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It’s Wednesday morning, I’m sitting down at my desk and I’ve got My Homebre Ware waiting for me to examine it. Let’s have a look at what it is all about Quickly, however, let me describe in a very nice bulleted list how I’ll be examining the product.

  • Title, selling price, web site as well as other important details in a single helpful quick lookup box
  • You’ll need to know specifically where to buy so I have written a section focused on that.
  • The modern world needs more statistics, and that’s what I provide in this portion of the review.
  • A place for users to tell us precisely what they think of this product
  • Do not lose out on your purchase bonus – find out about the bonuses you can get hold of
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My Homebre Ware

Product Facts

Product Name: My Homebre Ware
Standard Price: $29.95
Review Updated: 30th Sep 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Let me start by reminding you that payments for this product are by way of a separate transaction processor called Clickbank. It is them that ensure the 2 month refund guarantee is enforced. They manage the payment page, and will email you details of how to download immediately after you pay. In order to get to the payment page you have to first head over to the My Homebre Ware website at It’s the sole place that is certainly selling the product. Once on that website look for the Add to cart link which will redirect you to the payment page.

Publisher’s Description

Unlock your Wii and play backed up copies of your Wii Games or watch DVDs on your wii without using a modchip. Learn more here!

  • YOU WILL spend hours blasting, driving and playing all your new homebrew applications and games! (Even including customer favorites like the Homebrew Channel, Wii Earth, and Pong!)
  • Your Wii will be able to play all sorts of new formats that will let your Wii run wild! (You’ll be able to play music and video formats including MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.)
  • Bonus #1 (value $29.95) : Wii Games Cheats Guide – (hint this is the most updated Wii Cheat Book that gamers are using right now to conquer their favorite games!)
  • Bonus #2 (value $29.95): Backup Wii Games Guide – (Get piece of mind by keeping backups of all your Wii games in a safe place just in case they get damaged)
  • Bonus #5 (value $79.95): Wii UNLOCKER ULTRA Guide and Videos – (this is our signature guide to unlocking your Wii in 5 minutes or less …Guaranteed!)
  • One of my favorites, YOU CAN now play games from Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and other classic consoles right from your Wii.
  • Bonus #4 (value $29.95): Wii DVD Converter Guide and Videos- ( Wouldn’t it be great to use your Wii as a DVD player, well now you CAN!)
  • YOU’LL UNLOCK a special feature that will allow you to play imported games from all regions including USA (NTSC) and Europe (PAL).
  • YOU CAN play all homebrew applications and games including customer favorites like the Homebrew Channel, Wii Earth, and Pong.
  • Turn your Wii into a home media center with support for many popular music and video formats including MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.

User Comment and Discussion

You have read what I’ve got to say, and after this it is my turn to hear from you. Now is not the moment to be afraid, and leaving comments below will bring its own rewards. So get started now and let us know what you think about this product.

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Product Stats and Appraisal

Now it’s on to those interesting stats. You can have a full read on this page to see precisely how we create those figures. Finally, two indicators remain – buyer satisfaction and buyer frenzy.

The Buyer Satisfaction Indicator

The scores are in for My Homebre Ware and it gets a score of 99.65 out of 100. That is nearing the higher echelons of the scores on this web site. Almost no people are leaving dissatisfied.

Buyer Frenzy

Buyer Frenzy Score is an sign of exactly how much focus there is for a program – a little like the product’s ‘sales rank’. A high frenzy rating suggests that people are going wild for a product, acquiring it in their hundreds every day. Products that have a high frenzy are very often quality programs. My Homebre Ware has a frenzy rating of 66.83/100 that is actually a typical rating and means although the program is selling well, it hasn’t quite gotten to the top of the sales ladder.

The Overall Score Overall, what is our final conclusion on My Homebre Ware? This score takes into consideration everything we have discussed up to now, plus trust ranking internet sites which include It’s an indicator of the confidence that we place in the product, that the buying public places in the product and that the rest of the internet places in the program. The final score is 8.96/10. It’s a top score – and this means a top-notch product. You must add it directly to the top of your list It’s a terrific package. But even then you will still want to check out the competitors, like the other services in this class. It definitely cannot hurt, and you can click on the website link that follows to get a category listing, grouped by score:: Console Guides & Repairs, Games

My Homebre Ware Purchase Bonus

Finally, let me simply mention the very important purchase bonus. If you buy My Homebre Ware after researching it in this article, that entitles you to just a little from us. To see what exactly that may be and the way to obtain it, have a look here: My Homebre Ware extra.
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