Paid Surveys At Home Review

It has been creating a fair amount of buzz on the net (just Google it) and now it’s time to add my own name to the number of reviewers. Yes, today I’ll be evaluating Paid Surveys At Home. But what, you ask, should I expect in this review? Permit me to detail it for you bit by bit:

  • A brief section with all the current product facts
  • The basic facts on how to purchase the product
  • The payment processor puts out statistics about the program and I evaluate these numbers to determine its quality.
  • An area for users to let us know exactly what they think of the program
  • We offer an added bonus for everyone who ultimately ends up purchasing. Learn about it in the bonus part of the review.
A short note about the nature of the links in this article, on the grounds that I do receive a great deal of questions regarding it. The hyperlinks with this icon are “affiliate links”. Some people object to them but it makes no difference regarding cost to you or level of quality. Should you buy right after clicking an affiliate hyperlink you will end up entitled to the purchase bonus. They make no difference to the impartiality of the product reviews since we include them for every review.
Paid Surveys At Home

Product Facts

Product Name: Paid Surveys At Home
Standard Price: $68
Review Updated: 30th Sep 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Let me start with reminding you that all payments for this package are by way of a third party payment processor called Clickbank. They ensure the 60 day refund guarantee is upheld. They manage the transaction page, and will email you download details right after you pay. In order to get to the payment page you need to initially visit the Paid Surveys At Home webpage at It’s the sole place that is certainly offering the product. Once on that website look for the “buy it now” link which will take you to the transaction page.

Publisher’s Description

Get Paid to Take Surveys at Home.Now you can stay home and get paid for your opinion!

  • Take phone surveys and you can earn as much as $120 an hour Try new products (and keep the free products too).
  • Participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour.
  • Take online surveys and make from $5 to $75, or more.
  • Preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour.

User Comment and Discussion

The feedback area! Adored, and feared, by product sellers – it’s the place where visitors can let loose their frustrations and discuss their excitement. Did you like it? Let us know. Did you hate it? Give us all the details.

Responses to “Paid Surveys At Home Review”

  1. First of all, you don’t pay a company, or anyone, to take surveys. Asking for money to signup is the biggest “scam” flag there is. Someone named “Jennifer” sure does love to spam people about Paid Surveys at Home, or whichever one “she” happens to be working for at the time. “Your Check is Waiting” is usually the subject line. Trouble is, I never asked for it, so it’s spam. And if it’s spam, it’s usually a scam.
    • READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY……!!!!!!!!!!! I went on their website and purchased the $7 version, when I was sent my invoice the had charged me $ 68 for the VIP edition which I did not order or request! I had to notify clickbank and my Credit Card Company of their fraudulent use of my card and cancelled both immediately. BE ADVISED THIS SITE YOU SHOULD BETTER AVOID!! I was already signed up with every survey company they had listed and their claiming $ 2-40/survey IS BOGUS AND SCAM!!
  2. i have been working with this program. havnt gotten a pay out yet. im signed up 4 inboxdollars. and soon as i get to 30 bucks , i can cash out. its a little hard. but im working on it. if u have any more goood , suggestions for stay at home jobs, drop an email. thanks.
  3. @ Gary: I don’t know anything about this particular system, but to say; “If it’s spam it’s often a scam” is completely ignorant. Spam means it’s over advertised and/or unsolicited, but just because something is over-advertised, or offered without a person’s inquiry, that doesn’t create an indication whatsoever to it’s legitimacy. To believe such is purely foolish.

    Many opportunities online cost something to join them, and they are completely legitimate money-makers.

    You are a victim of what I call; “The scam syndrome”, a mentality which believes every opportunity online is on the take. That’s just simply not true.

    It is a sad and completely asinine way of thinking… and I can assure you, you are missing out on a great deal of income!
  4. utter nonsense. you will be fooled. never think of this. it is something like ‘idiots teaching the scholars’!

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Product Statistics and Assessment

Now you must have a decent idea about what Paid Surveys At Home does – you’ve read the product information, the publisher’s information and the user reviews. What’s left? Well, we can use certain info from the payment processor (Clickbank) to create two statistical signals (see here to find out precisely how we do that). Those indicators I have called buyer frenzy and buyer satisfaction.

The Buyer Satisfaction Rating

This product gets a score of 98.04/100 which usually is very, very high!! Congratulations Paid Surveys At Home, you have obviously been dealing with your buyers well and keeping them happy.

Buyer Frenzy

The basically just means – how well is this package selling? It isn’t surprising that a program that’s got great sales is a high quality one. In this instance we’ve a frenzy ranking of 61.73, which is certainly way over par. There are numerous copies of this program sold day after day.

The Bottom Line At last we’ve gotten to the conclusion of the review! It has taken some time yet chances are you have to have a great understanding of exactly what the product does and whether it really is making customers happy or sad. I also have taken everything into consideration and opted for final rating – considering all we have seen to this point. I’ve decided on a score of 8.82 /10. This is a superb rating – and a high rating translates to a superb product. I definitely would not have any issues about flashing out the visa or mastercard for this product. Nonetheless, although a stellar package you’ll probably still reap the benefits of looking into the additional services in this class. It certainly can’t hurt, and you can click the following link to get a category listing, sorted by rating:: E-business & E-marketing, Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys At Home Purchase Bonus

Lastly, allow me to just speak about the all important purchase bonus offer. In case you end up buying Paid Surveys At Home after reading about it here, that entitles you to a compensation from us. To learn exactly what that is and how to get hold of it, have a look here: Paid Surveys At Home added bonus.
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