Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Review

The online world has been awash with reviews (just search online) and today it’s the perfect time for me and subscribers to provide our thoughts on Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. Prior to kicking off allow me to provide you with a brief run down of what you should be expecting from this page:

  • A short section with all the current package facts
  • You will need to know specifically where to order so I have written a part of the review specifically for that.
  • I personally really appreciate statistics! Delicious they are (to quote Yoda). They are going to allow us to work out if it is a product you should get.
  • The opinion of our visitors – what truly matters when looking at a product
  • We provide an extra for everyone who ultimately ends up purchasing. Find out about it in the bonus part of the review.
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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Product Facts

Product Name: Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
Standard Price: $69.95
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

This is an electronic product, therefore it is not distributed via regular stores. You need to go directly to the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy website (click Typically you will need to look through their sales page, and it can be tough to find the “Buy It Now” weblink. To buy without using an affiliate link clear your cookies then simply click here:

Publisher’s Description

A Way To Receive The Benefits Of a Gastric Band With None of The Risks. By using hypnotherapy you can make your mind believe that you have been through the process of a gastric band fitting procedure without ever leaving your own home.

  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Reversal MP3 (should you ever wish to remove the band) – Run Time: 12.10 m.s
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Inflation MP3
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Post-Op MP3
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy PDF eBook Guide
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Fitting
  • Exercise Motivation Hypnosis MP3

User Comment and Discussion

We allow all remarks about this product – positive or negative – with the objective of helping people in arriving at a buying judgement. Don’t be scared to enter the debate!

Responses to “Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Review”

  1. I have recently bought this after seeing it here. The sessions were loverly to listen to, and I do seem to be eating less. It’s a bit early to say whether I will lose weight as I only finished the sessions 2 days ago. However I do feel good and am optimistic it will work. Thanks Les for letting me know about this product I will keep you up to date with my progress. Wendy
  2. Oops, sorry for the long delay. I did intend on giving regular updates as to my progress, but you know how life sometimes gets in the way of these good intentions!

    The weight loss has been going really well. I’ve lost 26 pounds so far, and am almost at my target weight. Just got another 6 pounds to go. It has just been dropping off at a nice steady rate without me really doing too much. I haven’t been to the gym, but I do try and walk more, and just generally be more active. I have been eating less, but not starving myself. I think these sessions have really helped me as I have a different attitude to eating now. I can now stop eating when I have had sufficient, instead of overeating and stuffing myself full. I think this has made a massive difference in the long run. Thanks again Les for letting me know about this very handy little weight loss aid.
  3. Brennan Newfield Reply 27. Feb, 2012 at 3:45 pm
    I heard about that gastric band surgery in the news recently.. I always knew hypnosis was good for losing weight (I improved my diet with some aversion therapy a few years ago) but this method sounds interesting.

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Product Stats and Appraisal

Now you should have a good understanding of what Gastric Band Hypnotherapy does – you’ve read the product information and facts, the publisher’s information and the user ratings. What remains? Well, we are able to use certain info from the transaction processor (Clickbank) to produce two statistical indicators (see here to determine exactly how we do that). Those signals I’ve called buyer frenzy and buyer satisfaction.

Buyer Satisfaction

It is an essential indicator of how happy individuals were with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. So, how did it do? Well, it obtained 79.96/100 which isn’t worst rating I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, but similarly is not the greatest.

The Buyer Frenzy Rating

Buyer Frenzy Rating is a term I’ve created to aid us rate how much interest there is in a product. The greater the ‘frenzy’, the more people are battling in a rush to get this product. The larger the rush – the better the level of quality of the program, or so the theory goes. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy ranks 61.66 which is a typical score and shows that though the program is selling well, it has not quite arrived at the summit of the sales rankings.

The Final Verdict Well, we have reached the final part of the review and it is the moment to add up all the advantages and drawbacks and provide the final score. This score takes into account the satisfaction score, the frenzy rating, and I intend to update it according to the opinion of people on this site. In addition, it considers the trust I place in the product’s internet site and creator. So, my closing ranking is 7.20/10. As scores go that is certainly very good which means you can most definitely add the product to the list of challengers. So it is a good product, but even so you will probably want to consider other ones in the category, such as the other services in this class. It definitely cannot hurt, and you can click the following link to see a category listing, sorted by rating:: Diets & Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Bonus

In conclusion, let me just mention the important purchase extra. When you purchase Gastric Band Hypnotherapy after reading about it here, that entitles you to a little from us. To ascertain what exactly that is and how to obtain it, have a look here: Gastric Band Hypnotherapy bonus offer.
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