Mobile Money Machines Review

Mobile Money Machines is the product that I’m going to be taking a look at now and I’m going to be giving it a thorough assessment. First though let’s have a quick look at what we’ll be discussing.

  • Name, price, website as well as other key details in one handy at a glance box
  • Where to buy – I have a section outlining all the information necessary to make a purchase
  • The modern world needs even more statistics, and that is what I provide in this part of the assessment.
  • A community forum for talking about the product with other users in the comments box
  • Details of the unique bonus offer that we provide
A quick extra explication on the purchase extra: to be qualified to receive you should click through to the program merchant using a link labeled using this icon: . It will show the owner you were redirected by and we will get a commission. To say thank you to you you’ll receive our unique bonus products. We write the evaluations employing statistics as well as user thoughts and opinions and thus this won’t change the impartiality in the evaluations.
Mobile Money Machines

Product Facts

Product Name: Mobile Money Machines
Standard Price: $49
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

This is an electronic product, so it’s not available via typical shops. You need to go directly to the Mobile Money Machines site (simply click Typically you will need to read through their sales page, and it may be complicated to see the “Buy It Now” weblink. To purchase without making use of an affiliate hyperlink clear your internet cookies then click this link:

Publisher’s Description

The product is a very unique software, that fuses together two of the largest buyer pools in the world and allows users to make easy commissions from them.

  • Support: customers will be able to get questions answered right away
  • Allows you to make massive amounts of affiliate money.
  • Provides an all-inclusive suite of tools and training
  • Not like other mobile products which are complicated
  • Does not have a huge learning curve

User Comment and Discussion

Now it’s time to participate! Remember to tell us precisely what you think about the product – would you purchase it? Do you mean to buy it? Almost all (non abusive) comments are published.

Responses to “Mobile Money Machines Review”

  1. this isn’t even a review It is garbade
  2. Hello Les, I read what you had to say but you never got around to saying whether the product does work. Do you know anyone using the system? Have you tried it? If not, why not? I sure would like to hear back form you soon. Frank has a great sales pitch and i want to know what’s up before referring others. Thanks
  3. Mobile Money Machines Review Reply 02. Sep, 2011 at 4:34 pm
    Thats a good and comprehensive review. Thumbs up.
  4. Hey Frank, I recent sign up your mobile money last night, and I watched all the training video you provided…..i didn’t how many steps involved, in order to do it online…, i didn’t know there are two hidden fees that you forgot to mention! It’s not bad, but it’s not for me, and I can’t afford anymore. I was wondering if you can please take off your list….I’m sorry that I waste your time, but I want to wish you the best….I don’t mind paying $49 of the service fee…thanks for taking your time reading it!! All the best, Daniel Osborne
    • hi, can you give us info on how much for each of this hidden cost? this will greatly help in wheather or not to buy the product. thanks.
  5. Opps, I didn’t know it’s Leslie…please forget what i mention about taking off your list, and you don’t work for Mobile Money…however, keep up the great work!! Dan
  6. Today,I bought the mobile money machine, $49.00 also mobile money lab .Platinum Acess,$97.00.I am waiting when you send to my email.but why many hidden fees,pls tell why this happen? you said it free?
    • Hi Mohd – this is a review site you’re writing to, not mobile money machines themselves. I suggest you contact them directly…
    • Hey Mohd, the reason for the hidden fees is this software is just another money stream for them, the sales pitch on the product is well over hyped. Long winded pitch slowly pulling you in with promises of free money making software if you sat through the whole pitch then by the time they up the price to a next to nothing $49 you already hooked and failing to realise that these guys are exactly the same as the ones they tear strips out of in the pitch. After paying &49 most are comitted and would rather pay more than watch their $49 dollars go to complete waste by backing out at this point. Hidden fees follow because they know your comitted and the chances of them making more money goes up. this is just many of the techniques used online to make money, i make no comment on the true potential of the software its may well be good enough to turn a profit, i just wanted to open your eyes to the many levels of money making techniques used online. Clickbank is Always King
  7. I’m not that internet savvy and I bought the product. The support sucks. Their answers are very vague. I need someone to explain me more in detail and their support doesn’t do that. If anyone knows someone that can help me out with the steps 4,5 I would really appreciate that. Diane
  8. Why cant Mr. Lucas just lend me those 49bucks as loan then i’ll pay him back when i start generating money…? he said there was no money needed to become part of this, im broke.
  9. Yes I paid the $49 (about£39) as it said it was a one off payment,but obviously 2 hidden fees,which does not make you feel good & comfortable,I tried to set it up & got error 404 or web does not exist. I’ve put a block on at the bank, so draw your own conclusions. Its obviously more complecated than made out!
  10. Hi Folks, I am just a family guy but spend a lot of my time evaluating make money scams online. As for my background I spent the younger part of my life as a commercial pilot and the latter as business owner in Seattle. I myself have always been on the lookout for a way online to make reasonable money and I can tell you now,DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. all these make money so called gurus are con men,they dont care if you are a 82 year old grandmother who is dying,they will still take her savings off her with lies,deciet and false promises,the only people that make money are the persons portraying this ****. There is no fast way to riches other than winning the lottery,or having a business and working your butt off.I have just listened to this mobile money machine,and what a load of bullshit,they are up to the same tricks as all the other con artists online,with hype and **** and smoke and mirrors, I just feel for all you hard working folks out there who fall prey to these people, I really do as money is hard earnt in these times. The only people who make the money are Lucas and folks like him and I very much dought it is true anything of what he talks about. My advice to any of you guys is to study the Forex money market for about 3 months,then study the graphs for another three months and I promise you it will make you very wealthy but you have to eat sleep and breeth it and let it become part of your life,I wish you all the best and God Bless
    • Robert M Sznurkowski Reply 02. Jan, 2012 at 11:22 pm
      I was a commercial pilot in my younger days and actually put myself through one and half year of Univ of S.Fl flying charter, this was in the 1970′s, went back to MIA due to father with terminal disease, went from flying to starving such is aviation, got into technical aspect of ophthalmology (angiograms ) and just got laid off due to health reasons. bought into frank lucas mobile money gimmick and dished out close to $400 for bare start up and push back. Am going for their online tutoring starting jan 3,12. and just like the ponies will see if i get a pay back . keep me in your file and touch and go with me will let you know if flame out or actually works. crap shoot like all other “systems” out there but had to give it a try,at my age tough to get hired again as retinal angiographer, which never really paid bills, p.s. never trust an m.d. signing off e-mail me back if you care best of luck bob
  11. Another “free” kitten scenario. I’ll pass.
    • That is very good advice that you gave. I even talked to a sales person on chat online when I tried to leave the page. Pam said that there were no fees but the $49 dollars now that I know different I’m not going to even fool with them.
  12. With Mobile Money Machines you have 6 instruction videos to follow, the first three seem very promising and you really feel you are getting somewhere. However, in the fourth one you are shown how to create a “squeeze page” and obtain a cellphone number from a site called Twilio. This is where it gets misleading because the video is totally different to the website and the only countries you can select are the US and Canada. Outside of these you simply cannot buy the product. If you do purchase a cell number you need to upgrade on the site for $30 and pay another $20 for your cell autocharge – the video conveniently omits this. Videos 5 and 6 is where it all becomes horribly vague. In order to make this work you need to send out a number of campaigns that you need to research yourself which means purchasing yet more domains. On top of that you must write constant follow-up letters by both email and SMS which is again explained VERY vaguely. The bottom line is that MMM will cost you a whole lot more than they will have you believe and it is nowhere as straighforward as the sales vid suggests. And don’t think you can rely on their customer support – it’s run by children.
  13. Just to add; do NOT be mislead by the claim that you don’t need a website for MMM – you need several.
  14. Sandra Strampher Reply 27. Sep, 2011 at 4:58 pm
    I have payed for my down load were is it
  15. Just wanted to chime in and say that i’ve personally purchased Mobile Money Machines and it does everything that it said it would do and more. I’m just 2 weeks into and i’m seeing decent results already. Definitely worth the price Kim
    • Kim, what was your total expense in getting MMM up and running? Also, what is your idea of “decent results?” –Nate
    • Kim, I think your full of it or should I say Mr. Frank Lucus. I’ve listen to your e-mercial and if your not one of the gurus my name is not Bob Francis O’Brien. P.s. here’s a little advice go back and listen to your figures… Inconsistent.
  16. I looked into MMM. At first glance MMM looks like a winner but under the hood it not only has a number of “buy it now or you’ll never see this offer again” upsells, but you also have to buy transaction credits to be active in the program. Frank had an earlier system called Mobile Mass Money. Mobile Money Machines is very similar. A rename? Caveat Emptor in a BIG way! Who wants to or has the time to read the fine print. I passed on it.
  17. Hi, Im Planning to buy this thing how much is the needed amount aside from $49?
    • For what? It doesn’t work. Did you research a single review on it?
    • I can’t tell you for sure being that I have bought the MMM and am still trying to set the thing up. I don’t know what the problem is other than the videos seem to be outdated as they show how to set it up looks nothing like the prompts that I am getting while following the videos. So far, I have spent the initial $49 for the “software”, $1 for trial aweber, $19 for brainhost addons. As I said above, I am still not completely set up yet so I have no clue how many more, if any, things I will have to purchase before I can be up and running to even see a penny come in, if it will at all.
  18. How do you go about getting your money back? I purchased the original $49 product then had the “opportunity” to upgrade with an additional $97; by the time the 3rd upgrade “opportunity” was presented, I wised up. The first video (free website creation using Brainhost) lead me to do some research into Brainhost. My question then became “if you have such a superior product, why are electing to engage in a partnership with an INFERIOR domain registration and hosting company?” (check out the reveiws on them) WAY TOO MANY RED FLAGS to proceed. How do I get my money back as it seems they are at least sticking to their word on the refund front!?
    • If you bought via one of my links then shoot me an email (see contact page) and I’ll walk you through the process
      • what a waste of time and money they have my 49 dollars but, they will get no more its just another scam
  19. I am a blind person using a screen reader. their videos are hard for a blind person to follow. the pitch on the website says that he hosts the software, then when you buy the program, it starts talking this marketing crap. hope I can get out.
  20. MMM has a great sales pitch but seems to fall like so many other with the almost bait and switch of “we are giving the software away for free….oh but we need $49 to keep the servers running” big red flag. Whenever someone tells you that “with just a flick of a switch you could be making money” ya know its not gonna be as they say.
  21. Hi everyone. I have watched and listened to the MMM video, and I have to say – it sounds so incredibly tempting. I’m here to see if anyone has tried it, and if so, what the results were. So far, I’m totally NOT impressed. The only one that had anything to say about it was Kim, but she hasn’t been on to reply to Nate’s question. I’ll stop back periodically over the next couple of weeks to see if there has been any changes, but as far as I can tell, I think I’ll save my money. Thanks for all the input everyone!
  22. Thanks Les, for not being another typical affiliate marketing review site.
  23. M Dolores Harper Morgan Reply 19. Oct, 2011 at 8:29 pm
    I got Moble Money Machine for $49.00. I went to the webinar and the guy there is selling a program for $997.00. Is there another way to make money I really need money now. Please let me know. It said that the guy would tell me how to get money on doing cell phones and colloecting that way. Please te me how to do this. Thanks Dolores
  24. M Dolores Harper Morgan Reply 20. Oct, 2011 at 5:11 pm
    This is very important. I need you to respond to this letter. You see I got $49.00 program. In getting this program I was sent an email with a Webinar on it. In this webinar there was a man who wanted to sell me a $997.00 program. I don’t have $997.00. It took me weeks to get the $49.00. Anyway in the video for the $49.00 program the man said he wanted to give me a program where I could connect to all the cell phones to make money. Now I would love to be able to do this. I really need money badly at this time. If this $49.00 program doesn’t have a program where I can connect to cell phones. I want to cancel my program. I want my $49.00 back. If you are going to give me back my money please let me know by emiling me. Thanks Dolores
    • Hi Dolores. This isn’t my product, so I can’t give you the money back myself. You’ll need to contact the program vendor. If you purchased after clicking on one of my links then you can also email me and I’ll walk you through the refund process.
  25. again, for the umpteenth time, if it sounds too good to be true then it inevitably is. It is misrepresentation!
    • anyone here can say , yes or no, are this site scam or not yes or no. i mean this mobile money machine scam or not? yes or no, if no. explain, why many people complaining??
      • Hi, to start, i was thinking your message sounds a bit feisty.yes? no? A little bossy, and sounding that way can deter people to answer you, but I will.Fisrt off Im wondering, Did you read the comments above? many have said that the site is one that pulls you in with a mere $49.00, then later you are asked to upgrade with more money. Glad I found that out b4 i signed up!

        I was convinced when i finished the video. I almost bought into it and put up the $49.00 for that site….because i thought it was a….sign and a blessing…but I can be naive to many things, so i decided to check around first. from what i have read compared to what the video says….i thin that these guys are scammers. he said he was gonna retire and spend time with his wife and kids & that only few people could get the program…well it looks to me as though the secret is out…lots of people know about it and its sounding more and more like a scam! And it seems that the “2 pushes of a button” is a lie! “you wont need a computer??? another lie! stream money right away…lie! Im guessin this product is not what it says it is.
  26. I almost got sucked in! These guys really know how to “tell me what I need to hear”. I liked the “revenge” comment. I’ve spent my fair share on BS money making techniques and none of them gave me one red cent…not even a tenth:) Stay classy San Diego
  27. I have a question for you Mr. Lucas. I understand that you invested $ xxxxx, I don’t even remember how much you said you invested just to develop that piece of software. If you are a millionaire as YOU said cuz I’ve never heard about you before, why you charging people $ 49, telling us that you want to revenge against the gurus? It’s nonsense to me. Although it would be nothing if everything worked as you promised us. Besides,Why people who bought your product are complaining? I was going to buy your product but you know what stopped? Noone has yet said that they get hang of it or they are making some money. All I hear from now is they want their money back so let me save my 49 bucks and spend it in a good stuff.- Wadson.
    • Hi there Wadson, just wondering if you realized that this page is just a review page where others share their experiences. If you knew that and you were just venting, well then, forgive me! Vent away! if you didnt realize it, I am sure you can email those guys and let em have it! lol Good thing you and I made the wise choice not to buy into it! But we must thank those whom did, for they have helped us to make our decision! =O) well good luck with everything!
  28. I bought this software yesterday morning for $49. After i was asked to pay another $40 and then another $45 and it still asking me more and more…i am so tired really. I can’t believe i am so stupid to believe to these nonsense! I am on my laptop for 12 hours since i bought that bullshit and trying to make this work. I gave them about $120 and i didn’t figure it out yet how it works or if it will ever work. If you want your peace of mind don’t even bother to hear those guys frank lukas and other fake persons like him. I just want all my money back but i don’t know how to get it, because i paid also for domain and hosting and some other stuff. He tells you that you must buy those software or else you will not make money. OMG! I am excausted.
  29. I bought mobile money machines and set it up on the wordpress site to promote the software. But to promote another product, do you know if I have to get another domain, or just build another page on the wordpress?
  30. Im glad I read all your comments, cause I was stupidly gonna buy this program. Im glad I didnt.
  31. How come you gave your rating for this product EXCELLENT, when everybody here just complained that they were not able to set up the websites and didn’t get anywhere with this “product”????
    • The rating is based primary on the estimated refund rate (gathered from payment processor data) at the time of first review. After receiving the user reviews I then need to go it and manually change the rating.
  32. WOW!!! All i have to say…is THANK YOU!! Im a single mother of 3..and trying my damnedest to better my life..needed money right now to relocate for a job…and almost bought into this. I have fallen victim to other scams in the past. So, I decided to investigate this. “EFF YOU FRANK LUCAS!” But Ill keep my $49, and WORK for the rest of my relocation money. God Bless you all..and my payers go out to those who fell victim. Sincerely, THANKFUL
  33. I am so glad I researched and looked at reviews first, cause I was bit for 150.00 not to long ago, and hoped this was a winner ,(because it was cell phone related) Thank all of you for baring the truth>
  34. Hi I am fromt Thailand and I get your mail lastnight. I interrest in it but something I would like to know : how does it work and how i can get the bonus from this system. And can you gurantee this system?
  35. Apparently Franc Lucus is incapable of empathy for those whose lives have been destroyed over the last few year’s. Being made desperate so quickly has been a frightening blow seriously causing financial and mental damages. The moment of “hope” is soon replaced with a swift kick to your gut and few dollars in your bank account. Shameful!
  36. I asked clickbank for my money back and in 2 days I recieved it.

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Buyer Satisfaction

The stats have spoken and I have worked out a buyer satisfaction rating of 98.48/100 for Mobile Money Machines. Now, that is about as high as it gets. With a small number of refunds, we can say there are plenty of satisfied consumers here.

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The Final Verdict When it comes down to it, what is our final verdict on Mobile Money Machines? This rating takes under consideration all the things we’ve talked about up to now, plus trust ranking sites like This is an indication of the confidence that we place in this product, that the public places in the program and that the rest of the internet places in the program. Our final rating is 6.88/10. This is a great rating – and a high rating usually means a fantastic product. I definitely would not have any qualms about taking out the visa or mastercard for this product. This is a fabulous program. But even so you will still like to look into the competitors, like the additional services in this class. It undoubtedly cannot hurt, and you can click on the website link that follows to see a category listing, sorted by rating:: E-business & E-marketing

Mobile Money Machines Purchase Bonus

Finally, allow me to simply mention the all important purchase incentive. When you purchase Mobile Money Machines after reading about it right here, that entitles you to just a little from us. To learn precisely what that may be and the way to obtain it, have a look here: Mobile Money Machines bonus.
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