blow by Blow ranks 64.68 which signifies an absolutely normal level of sales. It’s not quite a best seller yet, but might be headed that way.

The Final Score When it comes down to it, what is our final judgement on Blow by Blow? This ranking takes into account all the things we’ve talked about so far, and in addition trust ranking websites similar to It’s an indication of the faith that we place in the product, that the public places in the product and that the rest of the internet places in the program. The final score is 8.88/10. It’s a great score – and a great score translates to a superb product. I would not have any issues about flashing out the credit card for this one. This really is a brilliant program. But even then you will always want to check out the competition, like the other services in this category. It undoubtedly cannot hurt, and you can now click the website link that follows to see a category listing, sorted by rating:: Marriage & Relationships, Self-Help

Blow by Blow Bonus

In conclusion, let me simply mention the all important purchase bonus. If you buy Blow by Blow after researching it in this article, that entitles you to a little from us. To determine precisely what that may be and the way to obtain it, see here: Blow by Blow extra.
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