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It’s been building a reasonable amount of discussion on the internet (just search for it) and today it’s time for me to lend my name to the list of reviewers. That’s right, right now I’ll be looking at Home Made Energy. First however, in the event you want to jump to a specific section of the review, let me detail what it really will include:

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Home Made Energy

Product Facts

Product Name: Home Made Energy
Standard Price: $47
Author: homemadeenergy.org
Review Updated: 01st Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Home Made Energy is sold on their own website, that it’s easy to have a look at via this url: homemadeenergy.org. The product isn’t distributed via any additional retailers, even if you might find other sites that link straight to the transaction processor site. Nonetheless, it is advisable to click to the original site to find out the most up-to-date amount. If you need to buy without utilising an affiliate link you can do so via this link: http://www.homemadeenergy.org.

Publisher’s Description

If you have ever wished to stop wasting money on your electrical bill, help the global economy and save the Earth, then you’ve arrived at the right page.

  • You will save hundreds of dollars a month… and thousands of dollars ayear… for the rest of your life…
  • You will help our environment and maybe more and more people will follow us in supporting the future of Earth…
  • You will have a lot of fun in building your own power systems. You can do it with your close friends and family during a week-end and everyone will enjoy it…
  • You will be able to go completely off-grid if you want, knowing that risingenergy prices will not affect you…
  • You will be able to make the electricity company pay you, because the surplus of what you produce will make the meter go the other way, in case you want to stay on-grid…

User Comment and Discussion

Now it’s time to take part! Please tell us just what you feel about this program – would you buy it now? Do you intend to buy it? Virtually all (non violent) opinions are published.

Responses to “Home Made Energy Review”

  1. I am an electrician also. I see a hole in his plan. The panels put out DC, to sell it to the power company and to use it, it needs to be changed to AC, so you still have to buy a panel to change the panels to AC Power
    • I am NOT an electrician, and his videos is nothing but someone reading to me. There is now real pictures to follow, the directions is not made for those who doesn’t have at least some electrical knowledge. aka myself. I’m looking for how to receive my refund. I was very disappointed with what I got, after being so hyped up… such a let down. ps my very first negetive review on any company. I at least think I got what I paid for, right now I got something I’m going to totally delete. I am not sure he ever built one, no pictures of what hes talking about or anything.
      • Sorry to hear that Jean. If you purchased after clicking through via one of my links let me know via email (see my contact page) and I’ll walk you through how to get a refund.
    • Yeah and I figured he would also include those instructions in the package but nowhere in the videos does it tell you how to connect it to your panel. The instructions for building a panel look straight forward but what good is having a solar panel if you can’t use it effectively. I know you need an inverter but connecting it to my existing panel is what I was hoping to get in the package. Any suggestions you can give would be great.
  2. I am looking for how to get a refund. The website just goes straight to the video and I have yet to figure out how to apply for a refund. Therefore, the reason that there is a low return rate may be related to how hard it is to ask for a refund. Why am I looking for a refund? The product does appear to be a viable method of building home made solar panels. I think the deficiency is that it lacks a viable inexpensive way of connecting those DC panels to my house and/or the “grid”. Perhaps I missed it…. Without this, the panels are essentially useless. Further, the sales pitch talks about building home made solar panels for about $200. eBay has professionally made solar panels for about $250. Why would I want to invest the time and energy building panels when I can pay slightly more for new, professional panels? If the product told me what to do with the panels once I had them, then it might be useful. For now, I just want a refund.
    • If you bought via one of my links then shoot me an email (see contact page) and I’ll walk you through the refund process
  3. All I received is a free report an an immediate charge of 47.00 and then a addionall charge of 67.00 for platium = 114.00 for a free report. Ben got his money immediatly lets see how fast get and ansewer and or refund
  4. I purchased the homemadeenergy product three weeks ago. the ebook instructions were lacking can’t really understand it .. so I request refund .
  5. I clicked through the link. I need help with the refund process. Thanks
    • If you purchased after clicking through via my link shoot me an email (see contact page) and I’ll walk you through the refund process. You have to have clicked the link *before* making the purchase.
      • I’m lloking for a science project for youths in the community. If your product works, why not let the kids give it a try with your helpful support? If it’s really a scam it would be obvious if you are not willing to offer support. However, if you do offer support and the kids are successful, it would be a great marketing tool! How about it. I get the pros to work with the kids. You provide the instructional support. The kids get to learn something about saving energy. How about it?
    • I paid $47.00 through Pay Pal on 11/25/11. Never recieved the book. Want to get my money back.
  6. This “product” is obviously a sham. I can say that with confidence because I’m not just an electrican, I’m an electrical engineer with 35 years of experience – also in the Silicon Valley.

    PG&E and all the other power companies have very strict requirements for connecting any power generating systems to their grid. If you don’t have the proper county permits and meet their strict requirements then your home will be immediately disconnected from the grid leaving you in the dark. That permit process alone requires a lot of expertise in solar technology – none of which is described in detail by this product.

    You must have an approved “Inverter” that converts the DC power from the panels to AC power that the home and grid use. This is the “brain” of the system and they’re quite complex by themselves. These inverters cost about 50 cents per watt these days – and you must buy an approved model. The video doesn’t go into any detail on these – which is very deceptive.

    Commercially available panels cost about a dollar a watt using thin-film technology. There’s virtually no-way that you can DIY one that inexpensively. And the commercial panels come with a minimum of 10 years performance warranty. Do you think your DIY panel will be that good? No way.

    Even if you did build panels DIY they wouldn’t be UL approved and your home owners insurance wouldn’t cover your loss if your DIY panel failed and caused a fire – which is quite possible since they generate a lot of power.

    And there are dozens of other details for reliable solar installations that this product doesn’t address.

    This company is hoping that you’ll pay the $47 for their useless materials and then hope that you don’t figure out how to get a refund before their return period expires.

    Save your money. If you want Solar then go to a professional.

    Bruce Richards
  7. I have read the various comments made by those who have purchased this product and it appears that it could be termed as a scam.
    • No Wait! Send ME just 10 bucks and I WILL tell You what I do not understand. wait – that wasn’t right. Can you just send me 10 bucks anyways?
  8. What is it you don’t understand? Send me $47.00 and I will tell you what you’re not quite understanding. It’s really that simple!
  9. Solar Panels have to be UL listed to be legal to hook up to the grid in the US. Also, if they do not have bypass diodes, they will be a fire hazard. This could be a cool project for a hillbilly in Fiji, but anyone who does not want to burn down their house should beware!
  10. I’ve decided against the product, tell me how to get my money back. I payed thru PayPal. Also, on your web site, it kicks you right into the presentation, need a contact #. Tomm
  11. These Solar Panels must meet the NEC,NFAP70E UL,and State Local Electrical Codes and you just can not hook in the the grid
  12. Howard Mcconnell Reply 11. Feb, 2012 at 1:28 am
    I was down loading your home made energy program and lossed your web site. How do I pick up where I left off ?. Howard
  13. I don’t know why you want to make extra panels just to sell back to the utility co.. I build for myself!!! Then when the power goes off, mine don’t
  14. A scam! basically an infomercial and once thay have your email address, you will be flooded with even more infomericials. The fact that you cannot contact homemadeneergy.org, should be cause not to allow them access to your credit card. Do Not! I repeat, DO NOT subcribe to this product!
  15. He cut his Light bill by selling this video.
  16. Thank you guys! You confirmed what I suspected and even made me laugh. Gordon
  17. How can scamers like this be able to continue on the web without being shut down? Or, even put in jail. I appreciate this site. I too became enthusiastic after watching the infomercial on line but thought I would do the “scam search” and came accross this site. Thank you for your assesments. Unfortunate for all of you that extended your trust to this dirt bag.
  18. Well, I was also excited but I still feel like I should be able to buy and use solar panels efficiently to get off the grid if this is a scam are there real solutions out there. I’d be very interested in any feedback available. Thanks, Dan

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Product Stats and Assessment

Now it’s on to those juicy stats. You should have a complete read on this page to see just how we produce those statistics. Finally, two indicators remain – buyer satisfaction and buyer frenzy.

The Buyer Satisfaction Rating

Ok, I’ve grabbed the calculator and the overall buyer satisfaction rating for Home Made Energy is 98.54/100. That is extremely high! Well done Home Made Energy, you have plainly been treating your customers well and keeping them pleased.

Buyer Frenzy

Buyer Frenzy Rating is a term I’ve coined to assist us rate how much interest there is in the program. The greater the ‘frenzy’, the more people are fighting in a rush to acquire the product. The bigger the rush – the higher the quality of the product, or so the theory goes. Home Made Energy scores 74.59 which is extremely good – this product is being sold in substantial quantities every single day. That is a sure indication of premium quality.

The Final Score

homemadeenergy.org Finally we’ve gotten to the conclusion of the analysis! It has taken a while yet chances are you’ll have a fantastic idea of precisely what the package really does and if it’s leaving shoppers content or unhappy. I also have considered everything and selected a final rating – taking into account everything we’ve seen thus far. I have selected a rating of 8.88 /10. It is a top notch rating – which signifies a top-notch program. You ought to add it straight to the top of your list of contenders This is a great great product. But even then you will still like to check out the competition, like the additional services in this category. It surely can’t hurt, and you can click the link that follows to see a category listing, grouped by ranking:: Alternative Energy, Green Products

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