The 50 Flavors of Butter Review

It’s been building a fair quantity of buzz on the internet (just Google it) and now it’s the perfect time for me to lend my own name to the number of reviewers. Yup, right now I’ll be analyzing The 50 Flavors of Butter. Quickly, however, allow me to explain in a very nice bulleted list how I’ll be examining the product.

  • All of the important information and facts in a product info box
  • It is important to know how and where to order and so I have a part of the review specifically for that.
  • Specific statistics are available for this product and I’m going to be covering them in this section of the analysis.
  • One of the most valuable areas – end user evaluations. That’s where you can get some genuine product views.
  • Info on the exclusive bonus offer that we offer
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The 50 Flavors of Butter

Product Facts

Product Name: The 50 Flavors of Butter
Standard Price: USD4.99
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

First off, to order without using the affiliate link you may use this link (remember that you will not be eligible for your added bonus though when you do). Additionally, I do receive a great deal of questions about how to buy products on this website. With The 50 Flavors of Butter you will initially need to check out their website. Take a look at the sales page and after that scroll down to the buy button. You will then be taken through to the payment page. All payments are taken care of by Clickbank, a respected transaction processor. It’s a very simple payment page, and just after purchase you’ll get an email telling you how to down load the program.

Publisher’s Description

The chef’s culinary secrets of butter

  • Teaching you how to create and use compound flavored butters
  • Teaching you how to use flavored butters in your kitchen
  • Teaching you how to make any butter in 5 easy steps
  • Teaching you easy to make butter recipes
  • Teaching you how to make any butter

User Comment and Discussion

The comments area! Loved, and feared, by product sellers – it’s the place where visitors can vent their worries and share their joys. Did you love it? Let us know. Did you dislike it? Provide us with all the details.

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Product Statistics and Analysis

Here is the area of the review where we evaluate the stats. The first question most people will often have is – exactly where do the stats originate from?

Well, I’ve prepared an explanation of this in this link:: stats spelled out. Using these statistics, I’ve developed a couple of ratings to allow you to choose whether or not it is really a product you would like to purchase. I’ve called them the buyer satisfaction (self explanatory) and the buyer frenzy (how well the product is selling).

The Buyer Satisfaction Indicator

It is really an important indication of how happy everyone was with The 50 Flavors of Butter. So, how did it do? Well, it obtained 39.28/100 which is definitely a low score, there’s no getting away from it. Too many consumers are unsatisfied with their purchases, it appears.

Buyer Frenzy

Buyer Frenzy Rating is a phrase I’ve created to aid us rate how much interest there is in the program. The higher the ‘frenzy’, the more people are battling against each other in a rush to acquire the product. The larger the charge – the higher the quality of the product, or so the theory goes. The 50 Flavors of Butter scores 73.88 which shows a perfectly standard quantity of sales made. It’s not really a best seller yet, but could be on course.

The Final Verdict Now we’ve reached the end of the assessment! It has taken a long time yet by now you should have an excellent idea of precisely what the product really does and whether or not it really is leaving shoppers satisfied or unhappy. I too have weighed everything up and selected a final score – considering all we’ve seen so far. I’ve decided on a ranking of 3.52 /10. That is not a great rating in any way – it seems it may be wise to skip this product. But what’s the alternative? My advice is to take into consideration the additional services in this category. It definitely can’t hurt, and you can click on the link that follows to see a category listing, grouped by ranking:: Cooking, Food & Wine, Cooking

The 50 Flavors of Butter Purchase Bonus

In conclusion, let me just mention the very important purchase extra. In case you purchase The 50 Flavors of Butter after reading about it right here, that entitles you to just a little from us. To learn just what that may be and how to get it, have a look here: The 50 Flavors of Butter added bonus.
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