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OK, now it’s Pro Flight Simulator’s turn to come under investigation. I wonder just what I will turn up… I in general adhere to the same format when creating my assessments, and it goes a little like this:

  • It would not be considered a review without telling you every one of the basic product info. And So I start with this.
  • People will need to know how to buy, so that is taken care of in its very own section
  • Statistics, stats, and a lot more statistics! You can’t beat an excellent statistics analysis, and that is what I do in the stats part of the review.
  • A review isn’t a review without having some authentic user views. This is where the comments and end user evaluation part of the review comes in.
  • You can get bonuses! (Really?!) That’s right, you really can. Find out how in this part of the analysis
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Pro Flight Simulator

Product Facts

Product Name: Pro Flight Simulator
Standard Price: $49
Author: Dan Freeman
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Pro Flight Simulator is sold via their website, which it’s easy to check out through this weblink: The product is not distributed via any different shops, even if you could possibly find other web sites that link straight to the payment processor site. Having said that, it is advisable to click to the source to find out the most recent price. If you’d like to buy without using an affiliate weblink that can be done via this link:

Publisher’s Description

Experience Real Flight Simulation With The Best Airplane Simulation Games – Online Flight Simulator X

  • LAN/Network support for up to 32 clients Connect up with your friends and engage bandits in massive furballs, up to 4 teams.
  • Simple controls No avionics to worry about…focus is straight on maneuvering. Playable with keyboard or joystick
  • Full Tacview ACMI Recording support Review your moves and grooves after you finish your moving and grooving.
  • Realistic flight dynamics As close as real life as possible. Makes you feel that you’re flying the plane.
  • Advanced A.I Lots of time and effort put into the A.I. to make sure it will make a good opponent!
  • Seven flyable real-world jets Fly your favourite modern jet! Raptors, Fulcrums, Vipers and more..
  • Joystick support Plug in your favourite flight stick or even gamepad.

User Comment and Discussion

When thinking about purchasing a product there’s nothing like hearing from individuals in the same situation to you. Because of this we’ve got the consumer ratings section – to allow you to hear from individuals exactly like you. Therefore if you’ve bought Pro Flight Simulator please let us know what you think.

Responses to “Pro Flight Simulator Review”

  1. I have been trying to contact ProFlight for a refund. It’s been a week now and they haven’t responded. Is their refund policy a scam? I am not impressed with their product. Seems like ten year old technology very similar to the 1990′s Micropsoft flight simulators.
    • I recently downloaded ProFlightSimulator and it isn’t as good as the three other flight simulators I have. I am trying to get my money back but I may have to do that through my credit card company.
      • I love this game and I think it is WAYY better than Flight Simulator X which lags and runs way too slow. The graphics are more sharper than most flight sims I’ve tried. The controls of the aircraft are modeled very realistically too. Its a great flight sim game.
      • I think ProFlightSimulator is slightly better than flight sim X. Not by a mile but by about 20%. I’m honestly puzzled why you guys dont like it. The level of realism is astounding and the graphics is breath-taking. Have you flew over the Canadian rockys? It’s quite a great game for the price.
    • It’s closer to Flight Sim X Gold than the 1990s version. I’ve tried both (proflightsimulator and flight sim x). ProFlightSimulator has more aircraft and more areas to explore. On the realism factor, both of them are pretty similar. ProFlightSim has the slight edge over MS because of the regular updates the development team religiously put out every month.
      • I think ProFlightSim is better compared to Flight Sim X in realism though. The graphics are great (on my Athlon 64 X2 4200+ EE, 1GB RAM, EVGA 7600GT) i can run it with high graphics). I absolutely love flying from Chicago to Indianapolis in a Boeing 737.. enjoying beautiful waterscape of Lake Michigan and green corn fields of Indiana. The only bad thing about this game is that it takes up around 5 gigs of your hard drive for the world scenery. But its worth the space to enjoy exploration of the world in-game.
        • i think its about 40-50%better than FSX .Do you know were the ADVANCED FEATURES SETTINGS triangle button is? im going nuts looking for it so i have to run it with splits and chops in the graphic scenery.if you can help i thank you.Don Anson.
    • I’ve been trying to get the game to even work. I followed all the instructions, and waited for an hour for the game to load. How upsetting. maybe it should say “If you want to play this game next week then start now” not noly that it takes up 170million terabytes of space and for what? to not work come on. I want to play!
    • I’ve been trying to get the game to even work. I followed all the instructions, and waited for an hour for the game to load. How upsetting. maybe it should say “If you want to play this game next week then start now” not noly that it takes up 170million terabytes of space and for what? to not work come on. I want to play!
    • You will NEVER get a reply for refund,those running the proflight scam are evil, go to clickbank and complain, they will give you a rfund
  2. Hi Bob – no it’s not a scam. There is a trick to getting it done quickly though. Did you buy after clicking on one of the links to the product on this page? If so, you qualify for the satisfaction guarantee (see here and I’ll walk you through the process.
    • I requested a “refund” within 24 hours of downloading Pro Flight. It’s been 16 days and they haven’t replied to my e-mail. Does anyone have an adress other than I get no reply from this address-see below: Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 9:38 PM To: ‘’ Subject: Would like to exercise your 100% refund policy Gentlemen, Yesterday I purchased ProFlight Simulator. Order RV2CEPXK. From what I’ve observed during two days of using ProFlight Simulator I believe this flight simulator is a scam. Equivalent maybe to a decade old Microsoft flight simulator. I am a private pilot, “single engine land and glider-aero tow only.” I believe your product is junk and would like my money back per your 60 day 100% refund policy. Les Trawler- I did not access thru your link. However, you should dump them… terminate your “affiliate” relationship with Pro Flight Simulator. Bob
  3. This is no more than a free flight simulator, namely Flight Gear, that they want you to pay for, as explained here :
    • @Toto: Not true. ProFlightSimulator has tons of improvements over other flight sims (flightgear), namely:

      1. A cool custom flight launcher startup
      2. Monthly updates of new aircraft and new scenery
      3. There are tons more photo realistic scenery that most other flight sims
      4. One-click support for all joysticks in the market.
      There’s more but the bottom line is this: To say it is simply another other flight sim is an uninformed and inaccurate claim.
    • You are right Toto,100% right,Pro flight sim is a scam,it is nothing but Flight Gear.As I also have FlightGear,they are both exactly the same.Flight Gear Aircraft works with Pro-Sim.The menus are exactly the same, and so is the hard core Debug section.This in my opinion is a Scam BIG TIME !! I don’t mind paying something decent, but again in my Opinion FSX – Deluxe Edition BLOWS ProSim in the weeds.The Graphics are far better, and so are the control systems…etc..etc….etc…I’m very disappointed with ProSim…… Jim !
    • ProFlightSim has more features, more updates and more planes than Flightgear or any other flight sim I know. I bought it and did a side-by-side comparison with 2 other popular flight sims including FSX.
  4. @les999 Yeah, Les, it IS a SCAM. Ripping free, open-source software and charging people for it (with huge commissions going to click-throughs like you), then ignoring requests for refunds, IS A SCAM. So are you Les. Bob, contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. They should be good about crediting your account. Good luck. And spread the word.
    • Hi Keith. Bob asked me: “Is their refund policy a scam”. I answered that the refund policy is not a scam, seeing as I know for a fact that you can get a refund if you go about it the right way. Disputing the charge via your credit card company isn’t that way, and neither, it would seem, is contacting Bob, it’s a pity that you didn’t buy through my link. I will nevertheless email you and see if I can help you out. Maybe then you can come on here and let Keith know that my satisfaction guarantee offer is genuine.
      • I have the same problem that Bob Pepe encountered. Te graphics are horrific. I want my money back or the reviews are going to start spreading to counter all the hype they spread on the internet.
        • The graphics are very good in my opinion. The world scenery is modeled VERY accurately and there are so many details in the landscape. I’m a professional pilot and the details in the cockpit controls are 100% spot on. Have you explored the game?
          • I agree. ProFlightSimulator’s graphics is excellent and life-like. The weather is also incredible. It feel like I am really in the “soup”. The snow when hitting the cockpit window melts! Incredible detail. Excellent for the pro and non pro alike!
          • Here’s what I think of ProFlightSimulator…if you like reality when it comes to flying buy this game. The weather effects are great. From T-storms to blinding snow to clear blue skys. The clouds look real not like artificial white graphics in other sim but real and when you fly through them it you feels as if your just floating up there like the real thing. There is no combat in this sim but just learning how to keep a Leer Jet steady against a strong prevailing wind is a challenge! My favorite feature is being able to set your fly time, location, weather type and even game speed. I have recently read another review where one guy said the ground textures are not so hot but if you zoom in using the “+” you can see the textures much clearer. In all I think flight sims have come along way since the 90′s and with a game like this one it redefines the market.
        • I agree that the graphics look like something from an Atari built in the eighties. They Pro Flight because of problems and control issues told me to install a older graphics card driver which I refuse to do as I have not bought a high end video card to not use its features. Also the way the controls work are very bad. I do not believe we that want our money back should be required to go to specific links when the 60 day money back deal is on the site of Pro Flight. And I also sent several emails that went un-answered so I did what I promised them I would do which was a dispute against them using my bank. The money is back into my account and also for the $128.00 I never got the four bonus programs they advertised. I agrre that this sim is just open source code sold to the public. Take this and compare it to Free Falcon 5.0 or Open Falcon both F-16 sims written by computer pros and the difference is night and day. The two F-16 sims are so detaled that users complain its too complex, however that is what was intended.
          • To Ron: You said “graphics look like something from an Atari”…Are you sure you’re playing the same game??? I got this game 2 weeks ago and the scenery is incredible. My machine is a modest 1.6GHz with 512MB of RAM and a 3D graphics card with 64MB of memory on it but the graphics BEAT most of my other flight sim games.
      • Hi Less, can you send me the instructions to get a refund as well. I used ClickBank and I’m not sure how to do it. Thanks
      • I am also unable to get a reply from PFS on my request for a refund. Trouble ticket has been sitting unanswered since 2/5/2011. If anyone has a way to get “Guaranteed Refund”, please let me know.
      • I am having trouble getting my joystick configured & getting the simulator to really work like i saw it when I was looking online before I bought it. I did order the DVD set & downloaded them but even the aircrafts do not seem to load properly. I am running on Windows 7. I have read thru the section about configuring joysticks but do not understand the process. I would really like some one to step me thru the process but i’m not sure if thats possible. If you can help me I would greatley appreciate it! Thank you for your time.
    • I’m surprised by some of the negative comments here. I have been gaming for over 25 years now and used to really enjoy flight sims but only recently returned to them after buying ProFlightSimulator after a 10 year break and what a pleasant surprise. This game completely blew me away and is by far and away the best flight sim I have ever played. I was worried before I bought the game that I was going to run into all sorts of performance issues. Now, I have a Dell Inspiron 530S with 2.0ghz Dual Core, 2GB Ram, Vista, and a 128MB Radeon X1300, which most of you will know is by no means a top end gaming machine. Well my worries were not needed, the game ran fantastically. I run the game with the High graphics settings, and in 1024×768 and it runs very very smoothly, and I feel with a bit of tweaking i can get it running in higher details/resolutions. The sim plays fantastic, and I can recommend it to anyone. The engine audio played thru my Klipsch speakers feels and sounds just like the 180 hp lycoming engine at all RPM settings. The controls during lift off, coordinated turns and stalls are incredibly accurate.
      • i think so to.but i cant find the high graphic setting so im runnig it with all rips and choppy scenery.its not in the launch open window as i read.
  5. To all, I followed the instructions that Les sent me. I explained everything and they (ClickBank- not ProFlight) credited my account as Les indicated they would. FYI- I accuired a trial copy of Silent Wings and love it. I have been both a power pilot and a sailplane pilot and will be purchasing Silent Wings when my two week trial expires. If you are not familiar with this software…check it out. I thank you all for the help. Bob
    • Contacting a company and telling them their software is junk is a jerk move – I’m glad that it’s just a repackaged freeware product and not something they actually put time into.
    • Nigel Worthington Reply 24. Jan, 2011 at 6:13 am
      Bob – same problem. How did you get through to clickbank for the refund. I heared nothing for 25 days from vendor?
    • ProFlightSimulator is *far superior* to Silent Wings. I tried them both and Silent Wings is not as responsive and realistic as pro flight simulator.
  6. Alas, I have had the same bad experience trying to get my refund. I felt that their website more-or-less hid the fact that the software package was supposed to be downloaded. They deceptively feature the DVD packaging throughout their entreaties to buy their product, implying that the DVDs were the product. So…starting out with the supposed sale of 49.00 for the software, AND, an additional purchase of the “deluxe” scenery package for another $69.00 for 118.00 plus tax, one would naturally assume that, barring any clearly defined message about the product, DVDs would be sent. To find out that one would have to pay yet an additional $49.00 beyond the already aforementioned fees is, well… disgusting. I asked for a refund 5 minutes after discovering their ploy. After submitting their “ticket” I haven’t had any reply for 3 days…so far. Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated!!
    • I bought the deluxe package for an additional $69 and I got the DVDs sent to me in a professional box with 4 seperate DVD cases. I don’t think there is any deception here since it’s all clearly written. It’s not a scam and I think it is unfair to call them scammers. PS: The game is fantastic…much more real than I expected.
    • I bought the entire set + DVDs for only $49 + $17 shipping in the members area. I think they have changed/lowered their prices. I suggest you try out the game before going for the refund. I had a lot of fun with this and the missions are incredible, they even have one in which you have to land a 747 in Quito-Ecuador! (where im from) which is one of the most dangerous approaches in the world.
  7. Guys. I fell for it too. I have contacted Master Card and filled out the online form to dispute the charges. Let hope we can get our money back. This software is junk, just like it was mentioned. I am doing better with MS Flight Simulator 2004.I tried contacting PayPal(Never do business with them either), Sapphire Marketing, Inc. (Who knows what they do), and one called ClickBank. This reminds me of the “My Name Peggy” commercials.
  8. So can I conclude that this is nothing that I should spend my money on? I am looking for another flightsim than X, but this one is looking dodgy..
    • It’s a great simulator if you take the time to explore and learn the controls. Everything is modeled after their real counterparts. I would rate it about 8 out of 10. Quite a high score considering that I gave flight sim x 8 out of 10 too.
    • I got this as a gift from my wife and I played it non-stop for 7 days straight and I think this is even better than Flight x. I am in my 60′s and have owned all tlhe previous MS Flight Sims. Love it. TIP: Your video card should have at least 256MB of memory…more is better.
  9. Commenters such as Jason above are obviously shills working for the scammers, demonstrating the contempt they hold for the public. These open source software deception artists are also, I believe, massively spamming in violation of numerous social networking site acceptable use policies. Its a mad dash for cash by them before they get shut down. If the open source community doesn’t act quickly to block these morons then all FOSS will be susceptible to similar scams.
  10. Sir/Sirs I have been trying to find an address for Pro Flight Simulator for rsome time now. I am the C.O. of the Coffs Harbour squadron of the Australian Air League. I wish to purchase the product @ the discounted price as the AAL is a non profit org teaching kids 8 years of age & over all about the aviatioin Industry. I do not have a credit card so would have to forward a cheque or money order or similar. Please advise by return to the quoted e-mail address. Many thanks in advance. E Rosenberg
  11. I’m glad I found this info. I was excited to see a MAC version but I wont order proflightsimulator. Does anyone recommend one that is decent and runs on the MAC? Thanks
    • For Mac nothing beats X-Plane. I use/have used these flight simulators MSFS (since FS95 and currently FSX), IL2 1946, LOMAC, A-10 DCS, X-Plane, Silent Wings, Condor Soaring, and numerous other past sims including CFS2, AOE, AOP, yadda yadda. One of my favorites is definitely X-Plane and the new version 10 is coming out next weeks. It has Mac version that my brother uses and it is just like my Windows version although it seems to run faster on the Mac. Hope this helps. Also for Proflightsimulator I had considered buying it but the screenshots I have seen it looks like maybe FS2002 quality??
  12. Thanks for the reviews. I “Almost” purchased this flight sim game, but decided to go see what the reviews said. Thanks to all of your feedback.. I’ve changed my mind. THANKS!
    • Yeah me to! Thank you lord for reveiws!!!!!
    • I bought this flight sim and I am very happy with my purchase. There have been a few negative comments about ProFlightSimulator here, but not from people who have purchased the product and played with it extensively. The graphics are stunning and the realism is second-to-none. The major strength is in the cockpit details and the flight controls, they are very well done.
    • Whoever wrote those negative reviews is shady. All the claims are nonsensical and most of them have not even bought the game. Either these guys are haters or works for a competitor. (like xplane or microsoft). The bottom line is this: PROFLIGHTSIMULATOR ROCKS. I know because I’m a customer and I’ve BOUGHT and PLAYED the game unlike some of the reviewers here.
    • Thought I chip in on my take on ProFlightSimulator after seeing some mis-informed negative comments here. I’ve been playing this game for 7 months now so I’m in the position to make an *informed* judgement. One thing that stands out is the physics of the planes… which makes it VERY realistic. It is done very well and replicates real-world flying. Ive been using FS2000 for a while….i just finally decided to upgrade to ProFlight and trust me it was worth it. One of the downsides is that you need a yoke to fully enjoy the game. You can fly with the keyboard too but using a yoke really takes it to a new level. Otherwise it’s an excellent simulator and a great experience to learn to fly sitting at home.
  13. I purchased ProFlightSimulator and the CD version, on Jan 8/11. The payment was approved by Clickbank. I have yet to receive the product I ordered twelve days ago on Jan 8/11. I have sent two e-mails to the sales department re the status of my order but have yet to receive any answers from them. Am I being ripped off or what? I too wish I had read the reviews before ordering.
    • To James: I’ve received the download within minutes of the purchase and I got the 4 DVDs in about 9 days. Did you contact the support desk? And if you need help deciding if you want to buy or not…I’ve been gaming for 18 years and this is the most fun I’ve ever had on my computer. I’ve tried ALL the flight sims in the market and ProFlightSimulator ranks up there as one of the best. It has great graphics and everything is realistically modelled. The new training tutorials are fun and a bit more focused and helpful, and of course, there’s still a wealth of learning information for newer pilots. I think for the money, this can’t be beat…as long as you’re truly interested in learning how to fly…or just flying around any place in the world without having to call a travel agent.
  14. Hello All, All the reviews I have read regarding Proflight flight sim are very vague at best. I have used Microsoft FSX and now X-plane. If you could put both those together in one package it would be awesome. FSX will at least run without any problems however actual flight sim is pretty basic. X-plane is very advanced and the scenery is a bit more advanced. However, everything is add on including planes, airports and the like. No airport buildings when you land, just runways! ATC is better but the voices lack in quality. ILS approaches are nice though and X-plane offers a lot of cockpit functionality. However, the program has major rendering issues when running three monitors. Even on a quad core processor with a 1gb video card. It fogs the sky constantly so the program can run the simulator. So, I am looking for something that combines the best features of these two. At first, Proflight seemed like it does but after reading some of these reviews I am doubting that now. What is the best sim out there that will give me everything I want???
    • I’ve tried ProFlightSimulator and it actually combines the best of FSX and X-plane in 1 package. ProFlightSim has the same advanced flight dynamics and simulation as X-plane with the playability of FSX. I know because with X-Plane, it lags like crazy and I can’t really play the game well. X-Plane is a step in the right direction, but the major turnoff is that they charge for all the add-ons and updates. It is very very costly if you add everything up. Pro Flight Simulator offers you EVERYTHING at one price with no hidden costs. I’ve just received the latest update for free. ( I think they offer free updates for life). Also, ProFlight works with multiple monitors. I’ve set it up with trackIR. Spent about 6 hours but it’s well worth it. Forget about running multi monitors on X-plane, you’ll lag like crazy. Cons of ProFlight? – Its a b*tch to download. I have to get it on 4 DVDs. Also, you have to manually install each of the 200 aircraft. Is ProFlightSimulator the best ever flight sim? Probably not. But it is close and I would dare say it’s one of the best in the market now for your money’s worth.
  15. THANK YOU FOR THE REVEIWS! I almost bought that pice of S***! But after I read the reveiws, I changed my mind. Thank you all so much!!!
  16. Hi All – Wow! What a close call – I was searching for REAL user reviews and after much surfing, I found this site – thank goodness I did not buy that “product”. I would have purchased, except that I started to get suspicious when all the so called “reviews” I read were in almost exactly the same sequence, mentioning the same things in the same order, even down to the same grammatical errors (notably using “aircrafts” as the plural for aircraft – once would be ok, but EVERY review had the same. Also the wording was all very similar and used the same phrases on all the reviews I read – then the icing on the cake – it will run on a “Pentium 2 with 128Mb of RAM…” huh??? I was also very suspicious when they said that you can load it onto as many computers as you like… what commercial software house would do that? No way – so… thanks for the confirmation that it IS a SCAM and my best wishes to all who are trying to get money back – good luck. @Bob Pepe – thanks for the mention of Silent Wings, I will go have a look at that! Take care all, Greer
  17. Frankly, I did not care for this program. FSX, in my opinion, is superior. I went for the refund and Clickbank quickly obliged. Nothing heard yet from the other outfit that got my first 50 bucks. My 2 cents, Gil
  18. Contrary to the reviews here, I’ve bought ProFlightSimulator 1 week ago and my son and I love it. Have you guys downloaded the whole scenery maps? The level of detail and coverage is much better than Microsoft FSX.
  19. Thanks for the comfirmation, guys. The first flag for me was that nice “table” showing features with one column for Pro Flight and ONE column for all others. Then I started looking more critically. Lots of puffery and grand statements. Then I saw what it would run on….then the price. I have no issue with reselling open source code if you bundle aircraft/scenery/etc and add other things. Just don’t lie to me! The graphs below are worthless to me…I don’t care if someone else is happy with it if I don’t know their tech and experience level. For a product like this, details are critical.
    • @Hobo, I’ve been playing flight simulators since 1998 and I’ve tried all the major flight sims out there. ProFlightSimulator is probably one of the top 3 flight sims I’ve tried. All the cool add-ons like extra aircraft, scenery models and google world map, ranks it one of the most immersive flight simulation game I’ve played.
  20. I downloaded the game (proflightsimulator) and I actually enjoyed it a lot. In fact, I find it more engaging than Microsoft flight sim x. There are so much more areas to explore and it comes with a HUGE list of aircraft. The graphics are super and detailed and the realtime weather is really cool. The cons are: You really need a yoke or joystick with this game if possible. Also, the real instruments takes some time to learn. Other than that, its a great game.
  21. Important Note: I check the I.Ps of all submitted comments. I will not approve comments if I think they’re coming from the same person or if they look suspicious. You know who you are.
    • les could you assist me in the refund process please i am in the same boat as bob however I cant even play the sim on my brand new mac due to it not loading properly and I have sent them multiple “tickets” and still no respond!! Thanks for your help
    • I am in the same boat as several others. I do not like this simulator, and have asked twice for a refund within the past three weeks or so and have had no reply. I would be most grateful if you could let me know how to get a refund (I opted for all the “add-ons” and paid well over $150)if this is truly not a scam as you say. Incidentally, I was a flight instructor in Colorado, and also have the Microsoft simulator which I consider heads and shoulders above ProFlightSimulator. Thank you for your help – John Simmance.
  22. It is a bad program. Very poor graphics. Flight controls do not work right. I just asked for a refund.
  23. Concerned Citizen Reply 08. Feb, 2011 at 7:21 pm
    What a scam! When I read reviews for this product, red flags went up. The top reviews on Google are nothing more than scam ads. What a rip.
  24. I’m going to purchase this game now based on the positive reviews I’ve seen here.
  25. i have done everything that i was suppose to do.all i get is the same message.either my password is wrong or my e-mail is wrong.somebody please tell me what to do…
    • Fred, did you contact support? I can login with no problems. Anyway, I’ll just like to add my review of ProFlightSimulator here. I bought the game 2 weeks ago and I’ve been testing it since 6 days ago. Like what others have already mentioned, the panels and the flight dynamics are top-class. It responds very realistically. The graphics are also spectacular, especially over scenic maps. One thing I didn’t like is the manual downloading of each aircraft. There are over 130 aircraft and you have to individually install each of them. Other than that, it is a great flight sim.
  26. On Friday I orderd the simulator expecting to recieve the disk’s in the mail. This is what the add states. “By taking action today, I understand that: You will grant me instant access. Once my enrollment is successfully processed, you will give me immediate access to the FULL game including all the airplanes, scenery and additional 4 bonuses. I can have the ProFlightSimulator package on a 4 PC DVD-ROMs – this will save me a lot of time and headaches. By taking quick action today, I only pay a low investment of just $49. There are no recurring fees, no other charges. So I don’t have to worry about my membership ever running out. Plus I’ll get FREE updates for life. In addition, I understand that I will forfeit this introductory price and the 4 time-limited bonuses if I do not purchase it now. I further understand that on top of all these incredible benefits, I am backed by your “Better than 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee” Well, after I purched the $130 flight sim, I was so pissed that when I clicked to recieve my disks it said they would charge another $50. If I was Bruce Banner, I would have turned into the Hulk. I did down load the Sim and it is nothing to brag about. It is not easy to use and it takes forever to download the planes. Good news is that my refund went through today. I had to go through clickbank to get it. I I will stick with my MSflightx and x-plane for now. No way is it worth $130 plus $50 for the C.D.
  27. I decided to look into this simulator after a link to the product popped up on my FB page. After a short Google search, I came up with this site and your various comments. I will not purchase the game: Too risky. I have to add that the site for game just looks too slick. There is no need to hype a great product.
  28. Anyone here knows how to setup TrackIR with ProFlightSimulator? I’ve bought the game and got it setup on 3 multiple moniters. However, I cannot get TrackIR to work. I know it is compatible because I’ve seen people using TrackIR on this game. Having said that I’d like to add my 2 cents to the review of ProFlightSim. Here are some things you need to know before buying: – this software is not a game. It’s a real-time simulation. The graphics are, hands down, the best in the business… any business. The most fun I’ve had so far was the mission that introduces you to Jet’s. I found myself in the seat of a medium-sized passenger jet, on a slip-road by a runway. The computer started explaining to me some of the gauges in front of me, about how it was a glass cockpit and so on. I can’t describe how real it felt to move the thrust forward a little, wheel the plan around and get in position behind the plane in front; I was as nervous in that simulation as I was on my first ever driving lesson. On to the cons: It is much easier to control the aircraft with a joystick. I only have a keyboard and mouse and found it devilishly difficult to control the thing with the keyboard; it was a little easier with the mouse. Also, it is not exactly plug and play. You need time to learn the controls since this is a sim. In summary, I can’t remember the last time I was so immersed in a computer game – I found the learning process just utterly exhilarating. I recommend everybody give it a try
  29. Don’t waste your money. ProFlight keeps putting bogus websites up with titles including “scam” in the name. They want to look legit, but they took the open source flightgear and call it their own. They did nothing to improve the original, and have not paid the original developers. Check out flightgear, it’s free. Plus, it’s hard to get in touch with the crooks at Proflight.
    • Frankly, I’m baffled by some negative comments here. Do you guys actually played and tried the game before posting a negative review? I bought Pro Flight Simulator more than 18 months ago and I’m still enjoying every month of it. Haven’t got tired of it yet due to the many scenery updates I’ve received over the last few months. And to Frank: There are TONS of improvements over many flight sims, including Flightgear. It is more stable with updated scenery and an ever expanding list of free aircraft every month. Flightgear is an unstable game with dated graphics. You can’t compare it with ProFlightSim.
  30. !! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SIMULATOR !! I wasn’t satisfied with this product at all. Apparently the money back guarantee is a scam. I’ve been trying for a refund for months. Have sent numerous emails and request to anyone I could find. Clickbank sends email saying “ticket closed”, I continue to reopen ticket but never have heard from Pro Flight Simulator.
  31. I’ve bought the game and in my opinion, it is much more developed than flightgear. There are tons of improvements including more aircraft, more updates and improved flight dynamics. There is also a new one-step launcher control panel that makes it really easy. There’re thousands of new airports, dozen of new aircrafts, awesome flight school (equivalent to a few hundred pages of information about flying) for hours of fun. This is the best game yet for the Flight Simulator series and will make any flight simulator junkie happy.
  32. After reading through the sums of those negative comments in here, I came to this conclusion - The cons are mostly not specific with their comments. You can’t call a product a scam until you have tried it thoroughly. One anti-proflight even concluded resolutely that proflight simulator is no good – just by reading comments in here! Now, how clever is that? Makes me wonder who the real crooks are.
  33. I broght this game and it has not worked but for about a minute, I keep getting abstract graphics for the cheesy c-172 in start flying. When I e-mailed about my refund no answer, it has been about a month now. I am a private pilot and used FS9 to help get my certificate, this seems to be a scam and graphics not as good as that. Say what you all want good about this product. If you cannot keep your word and at least answer the e-mails about refunds or problems then you decide. They got me for the game, deluxe package and discs. Never again!
    • Let me get something of my chest first. I have noticed some bad feedback on reviewers with some hidden agenda. So just to make it clear – I’ve actually played the game extensively and this is an unbiased review. So.. how fun is this game? Well it’s your system that can actually answer this question. This game is amazing from my point of view. I have used everything, from FS98 to latest X-Plane.. and nothing is as good as this. The Good: - Stunning graphics. This is the most beautiful game I have ever played. From the water effects to shadows from the plane.. every effect and particle is breathtaking. - Gameplay. It is an amazing gameplay, indeed. You can now fly in any seat you like, control literally any view of the airplane, most of the cockpit controls work and function the way they are supposed to. The weather system is amazing. The Bad: - Crash dynamics. If you’re hoping to be able to crash your plane into a mountain and see a giant explosion and earthquakes then I have to disappoint you. While I almost never crash in Flight Sims I still wish there were better crashing dynamics to make it more realistic. Other than that, this is a phenomenal simulator. I recommend the CH products Flight Sim yoke for this. I have hours of fun on this game.
  34. I bought Pro Flight Simulator, within 2 minutes of downloading it I knew I was totally scammed. I have sent ‘’an email requesting them to give me a refund. I have also contacted Pay Pal and put a stop on the payment as well as contacting VISA to apply for a refund. I bought the download section with VISA and the DVD’s via Pay Pal. This scam website was actually advertising on the face page of EBay, this is what sucked me in as I thought EBay was a reputable company and no doubt they are, no doubt that these scammers have used Ebay to scam more suckers like me.
    • To Nop: You gave a very strange negative review. How can you determine within 2 minutes of purchasing the game that it is a “total scam”? HAVE YOU EVER TRIED PLAYING THE GAME OR INSTALLING it at all?
  35. Unbelievable. This is Flight Gear, plain and simple. You are paying for a free product. Furthermore, you are paying for free add-on content. I’m also loving the shill comments: “more areas to explore”? MSFS and X-Plane both feature GLOBAL scenery. Where else are you flying? Do five minutes’ worth of research before you pay for this. If you still think it’s a good idea, best of luck. It’s your money.
  36. I downloaded and installed just fine…The pdf instructions were garbled (not readable by me because they looked like computer lingo) and I use a Microsoft Sidewinder joy stick and cannot control the planes with it or keyboard…Thus it is useless. Can anyone give me simple instructions with this problem. I can’t get Pro Flight Help…
  37. I downloaded proflightsim game and ordered the logitech g940 controllers for my window 7, everything is not working correctly including the game itself using the mouse and keyboard. Can anybody help me out or did i get ripped off?
  38. One of the worst products in its category. Graphics are circa 1998 in appearance and the flyability pales in comparison to others. My flight stick also would not work with the program. Don’t waste your money.
  39. Will, I’ve got the settings to get Logitech G940 to work with ProFlightSimulator. Email me at trevorboy [at] and I can send you the settings. The game is fun with the mouse and keyboard but it is absolutely amazing with a nice joystick!
  40. Download did not work on new Mac, so ordered the discs. Credit card was refunded promptly, but $51 U.S. paypal amount was refused because of digital content?! despite supposed unconditional money back offer. Neither download nor disks worked at all. Paypal refund was refused, but paypal investigation sided with myself against proflight. The product shipped from New York, but they want it returned to Singapore?! Cost to ship with required tracking exceeds value of refund, so they scammed me. Avoid this company and product due to lack of quality and integrity.
  41. Why buy this wehn you can get FlightGear for free? Flight Pro Sim is a commercial product that simply rebrands FlightGear. Investigation by a number of the FlightGear developers has found no difference between this and the FlightGear v1.9.1 release other than a change of name. Flight Pro Sim is in no way endorsed or supported by the core FlightGear development team. Because FlightGear is licensed under the GNU General Public License, this is technically fully legal; however, the morals of these operations are questionable, as many customers who have purchased these products are very dissatisfied with what they receive and feel they have been scammed. Please refer to the ProFlightSim statement on for further details.
    • You’re talking about Flight Pro Sim which is a different game. This is I’ve bought the product and it is definately NOT A SCAM. Some of these negative reviews here might be shill reviews. How can you review a product if you’ve not even bought or tried it? I’ve been playing ProFlightSimulator for 1 week now and I love it. The most fun I ever had on my PC.
    • agree its absolutely no different that flightgear …..witch is free don’t waste your money on this .go to and download this sim for free .
    • To Sirius: Because FlightGear is buggy, slow and outdated. I’ve got ProFlightSimulator 1 year ago and it is miles different from “FlightGear”. The installation is quick and easy. The world scenery and airplanes are extensive. FlightGear crashes all the time and the graphics is so outdated. So far, I’ve received 12 free monthly updates and more than 50 additional new planes and objects from ProFlightSim. Tell me which other flight sim gives you this many updates? I rather pay for quality then accept a free mediocre product. And I believe many will do so as well.
      • What a 100% FAKE review. Haha. You shill for ProFlightSimulator. You point-blank lier… ProFlightSimulator is 100% FlightGear. There is NO difference. Any programmer can take FlightGear, and put a different name on it.
  42. Just got the 4 DVD version of Pro Flight Simulator and I’ve been playing with it non-stop. Pro Flight is an incredible simulation not really a game, although you can have alot of fun with it. If you are the type of person who needs instant gratification for anything, this won’t be for you at all. If you are interested in aviation or becomming a pilot you will spend hours exploring the world from your office or bedroom. No other program lets me drop into the Grand Canyon in my 172, flying slow over the river, turning left then a quick right to keep from hitting the canyon walls. What a rush. The scenery is intense and very realistic.
    • Hi Rich, I bought the 4 disc Pro Flight Sim several months agao and installed on two comp. One a Windows XP that I run Win X Flt Sim and F-16 with very little problems. The other computer is a Win 7 laptop. I get the same results with both comp. Nothing. Neither one will load or run on the computers. The XP is pretty old and I wonder if it requires an update to run on it. The win 7 I thought should be fast enough to run it. I guess my question is are there any secrets you can tell me to get it up and running on my computers. I did try to contact ProSim but got back E mail saying they didn’t find my E Mail and name in their accounts even after they sent me the discs. Any help you can give me since you have successfully run the system would be appreciated. Thanks Lindsay Hall
  43. This is a total scam. Its ported from open-source software, re-packaged and sold under a new name. Then people like the guy who wrote this “review” get commissions on anyone that clicks through this page to buy the software. Just look at all the so-called reviews when you google “proflightsimulator” the first 20 hits are all the same thing. Each person trying to make money off of an old, FREE piece of software.
  44. this is a scam beware people . all they are doing is selling a flightsim that you can download for free online called flightgear they have basically took a old version of flightgear and renamed it and now selling is for 50 bucks .when the newer versions of flightgear are free .its a scam go on Wikipedia and look it up .oh and not to mention is awful compared to any flightsim . the aircraft look like toys and the scenery looks just like Microsoft flightsim 98 …horrific
    • I downloaded the PRO FLIGHT SDIMULATOR and it’s NOT as advertised ! I want my credit card thru PayPay to be credited with the $49.90 that I paid and is my bank statement. I doesn’t work and I am throughly dis satisfied with the promotion. John Holtz Pahrump, Nevada
  45. To J: How can you verify its a scam when you’ve not bought the product? It seems suspicious. I’m a satisfied customer and I’ve been playing Proflightsimulator for over 2 months now. They release new aircraft and new scenery every month and I’ve been downloading them for free in their members area. I think the graphics are far better than MS flight sim 98. Have you even bought and tried the game at all?
  46. To J: You’re talking about a different game dude. Don’t confuse folks here. ProFlightSimulator is a stand-alone game not found elsewhere. This has so many improvements over the many sims I’ve played in the last 5 years. I bet my bottom dollar that there isn’t a more realistic flight sim complete with full ATC and instrument flying in the market. ProFlightSimulator is the only one that does it well.
  47. I was considering purchasing the product but all the positive comments that used very similar language threw up some warning bells. Many times they say “I’m a professional pilot etc etc” This is just amazing etc… When you start googling names or even searching them out in the FAA airman database you start to realize they’re all dead ends. Looks to me that a small group of guys are very active in pretending to be satisfied buyers of the product.
    • M Rich. I’m not a professional pilot but I bought the game and I honestly think it’s top of the class. For less than $50 you are on your way to joining the best and cheapest flight school there is and really the tutorials are the Gem of the box, not to mention the fact that a round the world trip is possible with this simulator, including real-time weather events. Also, this is the nature of reviews. Satisfied customers seldom seek out forums and post their reviews. They are too busy enjoying the game to do that. Even if the number of happy users exceed the dis-satisfied ones, you won’t see them posting.
  48. OK, all you Pro-Profltsim people answer me a question, after downloading several scenery files, I go to the more options section and load them into the computer a small screen appears and says the scenery is loaded my qiestion is where in cyber space did they download to. All I can see is the SF area that came with the origanal can anyone help me or is this just another case of I got your money deal with what you got. The problems I can see with this sim I have not seen in any of the reviews such as they don’t put the names of the cities or name of airports on any of the grafic buildings surely if they can show the number of the runway they could list them also. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D joystick and it works really well, so what I’m saying is if you fly from airport tp another you have no idea where you are for the return flight. To really enjoy this sim is to have the charts for your area and a plotter so that you can plan out your flights. If I could just get the areas that I want and other than just small complants I have no problem with the Profltsim.
  49. Alexandre Fradkin Reply 24. May, 2011 at 3:01 pm
    I bought the 4DVDs on March 22 and my credit card was already charged. Until today (May, 24) I didn’t receive the product. I sent e-mails to Crimson Marketing (the responsible for the transaction), to Dan Freeman and got no answer at all. This is an alert for future buyers.
  50. Alexandre Fradkin Reply 25. May, 2011 at 6:16 pm
    I would like to acknowledge that I just received an e-mail from the support staff of the ProFlight informing that the 4 DVDs were shipped on May, 23. So, instead of the complaint I posted here I would like to register my satisfaction of having the problem solved.
  51. Yah, I don’t think I will be buying this… I’ll stick with Microsoft fsx to be sure.
  52. I finally Bought the game based on some great reviews here and I didn’t regretted my decision. There are a few small issues, but for the most part it is amazing. I’ve compared this with microsoft FSX over 3 days and here are the pros and cons.

    THE PROS: ProFlightSimulator has more detailed scenery of the entire world as compared to FSX. The rivers, buildings are VERY accurately modeled after real life. It makes flying much more fun. I also like the fact that you can pull up to the gate and have the Jetway connect to the plane. The handling of the aircraft is realistic. It is not as “arcadey” as FSX which is good unless you’re not interested in simulation.

    THE CONS: It is a simulation (not arcade style) so you need some time to learn how to control and fly the plane. Its great for me but I’m sure some of the other users prefer a more “arcade style” game. If you want something easy to play, go with FSX. If you want a more realistic experience, go with ProFlight.
  53. I purchased this flight simulator yesterday June 24,2011. Program does not work on my system using Microsoft O.S. Vista. At the help point, loading the C172P, the next video scene is just a bunch of broken colors, nothing recognizable. Program does noting onwards. I am requesting a refund immediately as I am very disappointed.
  54. Obviously this is a scam, the pro comments are written by the same people again and again, same verbiage. Glad I found this site, I won’t be buying this.
  55. Purchased the game and DVD’s a week ago. Huge mistake, dont even think about it. If you think this is not a scam then you will end up in the same boat. I am notifying my cc co tomorrow as asking for a refund seems to be a waste of time. I can’t believe I actually fell for this! Never again!
  56. ** Comment Removed ***
    • Sarah – you copied your comment from somewhere else on the web on a review of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Please stop.
  57. Just wanted to weigh in. If you purchased this product through Clickbank and I’m sure you did. I’ve dealt with clickbank for many years and I’ve gotten back many refunds in a timely manner. I trust clickbank. So if you’re serious about your refund, follow the steps.
  58. Purchased this yesterday and it is a very well-developed flight sim with tons of aircraft to choose from. Great fun and realism.
  59. The reviews here sounds almost like we’re talking about completely different games. I mean, FSX is better looking on low quality than proflightsim is on any setting. As soon as I started the game I got that feeling.. oh bother… The game seems like its under development – or rather like the development was abandoned mid-way. Userfriendly? How can you call this userfriendly? The sim might be great for people knowing what it is and dont expect a more polished package, but the way it is advertised on the webpage is a lie and nothing else. Beeing charged extra for DVD’s when they refer to the DVD cover all the time is also, at best, unfortunate. I found this game to be useless, and not at all what was advertised, so I contacted clickbank and included a link to this page in my refund request, and my refund was accepted within 2 days. Thumbs up to ClickBank for that handling. I wouldn’t have settled with any other outcome anyway, so it might aswell happen quickly.
  60. Well, my son and I had great fun with this game. I bought it last week and we’re still exploring all the scenery in-game. I think it is one of the most realistic flight sim games I’ve ever seen.
  61. flyingsimulatorgames Reply 24. Jul, 2011 at 8:26 pm
    Any comments against Proflightsimulator are fake, they are flightgear employees that are pissed cause proflight improved flightgear’s crap. Flightgear is mad because they are losing money, that’s right it’s not free, although flight gear is free to download it’s very hard to configure and you have to buy the world scenery DVD if you don’t want to spend 2 years downloading it off the internet. Pro flight simulator has a lot more features then flightgear and is a lot easier to set up
    • I agree. Pro Flight Simulator has a lot more features, updates, aircraft and scenery as compared to flightgear. Flightgear is outdated, crashes very often and it is extremely hard to install everything to get it working properly. You do need a phd in computer science if you want to install flightgear. ProFlightSimulator is tons better.
  62. Fantastic game. I bought “Pro Flight Simulator” on last week. It is amazing.
  63. wowwww… Really fantastic simulation program.Great fun. I really appreciate the people behind this work. Thank you.
  64. Fine, my girlfriend and I had great fun with this game. I bought it last month and we’re still exploring all the scenery in-game. I think it is one of the most realistic flight sim games I’ve ever seen.we are happy play this game.
  65. This is an awesome game.. I love it very much… Its lot of fun playing the fame.. I play it almost all the time.. :D
  66. this is just an amazing game i have seen/played in a long long long time! just coool! Realistic and wonderful!
  67. Wow i bought this game its really fascinating , i hope every one have this game , Best Regards
  68. nice article. very informative. i like it.
  69. Proflight master is awesome. I am having much fun playing this game. My money is well spend!!!
  70. The world scenery looks very realistic. Very great game, reality! I’m like this game. Thenks !
  71. I like this program.Thanks for this article
  72. I like this review very much. It is a wonderful review too. I also like this game. I think it is a wonderful game that I have ever seen.I like this one from my heart.
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  74. This is very good game and the price is good i buy it and i play it :)
  75. i love this game .. its so amazing and so funny too
  76. great and rely realistic.i can recomended to everyone.very funy and excited.try it
  77. Sounds Good
  78. Excellent flight simulator game. Functionality and the look and feel is superb. Also the scenerys are also life like. Can recommend this game to Flight game lovers …
  79. One month ago i bought this game.It was a fantastic game that i ever saw.You can get a lot of fun by playing this game.
  80. This is a good game…..
  81. I got this game as a gift from my gf. She always buy strange gifts, so I did not thought I would like this game. Boy I was wrong. The graphics are great and I just cant stop playing. So, anyone claiming that this is a bad game have some weird taste in video games. I just love it.
  82. I like all the simulators, but this is the best he used!!!
  83. A friend told me about this product and I was skeptical, but having read the comments, I will have to try it myself.
  84. chamara priyankara Reply 01. Aug, 2011 at 7:44 pm
    ahhh very nice game……. i like play this game… i need it
  85. Wow! its a nice game. I bought it recently and it gives me much pleasure and fun. The graphics is realistic.
  86. Pro Flight Simulator is the best flight simulator I have ever played. The scenery is simply amazing and very realistic.
  87. very hard to configure and you have to buy the world scenery DVD if you don’t want to spend 2 years downloading it off the internet.
  88. Very nice game.I really love a lot games with simulation,and this is a nice piece
  89. I always love to play game so I bought this game. It is nice game. I spent 4 hours with this game. This game world scenery look very realistic & live.
  90. Its a very good game for every 1.thanks
  91. My brother and I had great fun with this game. I bought it last week and we’re still exploring all the scenery in-game.
  92. It’s a great game, I bought it, and second stage to despair:) It is very realistic and the whole family loves it.
  93. This game is so realistic and fun to play. I really enjoy it.
  94. Pro Flight Simulator will take you away into a realistic simulation world and make forget you are actually just on your computer. It’s amazing game.
  95. You can also buy it.very interesting and realistic game.very nice to look its graphic design and it.
  96. I bought this game previously. I like it very much.It is really funny and too much realistic.
  97. wow nice one..!
  98. This is very exciting game.. i am feeling very nice buying this. It is one of the most realistic game i have ever played.
  99. I like this product.Becuse it is very good products.It is one of the best products of the world.
  100. I’ve been flying FS since sublogic owned it. I wouldn’t say that the graphics are horrific however they are very 90′s. Flight dynamics are good, however in comparison to the VERY BEST PC/MAC/LINUX flight sim on the market, they are definitely poor; X-Plane rulz this market right now, if not in terms of unit sales, than definitely in terms of physics, flight modeling, scenery fidelity and professional approach to flight simulation. No, I do not work for Laminar Research but I do know a bloody insanely good flight sim when I see one. The transition from MS FSX to X-Plane is now mildly painless so give the wicked FREE demo a try.
  101. I would say that for the money you wont get a better flight sim.
  102. Be careful. This might be a great product, but I couldn’t get it working on my PC (Vista 64 bit). Read the FAQ’s and found a potential “xml” file replacement fix. Didn’t work. Help desk (via email…2 day responses..ugghhhh) kept pointing me back to the xml file replacement and wouldn’t acknowledge I tried it. Other items 1. Too much PC keyboard control, even with a yoke and rudder petals 2. Too much programming (use xml files to program, not gui interfaces) 3. Extremely difficult to get refunds. Still waiting on mine and had to dispute it via Paypal. Help desk said I would get refund but didn’t hear from them in 2 weeks plus despite many attempts. 4. No phone number to call…tough to get a hold of anyone I don’t know if the product is good or bad since it didn’t work on my computer. As stated above, after you purchase if you need help good luck.
  103. ProFlightSimulator is the free open source – with a different name put in the title bar. ProFlightSimulator owner even created a fake testimonials on the site (black guy). That guy does fake testimonials for products, and offers is as a Fiverr gig for $5.
  104. Once you purchase you are advised it is a $39.00 upgrade for the DVD’s with all of the aircraft and full scenery. The cockpit appears cartoonish and there are very limited views from the aircraft. Had it for 1 hour, deleting and going back to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.
  105. It is not a scam. I’ve bought it and it is a really fun and engaging game. I’m 47 this year and I’ve tried all other flight sims in the market. ProFlightSimulator is hands-down the most realistic and “open” flight simulator currently.
  106. I haven’t bought the game but the cockpit graphics and the airplane graphics I’ve seen on their website screen snapshots look very simplistic like something from Commodore 64. If you look at the video they provide on their website, you’ll see that it only contains messages and music. At least I didn’t see a single shot of the simulator actually flying. I will not buy.
  107. I would like to point out that i have NOT used this so i can’t go in depth, etc, etc. This is a review of their “ad campaign”. I would like to point out that I Google searched for “pro flight simulator review”. After going through 7 returns pages, I have found 2 that in my opinion, give an honest review. Most had URLs like proflsimulatorhotreview or I think that’s a tad suspicious, don’t you? And compare two websites. The “Pro and Con” sections are word for word copys. And the cons aren’t really cons. Every product will have at least one flaw. And any product that doesn’t have cons is suspicious. Not to say that this product isn’t good for some people. If the creators hadn’t spammed the internet with false reviews, I would not be criticizing them.
    • It may well be “affiliates” of the product that are making up the fake reviews, not the product owners themselves. (I’m an affiliate myself – see the opening paragraph of this report).
  108. Hi Les, I didn’t buy through your link, but I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get a refund for the past 2 weeks from ProFlightSimulator. I read on their site that there is a 60 day refund policy, but my ticket submissions for a refund are not getting me anywhere. I’m a student, and $100 is a lot of money – and I’d really like to get it back, as per their refund policy. I keep writing them, but I don’t know what else to do, and I’m worried my 60 days will be up. Can you help me out? Thanks!
  109. Just an update to all who are having problems getting a refund from proflight. I contacted yesterday [Dec 20.2011]with info on my order number and ticket number from proflight and asked for a refund as proflight was not responding to my requests. I received an e-mail today [Dec 21 2011] from clickbank saying my refund had been returned.
  110. Hi all, not too sure how i got here but glad I did. I don’t knw if anyone can help me or if you can point me in the right direction. I purchased Pro Flight Simulator at Christmas, but it will not run the game. I have since written to the help desk with the following message I have downloaded your product without any error messages. After instillation the opening screen apperas giving me the options of “Start Flying” “Learn to Fly” “More Options” and Quit. I press the “Start Flying” tab and a screen appears showing a Cesna and tells me that scenery is being loaded and that it may take some minutes. In fact it takes 1:45 and then this screen disappears and reverts back to the opening screen. I have re-installed, changed compatibility mode and tried running as an administrator. I am running Windows 7 on a 64bit operating system. Regards I did receive a reply from customer support 5 days saying it was being passed on to tech support. Any ideas, and i do appreciate that this is not a help site?
  111. To all who are thinking about this purchase. I also ordered this around Christmas. Waited 12 days to get the discs. All the discs were mis labeled. I installed all the files discs 1-3. I got to disc 4 and it was labeled ProFlight Simulator but when it ran it said ” learn self hipnosis” Maybe I should have used this before trying to get this program to run. So I did not have the actual exe file or the game install disc. I contacted the help desk and they took a few days to respond , 10 days later I got the installation disk. I have the exact problem as you. It does not load the game. Running Windows 7. I tried all the fixes they suggested. No go. It reverts back to the same start up screen. Is this a scam? It is very frustrating and I have spent all today trying to resolve this. This technology looks slick on line with all the hype but actually is not up to speed with the current technology. Help me if you can.
  112. Be sure the software will run on your system before you purchase ProFlight Simulator because you will not get them to honor their 60 day no questions asked refund. In searching the web, I am not alone in being a victim in this regard.
  113. ProFlight SimulatorReview Reply 01. Mar, 2012 at 6:21 pm
    Hey, thank for the complete guide. It has given a lot of insight to pro flight simulator. I bought the program and I can only say the best things!
  114. This is a scam. I bought for the Mac. It didn’t work. Asked for a refund. Never received it.
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  117. Pro Flight Simulator is a ripoff and a piece of junk compared to Microsoft Flight Simulator Pro. I made the mistake of paying for it and then realized after receiving it there are no refunds. Save your money and go to Microsoft for their latest Flight Simulator. The graphics at Microsoft are almost actual quality and with an accelerator they are like the real thing. The people that are marketing Pro Flight Simulator are foreign based or I’d turn them over for false advertising!
  118. The simulator is a joke and I will not recommend it to anybody. I bouhght it and downloaded it, two days later tried to get my money back and got replies that it had been turned over to the refund dept. and that was it. These people should be put in jaIL FOR CHEATING EVERYBODY. I didn’t just try once. That has been 6 months ago and still have not recieved my money back so this site probably is a lie also since you rate pro flight sim (flight gear software) a 7.5 to 10. HAHAHA

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Buyer Satisfaction

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The Final Verdict Finally we’ve reached the conclusion of the review! It’s taken a long time yet chances are you have to have a great understanding of exactly what the product does and whether it really is making shoppers satisfied or unhappy. I too have weighed everything up and decided on a final ranking – bearing in mind all we’ve seen until now. I have selected a rating of 8.90 /10. This is a top notch score – and that usually means a premier product. You should add it straight to the top of your list of contenders It’s really a top program, there’s no question about that. But is it the best? You might like to additionally check out the very best ranked program on the site for its categories. So you may want to look at every category and discover if there is something that better satisfies your needs. Be sure to click the following hyperlinks:: General, Games

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