Five Star Betting Review

Assessments, reviews, evaluations – it is really all I ever seem to do! Lucky for me I adore it so much ;-) OK, so now I’ll be turning the spotlight on to Five Star Betting. But first why don’t we have a glance at what we will be going over.

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  • Statistics! You’ll want to know if a product is good or not won’t you? That is outlined in the statistics part of the review.
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Five Star Betting

Product Facts

Product Name: Five Star Betting
Standard Price: $3.5
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Five Star Betting is offered for sale via their own site, which it is easy to check out via this link: The product is not sold via any other shops, even if you could possibly find other websites which link directly to the payment processor web page. Nonetheless, it is advisable to click through to the source to find out the most recent price. If you wish to buy without using an affiliate weblink that can be done by clicking here:

Publisher’s Description

If you are hungry for an automated income and the freedom that comes with it, here’s how you can legally exploit the bookies for 5 star profits.

  • You don’t have to know anything about betting (or betting syndicates) to start making make real profits in the next 24 hours
  • Exposes blueprint to destroy horse racing for £1,537.55 per day
  • Delivered ‘DAILY’ to your Email before 10am GMT
  • FSB Winning Horse Racing System Selections
  • Great Priced Odds With Solid Returns.

User Comment and Discussion

You have read what I’ve got to say, and after this it’s my turn to know what you think. Now isn’t the time to be self conscious, and commenting below brings its own rewards. So get going right now and tell us what you think of this review.

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Product Stats and Appraisal

Buyer satisfaction and buyer frenzy – what exactly are they? Well, you should by now have a good idea of exactly what the product does, at the least from the vendor’s viewpoint from their description. But we need to look beyond that and attempt to get an indicator of quality that the author can’t affect. For this, we use statistics that are published by the payment processor Clickbank (our about page has more information). I use these stats to produce an indication of the level of customers’ happiness (buyer satisfaction) and just how well this product is selling (buyer frenzy).

Buyer Satisfaction

The results are in for Five Star Betting and it receives a rating of 11.32 out of 100. That is a very poor rating, there isn’t any getting away from it. Too many people are dissatisfied with their products, it would seem.

Buyer Frenzy

The simply means – how well is this package selling? It seems logical that a product that’s got high sales is a good quality one. In this case we’ve got a frenzy rating of 69.59, which is a normal ranking and means that even though the product is selling well, it hasn’t quite reached the top of the sales ladder.

The Final Score At long last we’ve gotten to the conclusion of the review! It has taken a long time yet chances are you’ll have an excellent idea of precisely what the product really does and whether it’s leaving buyers satisfied or sad. I also have taken everything into consideration and opted for final ranking – taking into consideration all we’ve seen thus far. I’ve decided on a rating of 1.02 out of10. This is a little discouraging I have to admit – not really a top ranking by a long means. My guideline, as a result, is that it’s perhaps advisable to stay away. Instead we advise that you take a look at the highest placed product on the site for its categories. So you might want to examine each category and determine if there is a product that better fits your expections. I highly recommend you click the subsequent links:: Betting Systems, Horse Racing

Five Star Betting Purchase Bonus

In the event that you buy the product immediately after going to their site through our link, we receive a fee from the seller of the package. Subsequently, we wish to say thank you. To find out exactly how we do this, please follow this link: Five Star Betting purchase extra.
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