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Product Facts

Product Name: Tesla Secret
Standard Price: $47
Author: Moniker Privacy Services
Reviewer: Leslie Trawler
Review Updated: 01st Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Tesla Secret is sold from their web-site, which you can pay a visit to by clicking here: teslasecret.com The product is not sold through any other stores, even if you might come across some other websites that link straight to the payment processor web page. However, it’s best to click through to the merchant to find out the latest price. If you would like to purchase without utilising an affiliate link you can do so via this link: http://www.teslasecret.com

Publisher’s Description

The suppressed “Free Electricity” invention of Nikola Tesla – and how you can use it to kick the utility company from your home by the end of the week…

  • And best of all, it generates FREE electricity day in and day out – so you can slash your bill by 30%… 60%… even 100%!
  • There are no emissions, no fumes, no radiations… in fact, it’s probably just as “green” as solar or wind power systems!
  • And best of all, it generates FREE electricity day in and day out – so you can slash your bill by 30%… 60%… even 100%!
  • It costs less than $100 to build – and you can find all the materials and spare parts at your local electronics shop
  • It costs less than $100 to build – and you can find all the materials and spare parts at your local electronics shop
  • Take it with you when you go camping – and enjoy “mobile” free energy for your caravan, or in your tent…
  • Use it to juice up ANY electrical devices – from small clocks, to refrigerators or big screen plasma TVs
  • Power up remote cabins so high up in the mountains, you’d be crazy to even think about going solar…
  • And even get entirely off the grid with a high-output generator you can build in your spare time!

User Comment and Discussion

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Responses to “Tesla Secret Review”

  1. SCAM!!! Use torrent and you will get this and many more info 4 free.
  2. Don’t buy this product! I just did and it only took 15 minutes to see NO plans, NO instructions, NO parts lists, nothing I could use to build much of anything.
    • so, you mean this is a scam? thier claim is not true? thanks.
    • I agree with Dan, No plans, No detailed instructions only a very vague parts list. I’m sending it back for my money back.
    • I totally agree. I have a degree in electronics I graduated with straight A’s and I can assure you this is a scam. The symbols used in the schematics are not used anymore so it is real confusing also there are no values for the parts you can decipher. I purchased this scam, I wrote the company about those issues and never got a reply. They are out to get your money only.
  3. This is a scam and has all the hallmarks of a scam.

    1. the presentation/video is overly long and repetitious.
    2. the site is in the same vein as those sites that offer “discover the secret that will make you a millionaire” or “discover what they dont want you to know all for the sum of …”
    3. as with the sites that make these claims, why give something away for so little if its supposed to be a secret. Surely they would want to keep it to themselves and make all the money for themselves.
    4. try contacting – you will get no reply.
    5. ironicaly if you buy this you will be directed to a page that offers – all for $1299 – various other money/energy saving devices, including how to make your own solar panels – something which the sales pitch for this tesla device says you dont need to do.
    6. As with the other posters, there is no plan or blueprint as is claimed. Most of the pdf is a rehash of the presentation which consists of the history of tesla and copies of the original designs for the patents that tesla applied for.
    7. How can you get your maney back in sixty days if there is no one to contact?
    8. the site will dissappear, but not by threats from the power companies it will be for dishonesty.

    This site preys upon your dishonesty ie you want something for nothing.
    • Thanks for your detailed comment. Re: 7 it’s really not that hard to get your money back, and you don’t have to do a chargeback or file a dispute with PayPal. If you bought through my link send me an email at ops at purrl.net and I’ll fill you in.
      • I did not order through you – I guess it was through the official page – cant be sure on that though. Done in the way I did you really do need to file a dispute with paypal. Thanks anyway.
  4. in light of the comments above, why is this product hailed as stellar?
    • David – when I initially wrote the review the refund rate of the product was very low. (In fact it still is very low). Products with low refund rates are generally excellent – hence the stellar rating. It’s not always the case though, which is why I have this comments section where people can leave their honest feedback. I admit though it is a little confusing. Ideally I’d allow people to leave a rating which would then change the analysis below automatically. For now though I’m having to rely on people reading the comments.
  5. why don’t tesla build the product themselves and then sell the product. this leaves me suspicious because you can always say, “you didn’t build it right”. if this is a sca
  6. Is anyone aware of someone that has actually BUILT one of these generators and whether they have generated any electricity with it? I have not been able to find any reviews of someone that has actually built the system and had success with it. If they can attest to the claim that it actually works, I would be interested. So far, I have not found anyone.
  7. I have not bought this product, but as an experienced electrical/radio/microwave engineer, I can tell you it will not work. Sure, build the simple rectifier to pick up mains hum and (perhaps)some airborne RF, and you will get a voltage on a meter. But put a load on the device, and the voltage will disappear – there is no power available. You would be better with a lemon and 2 coins – honestly. Build a big enough device and maybe you will get enough to power an LED or even a light bulb. Most of the power is coming from radiated mains hum, HF and MF radio, so its not green power, just scavenged power. NOT from the sun. Tesla would turn in his grave if he saw this. It is a good way for them to get an interest free loan of $47 for 60 days.
  8. It is obvious at a glance that the circuit diagram shown could only produce DC therefore could not power any device like a fridge. They claim is therefore fraudulent. As the previous poster said the power would be very small therefore for that reason also the claim is fraudulent. How well does the product perform? Probably as an interest generator it is successful. As an electricity generator it is a failure.
  9. I’m in the process of trying to get my money back. The paper says to use the E-mail address on the page with the Orange Button but that pagem disappears as soon as the button is pushed. The directions are not directions. The diagrams are not clear at all. From what I’ve read, it will take much more than $100 to do any good towards the household bill. I want my money back. John Bolam.
  10. I bought this manual two weeks ago, and ask for the money back guarantee inmediatly. It`s absolutely rubbish, no plans, no instruction to build anything. After buying it I couldnt believe what I was reading, it seems to be a joke. Dont`t waste your time and money buying this rubbish, nothing in the web site its true, and I`m not from a big energy company.
  11. thanks a lot guys, I was just about to lose $47 dollars to those scammers, I fell for it at first, considering the fact that I thought such energy could be scaled up to power up larger devices.
  12. Hi there. My name is Anton and I’m living in South Africa. A few years ago I was invited to invest in a man who “supposedly” invented the way of generating power mith magnetics. R 250 000 later NOTHING worked as he claimed. He tried to start the wheel with a coil, but he stil had to turn it first before it worked. Eventually the whell stoped because it ran out of “fuel”. Perpetual movement has never been perfected to work by itself. The Chinese has spent MANY years on this invention and up to now not even them could make it work by itself. Don’t waste your money or time on this unworkable “so called invention”. I’m talking from REAL EXPERIENCE!!
  13. Thank you all for your comments. I definitely will NOT purchase this product. Such rip offs of the public are despicable.
  14. Ya, Thanks guys for being the ginae (?) pigs and warning us!
  15. I haven’t seen 1 good comment about this product. I appreciate the feed back as I was orepared to purchase it. Why is the product still being offered here?
  16. After examining the “test” schematic, and reading the comments from the page here, I am quite confused at your over-all rating for this so-called product. I am a 35 year master-mechanic with a several degrees in DC wireing and diagnostics. I can see at a glance that the claims for this product are false. A person could generate more power faster simply by dragging their feet across a carpet! As Julian Worskett explained above, any attempt to try to utilize this “power” will result in an instant loss because there is no “green” power, meaning there is no positive power source, and no storage capacity for a load on the device. Agreed, it may charge a small battery over time, there-by creating a storage for your power. But it certainly can NOT run a fridge or a TV, let alone supply an entire home. Do NOT buy this “product”!

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Buyer Satisfaction

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The Bottom Line

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