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Product Facts

Product Name: Hack The Stock Market
Standard Price: $97
Author: hackthestockmarket.com
Reviewer: Leslie Trawler
Review Updated: 03rd Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Hack The Stock Market is sold directly from their web site, which you can pay a visit to via this link: hackthestockmarket.com The product isn’t available via other shops, although you might come across some other sites which link directly to the payment processor web page. Nonetheless, it is best to click through to the vendor to see the most up-to-date price. If you would like to buy without utilising an affiliate link you can do so by clicking here: http://hackthestockmarket.com

Publisher’s Description

I’m looking for a small group of intelligent investors to be taught my stock market loophole.

  • I’m offering personal help and support to every client. That means if you order right now I’ll send you my instant messenger ID and can offer you 1-to-1 help with any problems you have
  • Chapter 3: So What is This Loophole? Chapter 3 explains everything about the loophole. Specifically what it is, why it works and why the loophole will probably never close
  • Chapter 4: How to Calculate a Fair Price Per Share – In this chapter I show you a “short-cut” which takes just a few minutes per stock.

User Comment and Discussion

We allow all opinions about the product – whether positive or negative – with the aim of aiding people in arriving at a buying decision. Please don’t be afraid to enter the discussion!

Responses to “Hack The Stock Market Review”

  1. “… This means we will receive a commission from hackthestockmarket.com if you click through to their site by means of our hyperlink and end up purchasing. These “affiliate links” are marked within the report by this icon…” LOL. The only thing useful about this review is that you ADMIT you are BIASED (yes, you take money from vendor!!) As such, your review is worth less than a **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Thanks for your comment. You are wrong though. It’s possible to take money from the vendor and remain unbiased. My philosophy is that if I do so I’ll end up identifying the products that are actually any good and people will trust me when I do. And all the product evaluations are based on user comments like yours and statistics. I allow all user comments even if they’re bad (see here http://purrl.net/reviews/spy-bubble-review/ for an example), and the statistics often rate a product as low (see here http://purrl.net/reviews/pips-reserve-review/). So you may not believe me, but you are looking at completely unbiased reviews.
    • You are correct. Hack the market stock picks are a flop and John lies about buying and selling prices for example: Jammin Java pick which he claims the entrance price was $.70 (it was between $2.00 and $3.00) and the high was $6.35 (it was much less around $3.00 to $4.00). IT IS A SCAM because he LIES about his secret, “highly researched and anticipated” stock picks. The refundable stock loophole report information can be found for free on internet if you spend the time to look.
  2. When you take a test twice, change all the answers the second time, and find that you are in the 10% that answered them all correctly both times, you can smell the fish a mile away. And when you see a $4.95 intro with a scheduled $100+ second payment, it’s time to run. Good luck promoting this.
    • Jerry – I agree. In fact, all programs that use the “take a test” technique to gain your interest (and there are a few of them) seem very fishy to me. But you never know – sometimes a genuinely good product will use slightly underhand marketing techniques. Lucky there’s the 60 day guaranteed refund period I suppose. That applies to the second payment too by the way.
      • A generally good product that is sold with a slightly underhanded marketing technique stinks. Get real! You cant make a skunk smell better buy pouring perfume on it. They try to get you hooked with a small price only to upsell you products that they never told you about in the first place.Deception in any form is wrong and if they do it to you once they won’t hesitate to do it to you again(especially if you took the bait). You actually sound like one of those people that would actually run a scam since you you have justified this in your own mind. Either you are naive or your values are skewed
        • Gary – I disagree. In the internet marketing field I have bought a couple of products which have been of enormous benefit to me. Did the fact that they displayed an obviously fake countdown timer displaying how many products were left make the product any worse? No. To use a more mainstream example, I’ve bought washing powder that used interviews with housewives to sell the products. Were those housewives real? Of course not. The fact is that good products use effective marketing, and effective marketing will often use clever psychological techniques that are certainly deceptive. If “deception in any form is wrong”, then the vast majority of the advertising industry stand accused by you.
      • If you check “Ripoff Report.com” for Click Bank, you will see they are a very dishonest operation supporting “Hack—”. They rank up there with CyberDefender for scamming. The FBI may be interested in this.
      • If you read the fine print, it is at the BANK’S discression whether or not you get a refund, NOT the seller you thought you bought from. That info is revealed AFTER making your purchase, and is based on the BANK’S opinion of whether or not you were deceived. A side note: Your credit card issuer will side with the seller on this one since he has BEYOND your 60 day right to contest charges to perform on his offer. Buyer beware!!!
  3. I purposely did not answer any of the questions, hit continue and it told me that I was in the top 10% that answered the questions correctly. Yes, this is definitely one for the books.
  4. Anything money making product that ask for money upfront to make money, is considered a scam in my opinion. The website itself looks like a scam. During this tough times, people are trying to find every way possible to make a quick buck or two or in this case ($100). Please be aware not to spend your money on any of this supposedly money making products.
    • Believe it or not most money making products that I have read do have some good ideas. The problem is they often overstate them and present the offer as being so easy anyone can do it. But yes, beware the offers that seem too good to be true.
  5. You describe the product briefly, but you did not review it. Your review offers little value. I think you need to review your reviews. You have no credibility.
    • True Andy, it’s not really a review. The stats section does, however, give you some indication of the product’s quality and it does offer value as described in the bullet points at the top. Of special value is this comments section, where I approve all comments. Most other sites so-called review sites don’t do that!
  6. Come on leslie just stop, and honestly shame on you. People work hard for their money, how dare you feed off of peoples desperation to climb out of their financial holes by digging them deeper.
    • ed – I provide a forum here where people can openly discuss the product. And *every* product on this site has a guaranteed 60 day money back guarantee. So those hard working people can talk about the product here to see if it’s something they might need, and if not then they can get their money back. No harm done.
      • The guarantee is only as good as the reputation of the seller.Talk is cheap and anyone can say anything they want. Bold-faced lies are used every day by such people
        • That’s a very good point. It’s easy for me to say because I know it’s true. Unfortunately, I’ve not had anyone take me up on the offer yet so it’s hard for me to prove. But thanks for your comment, it’s let me know that as soon as someone asks me for my help with the refund I’ll ask them for a testimonial and then make a video of the payment processor screen showing the refund.
  7. Well, a sniffer on the web page indicates no HTML POST data except the email address and the site ID, so, no, your test results are meaningless. Click whatever you want, the Analyzing progress bar is just an animated 2-second javascript object.
  8. Where’s the review of the product? I found nothing worth while on your site.
  9. Yes, I agree…. Why dont you vendors just stop and think for just one minute. . . . Why not give this so called money maker a different approach… Give the materials for free. Collect contact imformation. If it truly makes money like you claim, then have them agree to pay you your fee at that time,in these hard times, after they succeed. . . People would be more willing to pay you your fee for the course when they actually can see that its genuine. Heck, if it really works and you can quit your day job,well, buddy, I would be willing to pay double your asking fee :)
    • Ironicly, most people never read a free report as the fact that it is free creates a low perceived value. Besides, even honest people who intend to abide by the rules usually forget or lose the link to send the money after the fact. If he worked hard to create the report and set a reasonable price for it, why begrudge him the right to profit from it?
    • I agree whole heartily, if this strategy did in fact work, and I was to start making $10K a month after a few months of practicing this technique, I’d be willing to give a months salary for this information, as would anyone else I would bet.
      • The program a is real and one can make money with the stock picks and strategies. The problem is Bell has plagiarized everything. He copies articles and stock picks as if they were his own. None of it is.
        • I did spend the $95 for the report and “his highly anticipated stock picks”. thank god i did not invest money in his stock picks. he “misstates” the buy and sell stock price(claims jammin java reached $6.35, it did not come close in u.s. or canadian) and at the bottom of one page in tiny letters it stated that he was paid for marketing the company he picked as being a great big money making investment. IT’S A BILLION DOLLAR B.S. INDUSTRY.
  10. The sign up page says that your money will be refunded at their discrection if they believe you have a valid reason for a refund. This is entirely different than a full refund for up to 60 days!
    • Hi Jim. You can read about the refund policy here: http://www.clickbank.com/refund_policy_faq.html Yes, you need to give a reason for the refund. But you’ll have that anyway if you’re requesting a refund, right? They want to discourage people from buying, refunding, but keeping the product because they found it useful. In my experience, which is considerable, if you have a reason then you’ll get your refund.
  11. All - I just took a jump (do that often) and asked for my money back immediately. I got both. I checked the document and there is actually a very valid strategy that is being explained. But as with everything, it requires work on your end (Studying companies). In short, I like the product and may even buy the yearly service that’s optional (and does the research for you)
    • WoodenShoe- If possible, can you provide a bit more about how you have arrived at it being a “valid strategy?”
  12. This person doesn’t make money on the stock market he makes money selling this program LOL Like all informercial products. The key to sales is promote your product to lots of traffic and that’s what this guy’s doing take it from a fellow internet marketer I’m awake I see the game.
    • Craig. That’s interesting, but we’d prefer to hear relevant comments on the product itself if you purchased it, rather than speculation…
  13. What I’m concerned with is the fact that several perple have noted the if you take the test twice using different answers you still end up in the top 10% and you have not address that! In Fact from what I have seen you completely ignored it! That in my mind pretty much proves that this is a SCAM of some sort and your “Report” is useless. 60 money back Hmmm but you have to pay after only 30 day…. In you presentation you flat out state that this “Loophole” only happens “every month or so” so it is possible that it does not happen at all within your refund period.
  14. It seems very fishy to me since John Bell gets a recomendation on a blog from Jenifer Blake. Both first and last names begin with J&B. Not too smart for those that are working a scam. Also , he says that he was born in 1978 so he should be 32 ,not 23 as he has posted. Again a dumb mistake.Furthermore,anyone who would boast about using a $10,000 school loan to buy stocks is guilty of fraud and not to be trusted.
    • Actually, Gary: Student loans are paid directly to schools in some cases. In other cases, the loans pay out to the student directly. However, even in cases where the loan pays out to the school first, the school usually is liable to the student for any funds which exceed costs due from the student. After the money is in the hands of the student, the student has no obligation to spend the money any certain way, as long as the payment terms of the loan are complied with. You might be thinking of a scholarship, but even then, the excess funds are always distributed to the student, and it is then up to the student how to spend the money, as it belongs to them after that.
  15. I find it interesting that all comments are approved because the seller(s) of the product could come in and write great things about it if he/she/they wanted to. I feel like I did get a little bit of food for thought about investing just listening to this guys introduction video, but I’ve never actually tried taking the plunge on one of these flashy internet ad things; they all seem really scammy to me but I may just be paranoid. I think I may decide to buy this thing and either way I’ll learn something: A. how to make a bunch of money, or B. don’t be fooled by internet scams. any thoughts? has anyone here ever actually fallen for an internet scam or are we all just paranoid?
    • Steve, if you want to participate in an internet scam, click on “Cyberdefender.com” and stand by for a ram. They are one of the most blatant thieves on the internet. Also, click on “Ripoffreport.com” for “clickbank”. Vert interesting reading.
  16. I’d like to hear some honest feedback about the product from people who have purchased it instead of people who are sceptical of any marketing.
  17. Hey dumb dumbs, Why not just take the advice and play around with the stock market yourself for awhile with the “fake monopoly money.” To hell with buying the product. I never buy these things anyway. However, I learned that you can use “fake money” to play with the market a bit. That sounds like fun. AND, if I get good at it and see a “patten”, well hell, I just figured out on my own, I understand what I am doing better, and I didn’t have to buy a product to do it. Pattern recognition is not easy, but it could be interesting to figure it out yourself. So, in conclusion, be smart, don’t be dumb, read btw the lines, do your OWN homework, and buy at your own risk….
  18. I agree with most of these guys. Most American’s that are struggling through these hard times are doing so because they “weren’t” skeptical. They weren’t skeptical of the home loan they got. Again, to good to be true. They weren’t skeptical of the loan modification they were paying a good deal of money for. They weren’t skeptical of the over-inflated investments they were purchasing. If we’re to make an informed decision, it would help if we could do it with the testimonial of people that have used the product. Unless of course they’re too rich and snobby now to bother.
  19. I was hoping to read a review from somebody who tried the product and has a real opinion. Instead every body already knows it all and dosn’t need this review at all. Congrats to all you guys. I however am very interested in finding out what my 4 bucks will get me. Maby not a dime more but I guess I’ll have to spend the 4 dollars to find out. Thanks leslie for your review and please don’t worry about the comments. You can’t give a skeptic something without being accused of deception. And good advice d man. If you cant stand the thought of loosing 4 bucks than learn your own pattern with fake money. Nice strategy.
  20. Just want to comment about the refund thing. You can buy anything through Clickbank with confidence. They are very good about refunds. I have bought a number of worthless trading related products through them and never had a problem with getting refunds. The key is not to ask the vendor, but go directly to ***** [edited] with your refund request.
    • Thanks Dennis. Sorry I had to edit your comment there because my bonus (http://purrl.net/bonus/23428/) is based around helping people to easily get the refund and I didn’t want you letting the cat out of the bag. But yes, it’s very simple when you know how.
  21. If Mr. Bell is a mountain of integrity why is his published address non-existent?? Check out reverse directories, Map Quest, etc, 1132 Mercer St in Green Bay, WI does not exist. I guess he just does not want to be beseiged by adoring customers!! Les, you walk like a duck, so—–.
    • Nice and good thinking. And I noticed Les hasn’t made a reply in over a week since you posted your remarks.
      • Not true, I replied 2 days later to someone helping them with some info on how to access the product (see below). Remember, I’m not Hack the Stock Market and I have nothing personally to do with them. So I have no reason to reply to remarks about Mr Bell’s address.
  22. I am always curious as to why someone would bother with marketing book a or system when he could theoretically spend his time just making money using it. Is there more money in selling the system and its upsells than in actually using it? Shades of Robert Kiyosaki and Carleton Sheets.
  23. I ordered the book for $4.95 and the additional program for 97.00. Both on January 8th and I have heard nothing, where is my report.
    • Arthur – just after you purchased you will have received an email from Clickbank saying “Receipt for your ClickBank Order #”. In that email find the sentence that says: “If this was a digital product and for some reason you did not receive access to the product after payment, please try again by following this link now”. Then click the link that follows that.
  24. If he makes 7 times what he invests and has over 1 million then he should make 7 million this year. If he needs so little money to make a lot of money then why does he need over $100 for this report?????
  25. Hmmmmm. I wondering where are all the positive reviews are. I’m a firm believer that everyone should just trust their instinct. And I also wonder why the author won’t field any questions himself. This will probably be edited also.
  26. I came across Bell’s How to Hack the Stock Market site through an advertising link on finance.yahoo.com. I filled in e-mail address on that page to see more, listened to the video, which was really more of an audio than a video. Moments later, two e-mails from Bell hit my inbox. Each had a different physical address displayed at the very bottom of the e-mail. One was in Gardena, California. The other one was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Neither one could I verify by several different means — Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, Mapquest.com, Rand McNally.com, Google Earth, and so on. Smells really scammy to me. Nevertheless, since it’s only $4.95 through Clickbank to take a look, I may just do it. As one poster above mentioned, Clickbank is very reliable when it comes to refunds. I know this for fact because I have purchased many FOREX trading softwares and e-books that were totally worthless through Clickbank. I received a refund on every one of them with very little hassle.
    • Hi Dennis have you purchased How to Hack the Stock Market yet? and if so what do you think of it, as I was thinking of purchasing it too
  27. I ordered the product on Jan.5 informed the author i needed a hard copy mailed as i did not have access to download information he agreed and after several addittional emails i have not received any information at all,not even a reply to my emails.
    • Greg – what about an internet cafe with a printer? I’m surprised he agreed to mail a hard copy as most vendors will not do that unless they offer it specifically. You have 60 days in which to request a refund, so you can give him a little more time and if you absolutely cannot get to an internet connection then you can refund.
  28. Dont be fooled people. All you have to do is look up this website on the Better Business Bureau and see they rated this business an ‘”F” and deemed it as a PONZI SCHEME. As far as les999 goes, you must be part of this operation. No one would take so much time to try and convince anyone of pure junk!! Your not fooling anyone.
    • How exactly have I tried to convince anyone, and what am I trying to convince them of? Please re-read my commments!
    • Just for the record (and sticking to the facts and not just my opinion), a Ponzi Scheme is defined as a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors, not from any actual profit earned by the organization, but from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors. I took this off Wikipedia, so it’s not just my definition. John Bell isn’t offering people unusally high or consistent returns. He is trying to sell a trading system personally used by each investor that works phenomenally well. He isn’t trying to take from Peter to pay Paul and from Paul to Pay Patrick, if you will. I will say from my personal experience, however, I have NEVER encountered something that seemed too good to be true that was actually ligitimate. Dave Ramsey himself said if it seems too good to be true, then it IS too good to be true. Take it for what it’s worth.
    • What website are you referring to. I am a new subscriber and expected to have access to a website with all the past reports on targeted companies. I believe Jon Bell does not provide this information. I have no idea why. John Robbart
  29. people talk trash way to much and look for stupid ways to belittle people either take a four dallor chance or leave it alone this is just a simple statement no harm intended
  30. According to the NY Times article, the most stolen library book is the Bible. If there’s another book then it’s certainly not listed anywhere, which makes me suspicious. And where would the author get a $2k book that is out of print and so hard to find if it is over $2k and so hard to find? I think we would have heard of it by now. If what you say is true, then prove it.
  31. Read the reviews and almost everyone had a negative opinion but you show a 98.42% buyer satisfaction. How in the world did you come out with that figure? I still have not read anyone’s review as to how it did. Your ranking of 8.86 out of 10 and calling it outstanding is incredibly suspect.
    • Hi Don. That figure is primarily based on the product’s refund rate, which at the time of the review was around 1.5% (so 98.5% satisfied). Since that time the refund rate has actually changed very little and I do keep an eye on it. It’s currently running at 4.59% (or 95.41% satisfied) on a statistically significant amount of sales. Those are just sales made via my affiliate link, so it’s an exact figure. For Clickbank products, which are easy to get a refund on, that figure is low and hence the product gets a good rating. Yes it’s gone down a little since writing the review, but not enough to warrant a change in the rating. There are still a lot of satisfied buyers out there.
  32. reply, 2/09/2011. i purchased hackthestockmarket on 1/25/2011. Upon review, i decided to cancel. their published contact e-mail(s) are not working. this is a scam, isn’t it? ron
    • Hi Ron. Did you buy after clicking on my link? If so email me and I’ll walk you through how to get a refund. You don’t need to email them. The refund guarantee definitely isn’t a scam.
  33. I wonder if anyone made money or bought his how to hack the stock market and made money off it iwant to hear from you if you did. I wonder why he doesn’t write the book and sell it in bookstores if he is being honest.
  34. John Bell, does not exist! The company address is fake. The parent company Stock Market Magic is known for serious fraud! I will tell you what they are successful at though, they have created so many fake websites that all link back to hackthestockmarket.com its crazy! Even some review sites are fake and layered with malicious code. Look at the real ip addresses of these sites when you do a search on John Bell. Listen folks I haven’t bought the product and I won’t buy the product because anyone that goes through this much trouble for anonymity can’t be trusted and lord forbid you ever give someone that like that your credit card number!
  35. I second Lori, has anyone made money off of any of these books? (i must admit this page is very entertaining, thank you) If these were just all “BS” books, why would anyone waist time writing them, and then to publish and market them??? I do usually go with my instinct, “If its too good to be true, not not true” ( sorry PDAWG)
  36. I knew this was shady but didn’t care, was too curios and approached it with cynicism. The report for $97 is legit. It specifically gives you detailed information on how to track and research spin-offs. It is information that is probably found elsewhere if you look for it, but it is presented in an easy to understand format. It points you to specific SEC websites, shows you very good valuation techniques that are available elsewhere but not easily found. However I think the real reason for selling the report, getting your email is to conduct Pump & Dump recommendations for penny stocks. I don’t see where his recommendations are specifically linked to the legitimate techniques in his report. So do you get value for the small investment? Sure. Is it a scam? Sure (he says in the fine print of recommendations for penny stocks that his company gets paid to promote the stock). Can you make money using his report? Yes. Can you make money on his recommendations? Probably. Can you lose your shirt to? Yep. You have to go into it with a cynical eye, and know that the bottom can drop out of Pump and Dumps at anytime. But you can turn a good profit. His first recommendation (to me)looks like a great microcap. I will watch it and see how it plays out.
  37. Signed up 2 wks ago; received material and first pick yesterday. Bought 1000 shares today;–up $90 at market close on a very down day. Could lose it all down the line, but I’m keeping an open mind. Nothin’ ventured……That’s what the nmarket is all about: RISK
  38. My second day on Hack’s stock pick – at the close today, I’m up $240 on my $870 buy. So, right now, I’m glad I took the bait! And this was another very bad day for the market. I was patient in timing my buy, so I got it at a low point.
  39. Day 3 – I’m up $380 today – a 43% gain in 3 days. John Bell is for real!
    • John Bell called the jump in JAMN.ob. Up about 30% in two days. I’m not sure if he is the real deal but I’ll take the $ and run….
  40. Day 4 – I’m up $530 today – a 61% gain in 4 days. No way is HackTheStockMarket a scam! Believe me, I’ve seen plenty that are “reputable”, that are pure crap. But you don’t know unless you try. As long as they give you a free trial, I figure it’s worth a try.
  41. I love your purr factor and site set up – only have looked at this thread but it was a fun read. I did buy the offer and have read part of the report already. I even took the plunge and signed up for his email stock picks (I tend to read the end of the book early) – my trust comes from the personal history he shares. It may be a brilliant marketing skam to admit to being slightly Asperger’s and to be in it for the fun of sharing the method he discovered but I can understand that mindset. He has made money and is making money and by charging for his product he is limiting access to those interested enough to make some commitment to him – a small upfront payment. He claims to have been selling his product quite steadily to the stock trade market at $4975 a pop but decided he would rather share to a broader audience – again I can believe that. His enjoyment now could be in watching how many people are interested and appreciative of his product by watching his site sales and satisfaction ratings. He may have multiple addresses because he has multiple homes or because by nature, Asperger’s quirks include a very private nature and a little paranoia/isolation tendencies. I love watching my blog site statistics. I keep a list of the countries that have had visitors to my site (47 countries so far). It’s only been a couple months but it adds a zest to living that money alone can’t provide (of course I would rather have money and zest for life or I may not be able to pay for the internet, etc …).
    I hope to make some profit like Geri above within 60 days and to not lose the return info in the mean time. I expect that work and not luck will be needed.

    BTW – yes sucker with a credit card and ADD/poor impulse control -skam is written all over this well marketed product. I have bought several marketed in this flashy format and the f/u was horrible and the software had bugs and upsales calls and third party spam calls flooded in after click-to-buy accidents in the past- but I’ve learned to read reviews first and click to buy second – now if I would just learn the cut-the-credit-cards-up trick.
    Thanks for your review site, Les.
  42. For those that have not signed up yet, it might not be a good idea, I signed up for his penny stock recommendations and he kept emailing that it just was not the right time. finally after about 4-5 months he said that he found the perfect stock, then cancelled it because of some news. that was ok but then a couple of weeks later he sent out the same recommendation and I bought it. did make a good profit but sold already and it is starting to fade, made about 40% and that is not bad, but looks like the people that are holding on may loose that. Don’t know though maybe it will go up. I will not renew because he only gives out one or two stocks a year and I think I can find better.
  43. hi les! have read the comments top to bottom. truly appreciate your being so cool calm and collected ^_^. i have just enrolled in health informatics and need to spend 7-8 hours of study a day to finish by may and could only afford 20 minutes 2x a day for breaks in between studies. you mentioned this needs individual research and study. but i think 20 minute breaks won’t qualify for another study time ^_^. so i think i should wait for september to try this out and take it out from your website when i decided to. take care,
  44. I cashed in today (for a nice, 2-week profit of 77%), because I noticed the small print info contained the following: “htsm has been contracted to recieve no more than $15,500 by a third-party shareholder of XXXX common stock to cover and report on XXXX for six months.” I will email him for an explanation; — did he really “find” this stock, and then go after a contract, or did he decide to promote it because he was offered a contract? I will report back here. In any event, it certainly lessens his credibility.
  45. Geri you full of sh@t you are same guy who owns the website. I signed up 3month ago and have not received q single pick. Only promises. Peple dont waste your money here
  46. Bullshit Detector Reply 28. Apr, 2011 at 1:56 am
    Total scam. All these comments were written by the same person.
  47. Update: I made $672 on that 3-31-11 sale. Watched the stock and bought another 1000 shares; later, bought another 500. Sold 500 to raise some cash last week for a profit of $750. Currently still own 1000 shares which today are worth $3160 (bought for $1800). Never got a reply email on the question I sent him, but obviously, I have no complaints, as I’ve already pocketed over $1400 on his recommendation, and another $1360 to grab today. Sometimes you’ve got to believe! Good luck to all…
  48. I was as skeptical as the worst of you but not only bought the book, but after seeing how much work was required of John’s very legitimate methodology, I bought a year of nhis stock-picking service. I became more skeptical as monbth after month went by with no recommendations. Finally, he came through with a recommendation to buy a startup coffee company called Jammin Java, started by Bob Marley’s son, Rohan last year. I bought 3,000 shares between the end of Feb and March 11,2011. The first purchase was for $.85 per share and the last, $.98. I sold the first 1000 for a 270% gain in April, the second 1000 for a 370% gain a couple weeks later and TODAY I SOLD THE LAST 1000 SHARES AT $5.79 FOR A 590% GAIN!!! For all of you skeptics, I’m sorry you were not able to take advantage of this incredible pick. I truly believe I will be kicking myself for not holding the stock because it has the potential for returning 5,000% Also, after I sold my first 1000 shares, the stock got hit bgy a wave of short-sellers who sold millions of shares and it dropped from 2.70/shr back to 1.20. John sent out a communication to his subscribers explaining the short-selling andrecommensding that we buy it again. I unfortunately tried tov get it cheaper aqnd bid 1.00 ande below for 5,000 shares and got none. Sometimes we get too GREEDY! How would you like being one of the short-sellers now??? Well, presumably they are out of business. But they had a brief fun ride down that lasted only a couple of days.
  49. I bought the ebook. I then paid a small amount to purchase his recommendations which he sends to you several times per year. After about 2 months I got the pick. I was skeptical but went ahead. The rationale behidn the stock purchase made sense. I purchased the recommended stock 13 days ago for $1.97 per share. It closed today a $5.42 after jumping early in the day to $6.45 a share. The author of this book is the real deal. I plan to sell some shares tomorrow to lock in some profit.
  50. signed up in march, got my first stock tip in may, in the hour before i could get on and buy the stock it had risen .50 and was falling back down picked it up for 3.55 put it up for sale at 3.90 good til cancelled order. and had a stop loss set at $2.65, guess which one was activated. yup, the stop loss. the stock never went up after i bought it.
  51. I first saw the promotion on howtohackthemarket.com last year (2010)but did not join until march of this year (2011). During that time, I received about 20 e-mails from Mr. John Bell trying to get my money but as soon as he got my money ($226), he stop sending me e-mails. He promised that he would keep in touch with this small group and that we could get in touch if we had a problem. He also promised to send us a different pick every two to three months. In march he sent me JAMN and then promised to send us another soon but delayed until May 5th. During that time before May 5th he told us why he has pick this new pick that he would give us on May 5th. During this time he even gave us example of Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan. When May 5th came around, he gave us JAMN again. I was confused because I was expecting another different pick. Meanwhile a Michael Stone was recommending JAMN with the same examples of Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan for free. I wrote to Mr. Bell but got no answer. He also promised a new pick every 2 to 3 months and at the rate he is going he will not be able to keep his promise. Who is this Mr. Michael Stone, is he working with Mr. Bell? I do not know what to think of Mr. John Bell so enlighten me.
  52. His pick was a pump and dump, he is just a plain old scamer
  53. I originally saw his offer at the end of 2010 but didn’t have the time to investigate, recently I was interested in doing some more research but now the company that was guarantying the product has taken it off their website saying contract breach was the case. Does this simply confirm the initial thought of a scam? I find several positive and negative opinions on the idea, some are posting actual gains and say they are enjoying income from the recommendations. If you have any information available I would appreciate it thanks.
  54. This is a scam! Tried it…got only one Recommedation JAMN (down over 85% since it was recommended). you jhave been warned!
  55. I bought the product. I don’t understand the tail end of chapter 4 and don’t know why some statement are being made in chapter 5 whick keep refering to chapter 4. If this is not a scam I like to figure this out and need some help. Can someone help me understand this?
  56. Hi again, I stayed on through the JAMN recommendation but I decided not to buy that stock. Investigating the company suggested to me that it was a start-up that was riding a wave of recommendations. I had tried to buy a few of the stock (husband liked the idea of owning a small part of the Marley / Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The sale didn’t go through and the stock price was already rising so I quit trying to buy in. I “returned” the product through Click Bank and I got my money back!

    Review of Hack the Stock Market – be wary – review of Click Bank – polite and easy refund.

    Purr . . .
  58. Product is a scam. This is an organized pump and dump. JAMN was a joke and TFER, their latest pick was a flop. He just sent a new “I promise” email that will surely be disappointing as well.

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