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Hojo Motor

Product Facts

Product Name: Hojo Motor
Standard Price: $49.97
Author: hojomotor.com
Bonus Offered: Yes

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Publisher’s Description

The HoJo Motor will produce free electricity for the appliances and devices in your home and drastically lower your electric bills each month! Howard Johnson’s magnetic motor also has 3 patents behind it!

  • Create completely free, safe, and clean electricity for your home and appliances!
  • Reduce your dependence on the greedy energy companies for your power!
  • Live a green lifestyle and greatly reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Drastically lower your electric bill each month!
  • Build your own HoJo Motor in just 2 days!

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Responses to “Hojo Motor Review”

  1. Has anyone built this hojo motor and has photos and its electrical output.
    • $49.97 is the cost of the Manual (Plan) to build the Hojo Motor… What is the cost of the finished product i.e. what is the cost of one full fledged functioning Motor?
      • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:29 pm
        The cost of the finished product is a shattering realization that you wasted 50 bucks on nonsense and that you are a complete shit for brains.
      • What is the cost of the finished product? and do you sell them?
    • The Hojomotor company is a fraud company that has not once successfully produced one of these motors. Its a scam, sorry.
    • yeah and if I had a Flux Capacitor…
  2. The holy grail.. more energy out than energy in. The perpetual motion machine etc. These ideas have fretted mankind for thousands of year. I’ve personally known a couple of `inventors’ over the years who have been perfecting magnet based generators. The results – alas – haven’t stood up to scientific scrutiny.

    So is it likely that this HoJo thing with its hysterical over-hyped buy it now before the energy companies crush us sales pitch is the real thing?

    Maybe it is.

    The pitch is probably more to do with convincing us to part with cash (not a lot??) so that the down side risk is low and the upside – well it’s plain blue sky.

    For my part I run a streak of `healthy scepticism’ and life has taught me that `If It Looks Too Good To Be True – It Probably Is..’

    So I will hunt around for some HoJo info based on measured science. I expect to find out that pitch is simply too good to be true.
    • Come on, people! Think, what would you do if you had a “motor” that produced more electricity than it consumed? I think you’d be all over the world in every media outlet showing this miracle with devices to measure the input and output to prove your “motor” works. Word would go around so fast that everyone would be in a frenzy to put this to use. This is a scam.
      • george…the voice of common sense!
      • I do not know how efficient a unit from their plans will be George, but their 3 pattens require at least 3 working models so it is not a scam. And, since they are real you can count on the power industry applying a lot of preasure to keep them from mainstream media. It’s about time American society wakes up and realises the largest scammers are the folks on top of the hill………..
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:31 pm
      What you meant to say is, these ideas have drained the bank accounts of morons for decades.
  3. I am with Jak on this one! Show me the science and not just more hype on how good it is going to be after we´ve laid out the money
  4. its a good product for free electricity..
    • read my experience and comments below with this company.IT’S A SCAM
    • do you own one? show us some photos of it, the plans.
    • Do you really know? You sound like you are selling the plans.
    • Horse manure. I’m an electrical engineer with 40 years of experience. The only thing this “HoJo” motor will do is make a fool and his money part company. If you think otherwise, then ask the company how it is that one “inventor” has managed to be the only person in human history capable of violating the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy. Don’t know what that is? You might try looking it up and reading about it.
  5. Hi…Is there someone who has built and used a Hojo Motor satisfactorily. Are Hojo motors manufactured by any entrepreneur on a large scake and sold from any outlets . I want to buy a ready built motor ….can any one sell it with a warranty . or it the sale of DIY Hojo Motor booklets/CD’s a permanent money making machine for the publisher . Cqan anyone guide
    • Yea I don’t think so!
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:36 pm
      Anyone that gets reamed out by this scam will not want to admit it. They will be too busy spreading a soothing ointment on the hole that hurts most.
  6. This sounds like another scam because Click Bank(ha ha a sales company) scammed me once on a solar energy scam for $76. They will NEVER answer you. You know the saying….”—-me once shame on you,—-me twice shame on ME”. BEWARE
    • For the record Clickbank is a payment processor and they do answer queries. The product vendor (who sells their product through Clickbank) is the one that won’t have answered you.
      • I agree. I’m a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and all the tickets, campsite reservations, and other on line purchases for our annual convention every July in Oshkosh, WI are done through ClickBank.
      • clickbank they don’t answer email. Paid for goods through clickbank,never arrive,I tried to get in touch with the supplier seemed they never existed. So much for the record
      • You’ll never get one red cent back if you try to get a refund. This is a scam at it’s best.
    • I also would like to buy a motor Hojo’s already built. Where could I get one? And what is the warranty? What is the input and output in watts?????
    • To clear something up… Clickbank is not a seller, Clickbank is just a market, (sort of like ebay, but with fixed prices instead of auctions) that ANYONE can sell their products on. If you have a problem you should contact the seller that you bought it from at the clickbank market.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:41 pm
      76 bucks lost is not too bad. There are people out there that have gotten drilled in the keester for a lot more than that.
  7. You can’t beat the laws of physics. There is no such thing as “free” energy unless your mom is buying it for you. Energy can be changed from one form to another, like using heat to create steam which spins a turbine which powers a generator to make electricity. BUT, you don’t get energy out without putting energy in. Solar cells, wind turbines and water wheels are still the greenest options we have. Save your $50 bucks and put it toward a hybrid car.
    • It’s a magnetic motor, driving a DC generator. Turn any DC motor by hand, and it produces current. If you drive it by a magnetic motor, you put nothing in, yet get current out
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:45 pm
      True, you can’t beat the laws of physics. Unfortunately, free energy scammers regularly apply the laws of public stupidity. 50 bucks can buy you a really good physics book.
    • The waste of fuel to even build the hybrid is a joke. There is no savings owning a hybrid at all. The fuel is used on the front end of a hybrid and a conventional car the fuel is used to power the car. The average price is $10,000 more than the standard car. Wit fuel at $3.35 a gallon and the hybrid costing $10,000 more, you would have to drive 105,000 miles to even begin to see a savings.
  8. Hamid’s comment should be a red flag for any thinking person. If this thing really worked, don’t you think tons of “home garage engineers” would be making them at home and selling them? If I thought the thing worked I’d be building them one after another and selling them in my front yard. Somehow I doubt Exxon would put a hit on me.
    • You make sense Norm… This is just silly… if this worked Someone would be selling them.
  9. Clearly, the emphasis is on ‘greedy power companies”Free’ – all hyped up to get you to part with your 50 bucks. The power companies don’t give a crap, in fact encourage you to find other power sources. In fact they’ll pay you for it! Yes, it’s a scam, but one that is cleverly marketed to capture the unsuspecting, unable to ‘read between the lines. Of course it works, but for some reason they won’t provide any more information such as ‘HOW’ it works. Let’s see the science as one writer correctly put it. Let’s tell it like it is – the ‘greedy’ one’s are Ho Jo’s.
  10. two things; one: scam possible , two its not free energy if it works, you’re are using like magnetic fields(north pole to north pole) to get movement. the simiplfied verison is just a poor DC electric motor with a coil to maintain movment and another coil to charge up a set of batteries. I brough my copy for only 29.95 and if i held out might have got it for less. are the plans worth it that price? i think so he did have three patents and they they do describe motors both cicular and linear. perpetual motion? that up to you. movement until the end of time or the end of the magnetic fields running it?
    • Since you bought your plans have you been able to create a working model?
    • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 8:57 pm
      Yes, how much power do you get out of yours?
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:51 pm
      Did they throw in a bottle of soothing ointment? News flash, the patent office doesn’t check to ensure devices actually work or not. They only check to see that there isn’t already a patent in place. Patents are handed out every day for shit that doesn’t work.
  11. I have never seen anything on the output of this motor or whether it’s AC or DC. By all the pictures taken with the inventor it looks like he invented it quite a few years ago when there weren’t very many electrical appliances like there are today so you didn’t need too much output. Another thing to think about is how clean the sine wave is. Is it safe to operate all the electronics we have today like computers and microwaves etc. I remember when my parents bought a brand new house back in 1952 it only had a 65 amp. fusebox in the basement. Now a new house comes with a 150 amp. breaker panel.
    • The output of this “motor” is mechanical, not electrical. Therefore, it is neither AC nor DC. What you would get, *if* it worked at all, would be either rotational or linear motion, that you could then couple to a conventional generator or other device to convert it into whatever form you needed. But remember that if you’re trying to power a house, you’re going to need to get a lot of rotational energy out of it, so those magnets are going to have to do a lot of pushing. Once that thing started turning, it would be next to impossible to stop it by hand. The demonstration system I saw on YouTube was started with a push and was barely turning an aluminum disk. Whether you could get enough energy out of that to even power a small flashlight bulb is doubtful. Better not to waste time or money on this.
    • HJ was a promenent engineer with many patents, not just this motor. Far from a quack. Read his life history.The man was brilliant and committed. To your issues, not AC or DC…it’s mechanical shaft and will turn an alternator (AC) or a generator (DC)…Your question is like asking if a steam engine is ac or dc. How you invert power (DC to AC), how many cycles per second, and nature of wave…sine/quasi-sine (both AC) hasnt a damn thing to do with the motor type pwoviding the power…get a clue…
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 4:55 pm
      Another thing you should seriously think about is getting your IQ tested. Unless you work at McDonalds or the local Esso station, you could be ripping off your boss because you are greatly under qualified.
  12. Hojo Motors, I would like your contact info. I could market completed built motors that will perform to your stated statments of providing energy to a home with a 3000 square feet of living space and/or supply a commercial manufacturing building greater than 20,000 sq. feet. John
  13. I think it was the Tesla Generator plans I bought to see how they could capture energy from the earth. The only thing about Earth was the ground as the original source of materials. What the plan consisted of was a bicycle rim with magnets attached. Presumably 2 magnets would power the generator while all others would be used for generating power. I had previously viewed online posts of techs diligently testing and building similar small generators (forget the search term I followed). YES they could get rotation with minimal power applied and YES they could generate minimal amounts of power but it was always at a loss (more power used than generated). And the power levels were extremely small. In order to generate enough power to run half a house you would need 20 Amps at 115 volts OR 200 amps at 12 volts. Their plans did not call for any wires heavy enough to carry this current. I did not waste any time or $ to attempt a build. CLKBNK readily refunded my money after I contacted them with complaint about sales statement “Energy from Earth”.
    • You got scammed. Almost every generator and alternator in existance is a Tesla invention. None are related to his free energy devices. If you want to learn, play with his single wire first, then for a very few bucks build a Bedini mono-pole. Follow the work of Eric Dollard recreating Teslas work. No scams there but you will have to learn electronics.
  14. They probably have got the marketing wrong. I agree with some of the comments above. there is no such thing as free energy. It is only transformed. in the case of the hojo motor the fact is that magnetic energy is transformed into electricity by creating a motion which is captured by a motor. simple as that.. And for those who claim that this is scam just because they use clickbank to promote their products should get an education. In the real world we hire marketing agencies to promote our products/service. clickbank is not an agent but connects marketing ppl with vendors. Read.
    • So, again,is there one living soul out there who has ever built a working Hojo generator? Surely thate must be one person who is a satisfied customer if this thing is for real.
    • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 9:00 pm
      Peter, it’s a scam.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:01 pm
      News flash. Motors don’t transform magnetic energy into mechanical motion. They transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Hence the reason why they have to be plugged into a power source.
  15. I have worked on several “free energy” devices and each one, whether it is novel or just a rehash of perpetual motion machines, all have something in common; they cannot produce more energy than they use. Entropy makes sure of that. The HoJo MOTOR is just a motor. Even if you did nothing, sooner or later (and it may be very much later in this case) the device would require a “push” to get it started or to make it continue to produce energy.

    I clicked on the “See the Video” link and gave them my email address. After that, I was asked to buy the product and not given the opportunity to see the video. This “Bait and Switch” only proved one thing to me; Their product cannot stand up to true scientific scrutiny. Whether it works or not, I do not know. But I know a SCAM when I see one. Caveat Emptor !!!
    • Same here! When I went to see the video they switched to their web site. So you can see the so called “reviewer” was directly connected to the seller. How bogus!
  16. Lots of sales hype and science only hinted at. Show us the science! It’s going to take more than some spinning magnets to extract zero point energy, and more than three patents for that matter, it’s going to take a WORKING DEMO and a FULL EXPLANATION OF THE SCIENCE. This is just a scam.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:03 pm
      If you even remotely hold the belief that this shit can work, you are already lost.
  17. Bruce R Porter Sr 27. Sep, 2011 at 5:14 pm
    Well, it appears that the Europeans have proven Einstein’s relativity theory wrong by having a particle move faster than the speed of light. I think it was Tesla that postulated that the “speed of light” wasn’t the absolute we thought it was. Therefore, does overunity exist? I dunno, but perhaps it wouldn’t actually be overunity anyway. Maybe we’d be accessing power we have no knowledge of or method to measure. That being said, overunity must exist because politicians say talk so much and say so little…. However, I agree with the first dude, like to see someone try it rather than badmouth it without trying.
    • The resuls of experience on neutrinos recentely published by physicists at CERN (Geneva) did not «prove Einstein’s relativity wrong». Without Eninstein’s theory, you could not even measure the speed of neutrinos at all… nor have any GPS function properly. Sure, their found something very surprising that has no explanation so far. Other experiences have to be done until one can see it there was a systematic cause of error somewhere or if something in the theories of fundamental physics have indeed to be corrected. Anyhow, coming back to he HoJo motor, perpetual motion (getting energy for free) has been a perpetual dream in humanity…
    • If you are up to date, the Dutch showed the Swiss (CERN) the mistake that they made in thinking that neutrinos were faster than light. They forgot to take the relativistic effects of measuring their speed from satellites. Basically, they were shooting the neutrinos from the west to the east. Since the earth rotates from east to west, the earth moved several nanometers in the time it took the neutrinos to get to their destination. Not much, but enough to account for about 64ns.
    • Bruce W. Krafft 07. Nov, 2011 at 11:20 pm
      Actually Einstein never said you couldn’t go faster than the speed of light, what he said was if you traveling slower than the speed of light you can’t get there (because as your speed increases your mass also increases requiring more energy to accelerate you). Likewise if you start out *above* the speed of light, you can never slow down to below light speed again, because as you approach light speed your mass increases requiring more energy to accelerate you.
      • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:08 pm
        No shortage of armchair physicists here. Did you guys read up on Einstein between serving orders of burgers and fries?
    • Yes, people found out that the world was round. something they would never have belived. And now just this year it can out that Einstein’s relativity theory wrong by having a particle move faster than the speed of light. Im sure there are a lot of people that havent heard about this yet. It was on MSN’s home page. We have surpassed the seed of light…. That being said I belive that this HoJo MOTOR may be on the right track but you must consider the size, quality and adaptability it would take to have any singificant out put. Their vidio said you could get the parts at the hardware store for $100. It sounds like a junior high science project. Maybe the author is expecting you to build on is idea.
    • julio Rodriguez 20. Jan, 2012 at 4:23 pm
      I agree with you. Free energy simply means that you can harness energy in an efficient manner. It does not mean a perpetual system necessarily. But look even the wright brothers were laugh at even as they were a few years flying. So what to do? research and find out. This video is just a sales hype. So if anyone here actually seen or built one? And if so can it actually be used?
  18. This Hojo Motor is the motor of the future. I am just a simple peasant and too dumb to make wise investments in the future. However, our Dear Leader, being omniscient, knows how to spend my tax money wisely. Therefore, this Hojo Motor, this perpetual motion machine is something our President Obama should make an investment in. Just as he did in Solyndra Solar.
    • The difference between the Hojo Motor and Solyndra Solar is that Solyndra actually had a product based on real, working science, and in fact had a 1000 working systems deployed worldwide. What did them in was market competition from our good friends in China dumping solar panels over here for less than they cost to make. The Hojo Motor is just the opposite. They have a great business model, getting $50 a head from ignorant rubes who don’t understand simple high school physics. Their problem is that their product is a scam. But if you have so much faith in them, I have a 100 mpg carburetor to sell you.
    • Ole barry the Socialist Idiot in NO way deserves the P for president, but pres! He is NO President, in ANY way just because there are MORONS who put him in office, so now he can DAILY destroy our Great country! Impeach this imposter!
    • If not mistaken, Solyndra Solar’s ground work for funding was started during 43′s presidency. The Sterling engine would offer greater output and runs on dissimilar temperatures. Why they attempt to market it as ‘On Spot’ power source for residential homes makes little sense to me, as it can’t. I guess it’s like the traveling sales man that sold ‘Out Houses’ promising that they would not smell. Receiving his first complaint that it did indeed ‘stink’, he looked and said, “it appears someone has crapped in it” Breaking news, today (11/3/2011) ~ On spot Cold fusion generator! claims from Italy , Runs on powered nickle and nitrogen. produced 450 KW for 5.5 hours on first trial at 50% capacity, Is what they are claiming.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:13 pm
      You’re not dumb. You are the biggest shit for brains I have every discovered. Dumb is what sheep are. Dumb is what that banjo playing kid from Deliverance is. Sheep and banjo boy both have to really crane their necks downward to see you.
  19. Well it is fun to try and find the science behind these claims, trouble is there usually isn’t any. I once found myself nearly busting a gut listening to a guy selling a bunch of *** hunting knives. What made me chortle out loud was at the point that he actually used the term nuclear in describing his magical steel.
  20. If this thing really worked, the Chinese would spend $50 and then build them in China rather than burning coal to make power. Maybe President Obama would get Americans back to work by building the motors and selling them worldwide. Why not get the car companies to build cars powered by these motors? If this were real somebody would be building them.
    • Whether you want to believe it or not, big business puts an end to anything that will hurt their wallets. And I believe they do it anyway they can, legal or not. I’ve seen too many products that actually did what they were supposed to do, suddenly dissappear without another word, because some braniac finally figured out if the product was too good, nobody would need to replace it. Thus, cars could have been made years ago that would get 72 miles to the gallon, and last for 50 years, but where would that put the car companies??? Out of business! Ever notice that products are getting made of cheaper materials than they used to? They’re not made to last anymore, but to be replaced – on purpose. How about a bug spray that actually does kill the bugs AND stop their reproductive cycle? I’ve seen one, but it suddenly disappeared off the market too! Maybe this HoJo machine works, and maybe it doesn’t but I’m not going to assume they’re lying about big business stopping them. That happens every day, more than most people know.
      • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:17 pm
        I see you are single handedly keeping the conspiracies of the world going, keeping the sales of aluminum foil strong, and keeping the flow of burgers and fries to an ever broadening public going.
      • Was wondering about all the other inventions you’ve seen that were stopped by big business. I definitely agree with you on this matter. Do you have a list of these products. I would like to do some research on the internet. thx Rich
      • hi,,i have a FORD F150 and they stopped making the straight 6 because it lasted to long,, but they did make a car that got 80 mpg and they sent it back to Germany to get redesigned,,,the VW first came out(60′s) with 80mpg and they are still around
      • “Whether you want to believe it or not, big business puts an end to anything that will hurt their wallets.” Right! That’s why you can’t buy fruit trees or vegetable seeds to grow your own food. That would cost big business a lot more business than all the perpetual motion machines in the world.
      • If big business really is powerful enough to suppress new technology that would put them out of business, they would have suppressed this. Either they can’t suppress everything, or the Hoho (typo left intentionally) motor does not threaten them, or both.
  21. There is no question of anything being an overunity machine any more than a solar panel is overunity. A solar panel takes power from the sun which is free. The Tesla generator concept takes ambient energy – it doesn’t create energy out of nothing. That ambient energy is huge and is freely available – according to the theory. But doesn’t sound like this hojo is legitimate from the way they are trying to sell the information. Their site smells of trickery.
    • Agreed. All the hallmarks of a scam. “Free”, “hurry” “limited time” “bargain,” “special price”. As noted above “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
  22. there are a few builder aired video’s up on you tube. I’ve found a couple that stay in rotation. The concept is there, as long as the Van Allen Belts stick around ;) To 50% of a typical home, I think you’re going to need a lot large motor. You will also need to balance the rotation. Not imposible. I rank as achievable, but the scientific community needs to run with it. Anybody wanna run with me? Check out the you tube vids first.
    • Charles Patrick O'Brien 03. Oct, 2011 at 5:36 pm
      I got an E-mail from the company telling me it was reduced in price for one week only and I could get it at $49.99c,Now I’m in the UK (Scotland)and I don’t use $ so I think the company is trying a world-wide scam.Oh they say “normal price” is $195.99c.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:19 pm
      Ever notice how the graphic to the left of your comment looks very much like a dunce cap?
  23. The HoJo Motor does NOT produce electricity. It uses 2 sets of magnets to create a perpetual motion motor that drives a generator.
  24. Thomas G Walsh 01. Oct, 2011 at 5:03 am
    It is not a lot of $’s at $29 or $39 but it does not take a million sales to make a million bucks! If there are good results they can’t be hidden!
  25. I don’t believe this man. He reminds me of another man a few years ago who was peddling another skam– maybe same man. If this was true and of any value, it would be a manufactured product and we would see them show up in Trade Shows. No, this is only another Santa Clause story. I learned as a small boy, ” Grown people lie. “
  26. Any motor that requires one to give it a little push to get it started cannot be a perpetual motion motion. The motor is running on the energy of the little push. It will eventually stop. A true perpetual motion motor would have no “off” state. As soon as you put it together it would begin to run – it would not need the little push to get it going. The only way to stop a perpetual motion motor is to disassemble it.
  27. So far, all talk no proof. Another elaborate scam?
    • I’d say it’s not that elaborate. People have been selling snake oil this way for a very long time.
  28. Light a match and put it to your coleman lamp. Light another for your little pyramid of paper and kindling. You only put in a tiny amount of energy, but you get back hours of light and heat. Impossible! Oh! You activated stored energy in the fuels. But there are no other stored energies in the world, are there? So the Hojo must be an over-unity, perpetual motion scam. I don’t know about this one, but I’m going to buy the plans. I installed a brown’s gas hydrolizer in my van and immediately jumped my gas mileage from 28 mpg to 36 mpg. It isn’t over-unity, kiddies. It’s just physics, like your boy scout campfire. Think.
  29. OLD RETIRED GRANDPA 10. Oct, 2011 at 5:01 am
    the urgent email I recieved said I would only have minutes to click a purchase, time kept growing shorter. the price started at 199.97 and went down to 49.97. I kept trying to leave the site but it still insisted to continue. the last site dropped to 29.97. I was finnally able to close the site without ordering anything. Two minutes later i received an email in my scam box requesting me to confirm my subscription by clicking on another site which i deleted. Take it from there, all they want is some kind of money from each email. Common sence tells you if this thing could work it could prpbably make enough electric to power a flash light and you would need 500 to 1000 of these dumb things to power the electric needed to power your home. Take it from an old man, i’ve been around a long time over 75 years.
  30. Judge Roy Bean 10. Oct, 2011 at 2:52 pm
    The main HoJo page is FILLED with, “We got 3 U.S. Patents!”, and not much about the product. It reminds me of John Kerry saying, “I got 3 Purple Hearts”, Trying to take the focus away from his dreadfully abysmal congressional record. HoJo looks like the same tactic; trying to take the focus away from the laws of thermodynamics so they can sell you a dreadfully abysmal product. With that said, if just one person can show me where they cut their electricity bills by “75% or more in just 2 days” with this HoJo plan like they claim, I’ll completely recant my statement.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:33 pm
      Exactly. The patent office only checks to ensure that a patent doesn’t already exist. They don’t check to see if the device in question works or not. That’s a misconception a lot of people have.
    • Have they (Hojo people) tried to make some and save electricity for themselves ?
  31. Hallelujah people,our dreams are answered. Free energy, we’re not in a recession after all,things can’t get any better. But wait, I’ve discovered an oil extracted from a slithering serpent, known to cure every ailment known to man. For a limited time(the AMA might shut me down)I’ll share this new discovery with you(for a small fee to cover shipping and handling). Just send $19.95 and I’ll reveal this discovery of a lifetime.
  32. What a load of ***! If they had a real product, doesn’t it make sense that the energy companies would jump on the invention and offer them tens of millions to sell it themselves? The market for a real product like this would be in the billions! Hell, the electric companies would build gigantic Hojo motors to replace all their oil-, coal-, and nuclear-powered generators, don’t you think? I’ve been hearing nonsense like this since the 1970s oil embargoes, like the 100 mpg carburetor. Back then the claim was a conspiracy by the Big Three Automakers to suppress it. Why wouldn’t one of the automakers snap it up? Seriously, the first car company to build a 100 mpg car would have cornered the market. A simple understanding of high school physics will tell you that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. But with the state of science education in this country being what it is, I’m willing to bet plenty of people will be clicking on the Add to Cart button.
    • Ha, there is a car that gets a 100 miles to the gal, its a one cylinder 2 inch bore with a 16 speed transmission. I think you can figure out why its not popular. if we weren’t in such a hurry to get places we would be fine. The problem really is that we are trying to create energy that will keep us in the same ways we are used to. That will be our demise. Afa this thing goes its a scam plain and simple. Will it always be that? possibly not, but for now keep your money!
  33. EEL RIVER KID 16. Oct, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    another tooth fairy easterbunny approach to relieving some green hippy of his welfare cash. you never get sumtin fo nothin. this holds true in science and life. you have been babboozeld by HO JO.
  34. Please realize that a patent has no relation to whether or not a device “works” The patent office files are full of patents for worthless devices that have gone the way of the dodo. This is a total and complete SCAM! THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH AND DEFINITELY NO FREE ENERGY!!! Save your money and buy more efficient appliances.
  35. hey i bought the plans about 3 days ago and have been pricing the materials. I am really serious about giving this a shot because after reading through the e book its seems legit. I will repost later after I review the parts in the mail and let you know how it goes!
    • Hey JT how about an update on your progress???
    • Did your hojo motor work:-)?
    • JT, Having bought the plans about 3 days @ your last post of Oct. 17. Today is the 28th of Nov. That is about 42 days to play with a 3 day product as pitched. How’d it go?
    • Let us know if they honor their 60 day no questions asked refund policy.
    • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 9:24 pm
      JT, where are you? Did your motor work? Did the big companies kill you and bury you in a shallow grave? Please, let us know how you are doing.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:37 pm
      Whatever you do, DO NOT throw out the tube of soothing ointment. You will need it later.
  36. I paid my money, hoping that this might be genuine. I received a User name and a Password and I printed it out. As I was busy at the time I closed the computer down. Now I am trying to get back into it but there is nowhere I can connect in and enter the User Name or the Password. All I get is the Home Page and watch the video again. There is no help desk, no “Contact Us” button (and I ain’t gonna spend again to gat help). It may take as long to make contact with them as it does to build the damned thing!!
  37. Tesla, a brilliant man. I have a great partner in business-we work in radio communications. He had electrical demonstrations for schools with Tesla generators, Jacobs ladder and various. Anyway he built a few different Tesla generators. First it is tough to build. First you have to have a motor to turns a belt, a high voltage transformer 10k at least, that charges the belt that carries the charge to the second part, a -receiver for what ever you do with it. It would be A/C that would need regulated, rectified to DC. His was just to demonstrate the amount of charge it could dissipate. Every step in the process takes power, the belt motor, the brushes or pickups, the regulator, rectifier if you want DC for batteries and batteries do not give you as much as you put into them in charging. Considering the physical and electrical process it is tough and hard to keep running. To make much power it would take a lot of hardware so no I would not buy a book about it.
  38. Hey I already invented this. Read Atlas Shrugged!!
  39. Alternate energy…Solar, Wind, Water…that’s the real key to the future.
  40. Robert David Hummel 26. Oct, 2011 at 10:36 pm
    I would like to get contact with a reliable Hojo Motor USER… that resides locally (CITRUS COUNTY FLORIDA), to SEE THE ACTUAL APPLICATION in WORKING FORMAT. Then I would be willing to SAVE and PAY for the BOOK.
    • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 9:26 pm
      Ditto, Dallas TX area.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:41 pm
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for someone to reply. They will be too embarrassed, and too busy smearing the free tube of soothing ointment on the hole that hurts the most.
  41. These “hojo” people appear to be nothing more than liars, cheats and criminally minded, making off of hardworking people trying to survive financially. Even their marketing logic is flawed. Anything of any real value, always goes up in price unless it can be produced in mass volume to overcome production cost. If the claims of the “hojo motor” were true, it would stand to reason that so many people would be after it, it would be nearly impossible to get. I have not heard of even one person who can be found, who has built a “hojo” and had it work successfully in their home or any other application. I venture to say that it may not be “big energy” who is after them, but rather may be the feds.
  42. The only thing perpetually in motion in the universe is the electron… I think we would all agree that the electrons in any piece of matter have been spinning nonstop since the beginning of time. That been said, I have a working 4 stage magnetic flux engine. Like one of the users said as soon as I put it together it starts spinning it employs a diamagnetic to control the flow of the magnetic flux. The idea came to me this way… … How does a combustion engine work? What pushes the piston down? So if you replicate the power output of the explosion in the chamber with that of the repulsion force from 2 magnets you got it solved.. This is controlled by the diamagnetic the way it works in my design is, the diamagnetic controlled by a timing motor makes the 4 pistons fire in resonant sequence so that each time the magnet piston is exposed to the flux the crankshaft accelerates and the counterweights on that shaft do the rest of the work by raising the next magnet piston to the diamagnetic before it is exposed to the flux. For output I have gotten 600watts out of an engine the size of a small sedan’s engine. It took me 12 years to finish it at a cost of $9000 expensive I know but it works….the only problem I got is vibration there is a moment where the vibration becomes to strong at which point I have to dismantle to turn off. But the point is it works and it does so brilliantly.
  43. hi folks are there nobody out there to check these scamsters? their very presentation is a clear confirmation of their intentions.
  44. If Biden repeals the law of physics as he said he wanted to do this would work. Nothing can produce more power than is used to produce this power. I’ll buy one when it is built and let you know how it does.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:44 pm
      Make sure you get the free tube of soothing ointment.
    • keep in mind your not counting the stored power in the magnets. great ammount of energy stored the magnets, its bottled energy esentially,
  45. Abdul Rauf Jangda 31. Oct, 2011 at 11:44 pm
    No doubt Hojo motor is a scam. Dont waist your money and your time on it. If any one would have made it. Believe you me, he will never give away his plans that cheap. Rather he would have made billions of dollars by putting his own manufacturing up. I challange Hojo motor plan sellers, if they show me any machine producing free energy in couple of days which will produce fre energy enough to run my house appliances, i will do whatever they want me to do. This will not work.
  46. This kind of business is exactly what Occupy Wall Street is about. These unscrupulous “”business people”" and their reprehensible behaviour should be outlawed. Their sentence for this crime should be to have all of their diplomas (if any) taken away from them and they should have to repeate school; starting from kindergarten.
    • Hey, No, maybe you are the one who needs to repeat school!! Look at your spelling. As for the OWS people, they don’t stand for anything, except, their own personal greed. The people marketing this product are no different than any of the other manufacturers who produce all the stuff you use in everyday life.
      • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 9:32 pm
        Oh they are different. All the stuff I use in everyday life works as advertized.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:47 pm
      If stupidity was outlawed, these people couldn’t do business. Mind you, there wouldn’t be many people around either…
  47. Pizzed Off Big Time 02. Nov, 2011 at 3:38 pm
    This site is for reviews of the Hojo Motor, not for skepticism or comments. Why the frack are all of you posting here? Obviously no one was stupid enough to fall for the scam or else there would be internet commentary by someone who actually bought and built one of them.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:51 pm
      Obviously no one was stupid enough to fall for the scam? What dream world are you from? As for spreading skepticism, I spent years trying to convince people, overunity is bullshit, using only high school physics. My end conclusion. You can’t fix stupid.
  48. magnetic energy has benn used on roller coaster’s for years.
  49. payed for the plans and did not recive it cant get my money back and now its just a scam will be contacting a certified fraud examiner.
  50. Cole Thompson 03. Nov, 2011 at 2:56 am
    If anyone in the Salem Oregon area is using this technology and is willing to show, I would love to see this thing in working order. Please contact me and I would be glad to compensate for the effort.
    • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 9:35 pm
      No. Electricity, produced by burning hydrocarbons, has been used to create magnetic energy on roller coasters for years.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:55 pm
      Don’t hold your breath. Anyone that has fallen for this painfully obvious scam is applying a soothing ointment to their inflamed asshole.
  51. This is a well backed scam. When you google it or google hojo scam, you hit dozens of websites that say YES it works. These are all fakes. Perpetual motion machines are the holy grail of energy and none have yet to be made. Don’t waste you money.
  52. A lot of people say a lot of things, most of which they know nothing about … so learn a lesson. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, so if you’re not up to date with the technology being discussed here, keep your opinions to yourself. The “HOJO Motor” is EXACTLY what it is, a motor, NOT a generator. It produces rotary power from the interactions of permanent magnets and can be used to power a suitable generator. Mr. Howard managed to produce a motor based on his principles and filed 3 appropriate patents for his design(s). The fact that such a motor was engineered, built and patented DOES NOT MEAN that anybody can just build such a motor and be successful at it. The magnets were specially designed and manufactured for Mr. Johnson and a EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Please read the article attached below and be educated about this technology. This is definitely not your average home constructors project.

    Here’s an article published in Science & Mechanics, spring 1980 Edition that should explain a few things about Mr. Johnson and his capabilities as an engineer and the concept of the famous Howard Johnson permanent magnet motor. http://www.rexresearch.com/johnson/1johnson.htm
    • Kevin Jackson 04. Jan, 2012 at 9:38 pm
      No. Mr. Howard produced a motor that didn’t work and purchased three patents. Remember, a patent does not mean something works, a patent is something you buy.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 5:57 pm
      Keep the faith tardboy.
  53. This is obviously a scam. You can tell by the the hard psychological of this Hojo Motor advertisement. Note how they constantly lead you on, hinting that you’ll see more, just wait. It’ll happen in a minute. The advertisement works on your fears (“BREAKING NEWS on November 5th!” “The power companies are hiding this from you and will take it away at any minute!”). If you try to close the window it triggers another window to open and give you a $10 discount, etc. There are other similar sales videos out there. Watch the following video, which tries to sell a method to men to “read a woman’s mind” and how to get her to like you. It’s also a scam, but this advertisement shares a lot of the same psychological tricks as the Hojo Motor videos (Leads you on and on, preys on your fears.) It even uses a similar webbrowser trick if you close the window. http://openherbox.com/xb/
  54. The sad part of this is that a hard working innovator ‘Howard Johnson’ is being taken advantage of posthumously. Go to YouTube and search on Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor. You should find a video of this gentleman providing a demo of some sort. Scepticism for this is a natural thing, but we in this country are falling behind. Also search YouTube for ‘maxforce engine’. There you should find a video demonstration of a Japanese engine that is compelling to say the least. The first patent I found on Magnetic motors during the late 1990′s was from a Japanese man that built a permanent magnet fan motor. There are several patents, and also public debates about perpetual motion, but the fact is that many of these actually work. For a shark to take advantage of Mr. Johnson in this way is criminal and should be prosecuted accordingly.
  55. I find that most Americans wouldn’t know the truth if asteroid YU-55 hit them on the head. You’re all lab rats in an inviroment that has been & will continue to be controled by an evil empire. The foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of all mankind. The only reason any free energy devices are being allowed to surface now, is because the game is over. The time has come to exterminate the lab-rats.
    • Don’t you mean “enviroment” and “controlled”? Genius.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 6:01 pm
      The man that single handedly saved the aluminum foil industry from collapse. That must be one hell of a hat you made out of that stuff.
  56. For all you skeptics who have not done your home work, I still have the article from Popular Mechanics many years ago of this motor actually working. It was a simple device made with tin foil and powerful magnets etc. The only reason you do not see these devices on the market is the high cost of exotic magnets. Getting more energy out than putting in?? What do nuclear plants do?? Don’t try to hoodwink the public into thinking there is no way it could be true. BTW what is making the earth turn perpetually around and around for thousands of years? Perpetual motion I presume.
    • Both nuclear power and the earth’s continual rotation are well understood by science, if not by you. Nuclear power comes from modifying atomic nuclei: splitting large atoms in a fission reactor or bomb, fusing small atoms in hydrogen bombs and the sun. I am not physicist enough to explain why these processes cause a loss of mass, but they do, and the lost mass becomes energy. To slow something down its energy must be got rid of. A large flywheel will keep running a long time but friction in the bearings, and air drag, transform some of the rotational energy into heat. The earth is spinning on frictionless bearings and would spin for ever if there was no other heavenly body close by.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 6:10 pm
      What do Nuclear power plants do? They split atoms of uranium which causes them to release energy that is converted into a smaller amount of energy in the form of steam. That smaller amount of energy is then converted into an even smaller amount of mechanical energy. That smaller amount of mechanical energy is then converted into an even smaller amount of electrical energy. Each phase of the conversion process reduces the original amount of energy because no conversion process is ever 100 percent efficient. So what does that Nuclear power plant analogy have to do with over unity?
    • Be sure and wear your tinfoil beamie while building your magic machine.
  57. There is no law that says you can’t get free energy, only a theory that is used to persuade people from thinking outside the normal paradigm. Having a diploma doesn’t make you smarter, it only shows that you were taught something by others instead of teaching yourself. I bought a $300 car off craigslist and modified it to get over 60mpg, why would I spend money on high dollar Hybrid that isn’t even good for the environment? We are a society of fearful programmed people.
    • “There is no law that says you can’t get free energy.” Are you serious?…its called the first law of thermodynamics. And no, you did not buy a $300 car off of craigslist and modify it to get over 60 mpg..
    • So tell us how u did this so u can help the world be a greener place ???????????????????
  58. I personally think Hojo Motor is a scam. I have an idea who might want to take this up as a challenge. It is “Mythbusters”. They are always looking to prove or disprove (bust) advertised products or inventions. Anyone know how to get ahold of them so they can take the Hojo Motor invention up as a challenge?? These guys are real professionals and I value their judgement and findings on everything they test. –Mythbusters leave no stoned unturned. Maybe, they could convince all of us that Hojo Motor is indeed a SCAM.
  59. I watched the entire ad and listened to the sales pitch. The one thing that I noted was that they never once attempted to show a working model in any form. If they were selling plans to something that “anyone could build in two days”, don’t you think that they’d show at least a few moments of one running, at least from a distance, to entice you with an example of what you could ultimately have?
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 6:18 pm
      You have to understand that their target audience is not Nobel Laureates. They target people that, you might say, are not the brightest sparks in the campfire. If clues were shoes, they’d be barefoot. They’re about as sharp as a bowling ball. I guess you get the point.
  60. if the product works at all why dont they build one and sell the product????? notice not even 1 demonstration of a working product…..build it patent the working motor, and sell it …these plans obviously total scam !!
  61. If there were such a device,, All the powerplants would be using it!!!!!!!! Sorry to burst any bubbles!!! So, TOTAL SCAM!!!!!! Any Questions????
  62. This is a scam first class. They mix some fact with lots of bogus claims. Use common sense, you can’t get more out than you put in.
  63. Brian Flickinger 11. Dec, 2011 at 5:29 pm
    I do not see one person that has completed your motor successfully !
  64. Crackpotkiller 12. Dec, 2011 at 12:40 pm
    Once I wanted to take A VW beetle , leaving 2 cylinders gas & the other 2 Hojo style setup .Balance is the issue . Bearings that support the crankshaft & the case itself would be destroyed in a short time .The Hojo Motor would have the same problem with balance . The Hojo motor would work with surges & destroy itself in a short period of time .
  65. Even if this HOJO motor worked you would then need to purchase an electric generator for the HoJo motor to spin to generate electricity. For a basic home you would need at least a 7 kw generator other wise you would need a 15 to a 20 kw generator. Lets see that should cost several hundred dollars plus the wiring, switches etc. SCAM
  66. Leonardo Gutierrez 01. Jan, 2012 at 4:19 pm
    YES, THIS IS OUTRIGHT SCAM!!! The frantic selling Technic is to fleece you the $50 for the plans. I’m a Professional Electrical Engineer and Wannabe Inventor with various attempts to produce electricity using free nature resources such us swift flowing rivers, buoyancy force, winds, etc. In the course of my attempts, I researched through actual experiments and scientific method about the buoyancy force and found out that there is no such thing as perpetual machine that can produce electtric energy over unity which this HOJO MOTOR SCAM IS CLAIMING. However, these scammers will surely make a fortune because there are always suckers among us. Please google LOGUTZWINDMILLS if you doubt my comments.
  67. I have a complete machine shop at my disposal. Will build but it does not work.
  68. What happened to JT?.
    • Overunitytards 11. Jan, 2012 at 6:31 pm
      JT is feeling a little foolish right now. Or he is busy smearing a soothing ointment on his inflamed keester. Or maybe he is out hunting wild baloney. Or maybe he is working overtime at McDonalds. But he could be juggling searching for the Loch Ness monster and photographing Bigfoot.
  69. This is a complete scam. It’s impossible. Mythbusters even did a show on this and confirmed it was a bust and those guys would know how to build this kind of stuff.
    • Those two fags on Mythbusters couldn’t even spell their name unless their Mom’s didn’t write it on a tag and put it on their shirt pocket each day.
  70. This is a scam people! Get out here on the www and study. This goes against physics. On another note… the wood gas generator does work exceptionally well. Easily captures enough gas to run almost any combustion engine. These can be built inside a day, and the plans are really free. Just search for wood gas generator or search for ORNL 6404 for free plans from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Don’t give your cash to this fool.
  71. Is there anyone that can arrest or at least shoot them with grains of salt these oil snake sellers. Once again Holy Grail is found, from the hands of the Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Humanity is saved along with polar caps.Wow. Anyone who buys these plans from “saviors” is idiot and deserve to lose another fifty bucks to get rich quick schemes. We need new branch inside FBI to persecute those criminals to the full extent of the law.
  72. We were asked to advertise the Hojo Motor on our Online Advertising site Kool Shops. After some careful research and reading the comments on similar sites to yours we refused to publish the ad. The main consensus seems to be that it is a total scam.
  73. The US Patent Office does not certify that any design, plan or idea actually works. The US Patent office only legally protects that idea, design or plan from someone else using it AND then only in the USA. Examine the three patents. Really is a waste of time. The presentation on their website mentioned “Perpetual Motion”-which doesn’t exist. However, “sucker born every minute” does exist. Hurry up, before the website gets taken down………………..by the Justice Department.
  74. THIS IS A SCAM – plain and simple.
    1) There is no such thing as perpetual motion. This is one of, at least, 2 things for which one automatically cannot get a patent. (I think the other may have to do with levitation – can’t remember now.)
    2) Any device capable of producing sufficient energy to power any average home would require a LOT more than $100 dollars in parts.
    3) Notice how all you get from the site link is enormous hype and rush-rush … with no useful details or info.
    4) Notice how elaborate and sophisticated the site is – to sell the sizzle, not the steak.
    5) Many other posters have germane and true comments.
    6) Ask anyone with any real expertise in physics, electricity (electro-magetism) or any related field. They will LOL.
    7) P. T. Barnum’s observation – “There’s a sucker born every minute” – is still too true today.

    I wish I knew how goniffs such as these can get away with such blatant cons!
    Wonder if one of their “free gifts” is a psychic reading.
  75. Theres_A_Sucker_Born_Every_Minute 06. Jan, 2012 at 4:53 pm
    I am patenting my time machine invention. It’s can be built easily, with parts available in most households. Vaseline, tube socks, #2 pencil, 1 coat-hanger. Those are just some of the basic parts needed to build this revolutionary machine! For blueprints & instruction manual, send $29.95 to……….LOL
  76. Only an idiot would even consider this. A fool and his money are soon parted. If it worked thay would sell a product, as they way they have no libility. Plus I bet they are located in Nigera or some obsure place. I think AOL is F-ed up for even putting this on their pop screen. But what to do you expect from a company who would buy the Huffenton Post. Democarates clame to care about people, another scam.
  77. 50 bucks for a stack of rubbish to put in your fireplace…… that’s what it’s is. please sell me a ready made powerless self-generating motor with waranty…. PLEASE
  78. I admit it, I bought the plans, built it, and it doesn’t work as advertised. They may as well have sent me the plans for building a turbo diesel powered hydraulic *** rammer. It would have had the same effect.
  79. Its a scam you dimwits!
  80. Scotty Simson 12. Jan, 2012 at 2:50 am
    I bought the plans through a friend of mine because I can afford to throw away $50 and that is want I did. My friend wanted to make the unit. The plans are just a bunch of bull shit that won’t work. We built it. I kind of knew that when I bought the plans anyway. You would think that the US Government would nail this company for lieing about the claim. Yes they have patents but they like so many other companies, just because they have a patent doesn’t mean the patent works. Yes it’s a SCAM to get you to send in your cash and there is no refund guarentee like they say. We tried and guess what? No refund, no reply. If you want to toss out $50, go for it. Email me and I’ll send you the plans for free.
  81. It is a scam. Give them your money. Spend more money buying some parts. Then you will have a box of parts that will not produce any energy. But at least you will have some magnets to play with.
  82. Having been scammed as a teen, I can now smell a scam a mile away. This, my friends, is a scam.
  83. I bought 5 of these. Now I can power up my Ipod for 4 minutes.
  84. Such a machine is impossible according to the thermodynamic laws. Energy is ALWAYS converted from one form to an another one with losses during the process. An example : gasoline and car. The car’s engine converts chemical energy contained into gasoline into heat, light and motion. Not of all gasoline’s chemical energy is converted into motion, some get ‘lost’ into heat and light. That is why you ALWAYS need more energy in than there is energy out… because of LOSSES! If free and unlimited energy would exist, the universe would still be in the same state as it was before the Big Bang. Get real people!!! This is physics 101 in senior high school…
  85. I believe it was about 25 years ago when this product was actually advertised on TV. They even had an interview with the inventor of it. They claimed the machine they were selling would power your whole house and was about the size of an upright freezer, (slightly bigger than your average refrigerator). The inventor guaranteed it was real and the reason he did not try to get involved with big corporations was because he was afraid they would just buy controlling interest and black file the invention. They ran the ad for about 6 months and I have never heard of it again since. Don’t know anything about it but they did commercially build and sell these once upon a time, I believe they asking about 5,000 for the unit. Thats as much as I know about it, (I remember watching the Ad’s on TV.)
  86. I built one and got it fired up,however,that’s when I ran into a little trouble with the magnetic compoents … first it pulled all the nails in my roofing shingles right through the roof and nearly killed me. I had to jump under a metal table and even then I was nearly impailed. But that was the least of my worries as I had to jump out of the way of this cement truck that appeared to have been pulled right off the street and into my house crushing the motor … oh well lesson learned ….
  87. Snake oil Salesman. Energy in = energy out. 0 = 0 Do the math. Now on the other hand, geo-therminal energy is being raped from our planet. That energy is taken without enough energy to replace it(less in than out). Which means over time, the big companies will steal away the Earth heat to make them dollars, and we get a core that will eventually harden. I know the core is big, but there is going to come a day when hundreds of thousands of companies are tapping into the Earth energy for money very soon (growing fast). http://www.excelarus.com/Facts/table.html the above link is a privately owned website, no big company behind it, just me. If you would like to help me post or change my site, sent a message, there in. I have comments on ozone and co2 as well, need more ideas.
  88. SCAM … SCAM… SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. I ran into the HoJo Motor on facebook as an advert. It’s a scam. Frankly, I’m filing a report with the Indiana Attorney Generals Office and the Federal Trade Commission. To rip people off for 49.97 is hogwash. Utility companies wouldn’t waste their time on harassment over such nonsense. An old saying: If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
  90. what was it that old P.T. Barnum said, a fool is born every minute and separated from his money also !
  91. check http://www.fuellesspower.com/ you can find video of a working model and the science behind a similar motor. if my understanding is correct, at fuellesspower, a battery runs a magnet motor for mechanical energy that run a generator. a second device (SP generator)collects and rectifies the motor and generator Back EMF to charge a second battery. the result is near 95% efficiency. the final 5% can come from real free energy like the sun, wind or water or you can buy the 5% from the utility and their plans can be found free on the internet (off-site, of course). Moreover, they have plans for fuelless heaters (which i know first-hand work – it is actually only fuelless when coupled to fuelless engine, for mechanical work)and gravity motors that in theory could work
  92. I discovered the device that IS perpetual motion; It’s a Slinky . . on an escalator. Problem solved.
  93. Have you ever heard of a hydroelectric dam? It converts water pressure into ELECTRICITY and it is FREE ENERGY. All you have to do is to build and maintain the dam and the ENERGY IS FREE.But some people would call the hydroelectric dam ‘Perpetual Energy’.Yes, you have to expend energy to build and maintain the hydroelectric dam, but you get more ENERGY OUT than what was put IN. A LOT MORE!!There is energy all around you at all times. Although outer space appears empty, there is energy flowing in all space at all times. So if someone builds a device that can tap that energy, it will ‘appear’ to be the so-called ‘Perpetual Energy’ but is simply tapping a pool of energy, much the same as the hydroelectric dam is tapping the energy from pooled water (potential energy).I’m not saying that the Hojo Motor works. I don’t know. I’m just saying that if you figured out how to tap the energy in free space you would have an enormous source of energy, just as Tesla stated. And you would be accused of building a scam ‘Perpetual Energy’ device.
  94. Here’s a critique from an interesting web site that’s all about energy… http://pesn.com/2011/10/04/9501926_Letter_to_Hojo_Motor_Plan_Scammers/
  95. check out marko rodin he is the next tesla free energy maybe
  96. well if they have three patents. i want to see them , if they have a functioning magnetic motor confess up . if this is a scam and lie fraud. which most are over the internet , time will tell maybe some one will knock off this guy promoting this hojo motor that will be enogh proof for me. :) i bet they did make a magnetic motor they have to use polyers to need the magnetic flux aimed in a straight line and set these poles in a rotating angle and they would probalbby need a small power source to start the rotation. i seen a ac motor witha attachment to make dc power once starter the dc runs the equipment. well if they end up dead they had something, hurrah for heros who stick their necks out
  97. shouldaknownbetter 26. Jan, 2012 at 4:37 pm
    Yes it does create perpetual motion…it perpetually moves money from your wallet to theirs.
  98. pure scam the motor cant run a string od led christmas lights i want my money back
  99. I purchased yesterday, scanned the book and can tell everyone that the ad misrepresents what is in the book. I have asked for a refund, we’ll see what happens.
  100. Come on already. Anyone with even a grade 9 education should know that this is scientifically impossible. If there was a million dollar prize for the first person who could demonstrate that it worked, it would never get claimed. If it did work I would give back my science degree. I would like to meet HoJo’s “scientists”.
  101. “Well, it appears that the Europeans have proven Einstein’s relativity theory wrong by having a particle move faster than the speed of light.”

    That’s not true Bruce R Porter Sr! John F Hendry has shown using Stanford’s SLAC E158 data that CERN’s v-c/c=2.48e5 gain was caused by weak force asymatry, which also adds 2.48e-5 in 453.6 miles (neutrino distance) and therefore we are seeing additional space as well as time added….but added at the speed of light so neutrino did not exceed speed of light in adding time.

    However, this discovery (E=m+{a}c2) of the neutrino’s function still changes physics as this is only a small part of Hendry’s “Real Relativity” theory which must be right to get so many things right like CERN’s measurement match with SLAC’s team data (think what the odds against chance are) while the “experts” sit stunned in silence.

    People better get ready to accept that Mass oscillation powered by quantum gravity (within mass) causes the weak force and that the oscillation never stops so we are already connected to an “E” generator. We just need to learn how to plug in to it.

    Generate enough power to light a 120 w light bulb for 2 second using a bicycle powered generator, and then realize what the magnetic field potential is. One Coulomb of charge is the charge that flows through a 120 watt light bulb in one second. Two charges of one Coulomb separated by a meter would repel each other with a force of about a million tons.

    I’m not saying THIS device is real, just keep an open mind that E=mc2 once, and now we know that E=m+{a}c2 and we are just figuring it out.

  102. This maybe ok for 110 volts in U.S.A but will it wotk for 240 volts in australia?
  103. Your first suspicion about a product should be in the advertising. They call their sales pitch a “video” while there is not one segment of motion contained therein. Their “video” tries to keep you contained until they have completed their entire pitch. Ever notice how it is difficult to exit? This methodology indicates a scam of the first degree.
  104. Tom mentioned that there are a few critical things that anyone who wants to successfully build a working HJ PMM needs to know, some of which are probably obvious to the more experienced builders:

    1) The most critical element is the precise machining of the magnets. Joe Q. Public, with his diamond saw, cutting his own magnets by hand has little chance of succeeding in shaping the magnets to the aerospace-critical specs that are the minimum necessary, much less duplicating that feat several times for each necessary part.

    2) Alignment of the parts is highly important too. One slight misalignment and the motor will not run continuously.

    3) All magnets aren’t the same. This application requires expensive, extremely high quality magnets. Howard, in order to get them cheaper, was buying them in $50K lots from China, where high quality and a lower price can be had.

    I also spoke with a gentleman named Gary Hanson who had been in touch with Howard years ago when Gary was trying to build Howard’s motor. Howard told him, as I think most researchers on this know now, that the motor *can* be build directly from the patent but that there needs to be 5 or 6 armtures and not just the one that is shown as an illustration in the patent. Just want to make sure any newbies understand this.
  105. To buy or not to buy. Seeing is believing. Seems that no one who is speaking has built or seen one. You would be buying hope which normally is not a tangable item. 1 square foot of nuclear fuel will power a 1st class submarine for twenty years from what you learn from documentorys That is about as perpetual as we get today. As much as many people would welcome free this and free that would like to get some. There is none at that cost. Do your research and tell others of your concern.
  106. These perpetual motion machines are no better than those invented in the 1930′s. They are for the amusement of intelligent people.
  107. Yes, it is a scam.
  108. In all the blogs and reviews i’ve read regarding this why is there no mention of the actual output of this thing. I would not build this thing if it will only generate enough electricity to power a 40 watt bulb. Where are the specs for this thing
  109. I’m closing the comments on this post as people are tending to repeat themselves. You should definitely have enough info to go on above…

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