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Product Facts

Product Name: The Novel Network
Standard Price: $49.95
Reviewer: Leslie Trawler
Review Updated: 01st Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

The Novel Network is sold directly from their web site, that you can take a look at by clicking here: The product is not really distributed via any other outlets, even if you could possibly discover some other sites that link directly to the payment processor web page. Having said that, it’s best to click through to the product owner to see the most up-to-date price. If you would like to purchase without utilising an affiliate link you can do so via this link:

Publisher’s Description

Download UNLIMITED eBooks, Novels, Magazines, and Newspapers Straight To Your iPad, Kindle, Nook or e-Reader! Compatible with ANY device!

  • Huge Media Selection – over 30,000+ titles available!
  • Unlimited free Novels, Comics, Newspapers & more!
  • Unlimited free Novels, Comics, Newspapers & more!
  • Members have unlimited access, no restrictions!
  • No monthly or “Pay Per Download” fees
  • Free 24 hour Technical Support

User Comment and Discussion

We encourage all comments about the product – good or bad – with a view to helping people in arriving at a buying decision. Please don’t be frightened to enter the debate!

Responses to “The Novel Network Review”

  1. Having just joined I have had a look & cannot find any authors I know who have writen a book in the last 50 years! The only names I recognise are from the classics whic I received FOC with my Reader when I purchased it. Before I take up the 60 day cancellation policy – am I missing something?
    • I joined Novel Network a while back and have not used it much, but when I tried to log on last week I found my password would not work. I have emailed via the website 3 times and have had no response.
      • I joined today and cannot access or even find a member login page. Even trying to access the support page results in “page not available”! Is this a scam?
      • I am having the same problem. Now I am trying to cancel but they keep telling me to check an E Mail I never received for instructions.
        • I am having the exact same problem. I didn’t get the stupid email they keep referring to, so can’t cancel. I have sent at least 8 emails saying this, and all I get back is the same thing. I think I may check with my credit card company, and see if they can do anything.
    • I bought this site and have never found a book on it. I tried canceling it multiple times but to no avail. I have emailed them around 30 times to get my password or username because mine will not register and they will not email me back. DO NOT order this. I wish I knew about this link first.
      • I just signed up. All this sites does is redirect you to a free public domain ebook site. These are all the old classics you can get for free all over the internet! You absolutely CANNOT get a relatively new book like Eat, Pray, Love on this site! STAY AWAY! I have requested a refund. Hopefully I get it!
  2. Hi Jennifer. Have you had any luck finding books that suit your needs? I was thinking about buying a membership to the site but your review is making me doubt that I’ll find the books I am looking for. Any update?
  3. 30,000 titles – although it looks like a big number – in the publishing world it is not too high. If one is looking for free best sellers – he/she most likely will be disappointed to find only the books over there that can be found for free throughout Internet. This is probably why the site does not offer database search prior to subscription, saying that they can not maintain database. It is very hard to believe considering with a rather sophisticated web site they were able to create and huge number of fake reviews on themselves they managed to publish all over the Internet including Youtube advertising. Also pay attention to their “Support” service. You only can contact them through e-mail. There is no info on how you can get your 60-day money guarantee back, either. So save $50 and one more headache for yourself and, please, do not fall for the empty promises.
    • has anyone figured out how to get your money back i bought this yesturday and i did not find this website today can someone help
        • Hi Gloria. If you bought through my link shoot me an email at ops at and I’ll walk you through exactly how to get the refund. You don’t need to email The Novel Network.
          • How do u get a refund without emailing them. I tried pike 4 or 5 time still can’t get a response
          • Please help me get a refund. That sitre is a scam and get this I pourchased two memeberships, one for myself and my husband. PS I don’t think that I purchased through your website.
        • It took quite a few emails on’s website, along with emails to, then to Send your order reference number to them and request a refund. It took me about a week, (after I finaly got a reply from mypadmedia) to get my refund.
  4. Simon – thanks for your comments. Re: the 60 day money back guarantee, if you buy through the first link in the ‘Where to buy’ section above, then I can tell you how to get that as part of the satisfaction guarantee (see here: So you can still try to site and check out their library risk free.
  5. Like jennifer I have been unable to find a book by an author I read..have tried to cancel four times in the last two weeks and have yet to get a response..[via email]
  6. William – if you bought through one of the links on this page, I can help you get a guaranteed refund. See this page for details of this satisfaction guarantee.
  7. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i to was taken in with this incredible deal , or so i thought. Once you sign up there is no further contact. I was sent to a site with books older than my grandma, not this bestseller list i was expecting. Tried contacting nothing, ask for refund or info on where to find this great list , nothing. Still want money back no contact. MY ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM NOVELNETWORK
  9. Carolyn – I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a pity you didn’t buy via one of my links or I’d be able to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get the refund, guaranteed. But it is possible, so keep trying.
  10. Hi Les – why are you recommending this company when it is so clearly a bogus offering? I find it interesting that you’re only recommending people buy through your affiliate rather than stay away from a bad company.
    • Hi Barb. I try to remain as unbiased as possible. My rating is based primarily on the refund rate, which believe it or not has remained low. It’s currently around 2.6%. Low refunds generally mean higher customer satisfaction. Anyone can leave a comment here – it could be the product’s competitors for example. So instead of making a judgement on that, I stick to judging by the statistics and the knowledge that if people *do* have a problem then I can walk them through exactly how to get a refund. If I was just after affiliate commissions, I wouldn’t publish any negative comments here at all, I’d just invent good ones…
      • It is easy to see why they have a low refund because it is exceedingly difficult to get a response from them. I have tried the message center with the website. I have tried the email address. So far no response. I wish there were a phone number to talk with someone.
        • There is a telephone number associated with the account I got it from my credit card company. However, I did not get a reference number with my purchase so I have hit dead air. The number is 858-350-7473.
          • Thank you so much for the telephone #858-350-7473. That is Plimus and if you have an order number youo can get an immediate refund. I just did. Don’t join friends.
  11. thank you so much for saving me fifty dollars! I wont be trying it!
  12. I clicked on the link above can you help me receive a refund?”
    • Hi Kristin. You need to have clicked on the link *before* you bought the products. If so email me at ops at and I’ll walk you through the refund process…
  13. I would not recommend using The Novel Network. You are paying them $50 for services that are available online for free. The ebook site they use is Anything that is free on the feedbook site is available by just going to their site. You don’t need to purchase The Novel Network to do so. All the newspaper does is bring you to that newspapers webpage, once again something you can do on your own. If the newspaper has a subscription fee, this is not covered by The Novel Network. There are absolutely no perks of buying The Novel Network that I could see by purchasing it. AND, we’ll see how the customer service is. The only way to contact them to cancel my subscription is by e-mail. They don’t provide any phone numbers. My recommendation would be to look elsewhere for a better offering. Also, notice on all of the “Good Reviews” there is a link to purchase the product. Most of these people are making a profit off what they sell. If they have researched the site at all, I guarantee they aren’t using it themselves.
    • Shannon – thanks for your detailed review. Note you can get a refund via another method than emailing The Novel Network. I just want to reassure people that have bought via my satisfaction guarantee ( that they won’t have to depend on The Novel Network’s customer service.
  14. The Novel Network, plain and simple is a scam site.
  15. I clicked on The Novel Network and thought I was getting a great deal. As of yet, I have received nothing from them. trying to get my money back at this time. Also, called my bank and it looked like they were going to take another payment in January….be very leary. This is such a scam.
  16. I’ve been reading lots and lots of incredibly positive reviews online and this is the first one I’ve come across that says it’s a scam. I was going to sign up with them but now I’m afraid to. Could they be writing their own reviews?
    • It could be affiliates trying to sell you the product because they will get a commission if you buy after clicking their link. They could be genuine though, and the bad comments here could have been left by competitors. It’s hard to tell. Remember, if you do buy through my link you’re entitled to a satisfaction guarantee. See here:
    • Don’t do it, it is a scam. I should have known better when I couldn’t even find a phone number for them when they advertised customer service with headsets, (the advertising you see on their home page). My conclusion after looking at more of the information is that the reviews are being written by the affiliates that are posting positive reviews and selling the site for The Novel Network and then they get a commission. It even gives them different reviews to use. It is a scam, don’t do it.
  17. Does anyone now how to get your money back on cant seem to figure it out. Please help contact me at
  18. “the bad comments here could have been left by competitors” Or, they could be the genuine reviews and all these other good reviews could be the scam… I’m not sure why our friend Les here is posting so frequently to inform everyone he can get them a refund but only if they bought through his link(the one he makes a commission from!). Anyway, Novel Network is a scam that simply charges you $50 to link you to another web site which holds free novels from new authors or old classics no longer covered by copyright. The web site it links you to is completely free of charge, they’re just using a proxy to link you so you can’r see that it’s actually you’re actually getting everything from. All of the glowing reviews you’re seeing are part of the scam and if you read through half a dozen or so you can see most of them have the same spelling mistakes in!
    • Andy – thanks for the comment. *Yes* I get a commission if people buy through my link. I make that very clear. In exchange, I provide a service of helping people get a refund if they need it. I post about it often because I want to reassure people that if they do want to buy the product (be it The Novel Network or any of the other products in this site) then they can do so with peace of mind. Thus, I get more commissions, the good products get positive comments, the bad products get negative ones (and refunded) and everyone wins. Including me!
  19. I got scammed as well. What a nightmare.
  20. I just got an ereader, what site is the best place to get new novels at the best prices, i was looking at the novel network, but after reading comments, think i need to keep looking
  21. I unwittingly purchased a membership at and after perusing their site, my conclusion is that their advertising is false. I immediately emailed them to cancel my membership and 4 days later, I still have not heard from them. Any current ebooks you would want to download you have to BUY- yes BUY. I would not recommend buying a membership with this company.
  22. At least I used a prepaid creditcard, just in case this was a scam. My conclusion is that the reviews are from the affiliates who are making the commission off selling the site. Anyone who has purchased a membership can kiss their money goodbye.
  23. I want my money back.
  24. Where is that free 24 hour technical support they have? I’m still waiting for a reply to the email I sent two days ago.
  25. les999 After reading the posts I have to say I don’t trust you. You know the novel network is a scam yet you continue to try and get people to join via your link to make money. As for you trying to remain unbiased, what a load of S**T, I think you are also a very untrustworthy person, still trying to sell something you know is a scam to make money….what a totally w***er!!!
    • Hi CarpeDiemUK. Thanks for your comment, although I really don’t think you need to resort to swearing. To answer you. First, I don’t know that The Novel Network is a scam. I haven’t bought it and I rely just of the statistics. Those still say it has a low refund rate. Second, yes I want people to join via my link so that I make money. But I also want them to join via my link so I can tell them how to get their refund. Look at all the people above wanting a refund – if they’d bought through my link they would be eligible for my satisfaction guarantee and they’d have their refund within a couple of days.

      Nevertheless, I have taken on board your comments and those of everyone else here and I think we can now be fairly sure that the user satisfaction levels for this product are low. I have therefore updated my review below accordingly.
  26. People, if you buy any product with a credit card and the goods are not what were promised, go to your credit card and dispute the charges. In my experience you will be refunded your $$.
  27. I’ve been scammed. I’m an individule, not a competitor.The 30,000 books can be downloaded from most of your local libraries free. Tried to get my money back but can’t get a response to any of my emails .BEWARE DO NOT GET TRAPPED!!
  28. Note to everyone who needs a refund but didn’t buy through my link. I can’t walk you through the refund step-by-step seeing as that’s a service I reserve for people who buy through my link. However, I recommend you take a look at the refund policy for this product. You can see it here: Hopefully that should give you a clue as to how to go about getting your refund.
  29. If they were legit then they would give a list of the authors and titles available. The website is a good idea though. I buy a lot of books on Amazon and it adds up. I think if a website is more upfront to consumers in what you get for a subscription you will get more customers and make more money in the long run.
  30. This is indeed a scam. For downloadable public domain ebooks try What the Novel Network gives you is a bunch of links to magazine and newspaper websites and the opportunity to BUY newer books. You can get the same thing from Google. I am waiting to see if I get my refund. If I don’t, I will indeed dispute the charge when it shows up.
  31. Hey i was considering buying this for school but i’m not sure if it has any of the books i need. Can anyone who has this product search for Event management books and tell me if any come up? It would really help as i can’t afford to spend 50$ unless i’m sure of the result. Again i’m only interested in school related books related to event management. Thank you to anyone who tells me. Also if you don’t want to post on here feel free to email me at
  32. Several years ago I got suckered into a similar scam involving a travel website. Like The Novel Network, I fell for the positive reviews planted on the internet like the shill on this website. And, just like The Novel Network, all it did was redirect you to resources already available for free elsewhere on the internet, and predictably, it was next to impossible to get a refund. But I did get satisfaction, and here’s what I recommend doing: Make sure you follow their printed procedures for a refund and make copies of everything. When you contest the charges with your credit card issuer and/or alert the authorities, they will ask for documentation. If they ask you to mail them anything (for example, I was asked to mail back my “membership kit”), send it return receipt. I can’t emphasize the importance of leaving a paper trail, enough. In addition to contesting the charges with your credit card company, contact whatever government agency in your state is responsible for consumer protection and file a written complaint. In Florida where I live, this is very easy and can be done via the internet, and I imagine this is the case anywhere now. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission just for good measure. I did eventually get my money back via the bank that issued my credit card, but the reason the refund rate is so low is that they’re counting on you to give up. If you want your money back, you’re going to have to “be squeaky” as an attorney friend is fond of saying. It’s a demoralizing and expensive lesson to learn, but any merchant that won’t first let you see their wares is hiding something.
  33. Thanks for these comments. I now know not to join. One thing though. I tried to go on and it redirects me to which is in German, of course.
  34. Anyone who paid for this through PayPal can open a dispute and get their money back. I too fell for the gimmick. After signing up and paying, I found what everyone else found….the authors are old and they are scammers. I opened a dispute with Paypal, and of course if Novel Network doesn’t answer MY emails, why would they answer Paypal’s, and when they didn’t respond and Paypal reviewed my case (I made sure to detail that they had a money back guarantee and that they hadn’t responded to several emails), they decided in my favor and I got a refund. If you still want to try it out, BYPASS LES and use Paypal….if he had any ethics at all he wouldn’t offer a link on his website to a company that scams people. If you can get your money back through Paypal, why give someone like that a commission?
  35. Folks, the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably it” definitely applies to The Novel Network.

    When you Google the site, there are several sites that are laughably associated with them:, and so on. The “positive” reviews that appear on those sites — as well as on legitimate sites — are always by “some guy”, not verified reviewers as you find on Amazon. One web designer can create a half-dozen bogus sites and inject dozens of reviews on legitimate sites in a single day, giving the illusion of widespread usage. This is a very common ploy with web scammers, especially those hawking “immediately downloadable” ebooks on weight loss. The promises of 24/7, immediate tech support are there because the web designer wrote it. Do you really believe there’s a network operations center fully staffed for this shady, one-man operation?

    For the folks who actually got a response from the website, they got a link to a legitimate, FREE website: This well-known website contains thousands of non-copyrighted books; either self-published authors who are giving away their work, or older books that are in the public domain because their copyrights expired. FYI, There are lots and lots of websites out there which give you access to public domain books (the best known is

    The Novel Network both is and isn’t a scam. For $50, they will give you directions to information that is absolutely free. So is that a scam? You did get what they promised — access to lots of free books. It’s no different than someone charging you for directions to Disneyland. Anyway, The Novel Network IMPLIES you are getting the latest, top 100 bestseller list books, but never actually come out and say so; they are relying on your greed. You got exactly what they promised, but you still got taken for $50.

    Our friend here, les999, defends The Novel Network because he is an affiliate. If you buy via his links, he gets some money — even if you can later wrangle a refund from clickbank or your credit card issuer. He still gets paid, hence his enthusiasm for the website. He is no different from the folks hawking “as seen on TV products”. Oh, and he keeps saying how wonderful the stats are, but at the time of my posting, this website’s stats are
    “This product scores 30/100 which is very low and this means that very few people who purchased were happy with the product.”
    They also say
    “What’s our final opinion of The Novel Network? This score considers everything we have discussed so far, and in addition trust ranking sites such as It balances the trust in the product from 3 sources:, the buying public and the internet at large. So, our final rating is 4/10. This is a very low score – you should definitely consider purchasing a different product.”
    • Hi writer. Thanks for your detailed comment.

      With regards to your final paragraph:

      - I’m not aware of having defended the Novel Network anywhere on this page. Where?
      - If people get a refund then I get zero commission.
      - The stats are still actually good. The poor rating you point to was manually changed by me following all the negative feedback on this page. (Did any of the other “review” sites you mention allow all this negative feedback?)
      - I have been very open about my affiliate status and that I get a commission if people buy. It states it in the introduction to the page and I have repeated it in the comments. So hopefully it shouldn’t be news to anyone

      Now, if anyone still wants to buy after reading this page then I would prefer them to buy via my link. For the commission, yes, but also so I can show them how to get a refund easily as part of my satisfaction guarantee.
      • The fact that you continue to work for a company (and therefore endorse it) that is slyly misleading people into memberships and then making it difficult to obtain a refund when they see they’ve been conned, as so attested to by the vast majority of comments on this site, makes you as no better than the company itself. You obviously have traded your integrity for money and then convinced yourself that as long as you tell people that you get a commission and will help them with a refund you are working on their behalf. If you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas. You need to grow up.
        • Apoman. I take onboard what you are saying. However, I cannot now take down this page. It provides useful information. It is not currently recommending The Novel Network. So what would be the best course of action for me in your opinion?
  36. Hi Am sceptical re joining after reading the above comments.Could you please advise if you have available the following authors website: Lance Horner,James A Mitchener Bryce Courtney book titles such as Mandingo, Hawaii.Tahati.The 3 Sirens.The reason I am requesting as the above comments could be by under 30 year olds who may not be interested in these authors.
  37. I KNEW this was too good to be true! Les999 is obviously running a scam. Fellow readers and rightiously pissed off consumers: Delete this site. File a complaint or report with your internet carrier. We can put this * out of “business” with a few well chosen words. I urge you to join my efforts to get rid of this sort of on line bullying.
    • The Novel Network isn’t my site – I have nothing personally to do with the running of it. I have written a review of it giving it a low rating.
  38. So Les is yet another who will recommend a product ( by providing a link) without risking it himself. Say no more. Be careful who you trust.
    • I have written a review of this product giving it a low rating. Just providing a link is not a recommendation in itself.
  39. Les999 I just wanted to commend you for being so patient. I see that you are promoting the item but, I also see that while trying to make some money of your own you are still using morals. Some people may not mind loosing $50.00 to find a sight that has free books but After reading these reviews I will not be buying this product.Instead I’ll be following my fellow friends to to get my books for free. Curious though… Did you purchase this item? Do you use it? Did you find it everything they make themselves out to be? Or did you get your money back???
    • Hi Tina. Thanks. I must admit it is trying my patience a little, and I’m considering closing the comments. I think there’s enough info here now for people to make their choice. I have not purchased the item, no. My assessment was based initially on statistics and then on the user feedback in these comments, which is why it now has such a low rating.
  40. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. When I saw that site, SCAM just screamed at me. Then I found this site and see how many people got taken in. I don’t think these are competitor folks writing in, I think these are real consumers who got taken in. And les99 – you should be ashamed to continue promoting such a site just to get people to click on your link and drive up your profit margin. If it was google, they would ban you.
    • I don’t think you can really call publishing negative feedback and giving something a low rating “promoting” it. I’m sure The Novel Network would prefer me to remove this page. If I remove my affiliate link then buyers won’t come under my satisfaction guarantee and I won’t help them get a refund if they want it. I’m sure Google are happy with all the user comments on this page.
  42. Les,the novel network is a scam and you know it.
  43. Ordered and then couldn’t get on site.Called the number that came on my bank statment.Took alot of button pushing to get to a real person..But it is now in dispute for a refund. We will just have to wait and see how it works out..Don’t waste your money.Wish I would have had this website to read first before I ordered..
  44. Les999 you’re living the American dream! I found it in your quote: “Second, yes I want people to join via my link so that I make money. But I also want them to join via my link so I can tell them how to get their refund.” There’s nothing I enjoy more then spending my money on something that will make me want to get my money back. And knowing you get paid to expedite this joy is icing on the cake. This is American Capitalism at its finest. PEOPLE: Just read the fine print at the bottom of the Novel Network website….” does not provide a direct database for downloading. provides members with the necessary links…..etc.” You can’t call it a scam when you DON’T READ THE FINE PRINT. P.T. Barnum was right, there’s one born every minute!
    • Heheh – when you put it like that it does sounds ridiculous. To clarify: what I mean is that if they insist on joining the Novel Network, it’s better they do it via my link so I can help them out with the (probable) refund request.
  45. Old books and free books here. Waste of money. Avoid this and save yourself headaches and $50.
  46. I made the mistake of signing up for my daughter..I paid via paypal..didnt like the service the paypal transaction had this phone # to reference 866-312-7733 and a transaction number. I called cancelled and had a refund for my transaction in 2-3 minutes show up on my account…atleast they refunded me easily
  47. I want my money returned to my debit card.There was absolutely nothing I wanted that was free. Everything good had to be purchced.
    • Again, if you purchased through my link let me know via email and I’ll walk you through how to get a refund.
  49. I joined Novel Network and have had absolutely NO help whatsoever getting it to work and can’t get hold of anyone to get a refund. I think it’s a scam and a ripoff, so if you read this before you buy—-DON’T! When I finally got a reply, it sent me to somewhere else where they haven’t replied as well. Can you spell ripoff with a capital “R”?
  50. DO NOT JOIN THE NOVEL NETWORK I made the mistake of joining, look over their site, didn’t see anything FREE that I thought I would even want. I tried immidiatly within the hour of joining to get a refund, and have not heard one work back from them. I have sent at least 6 emails and not one word back.
  51. glad i looked up reviews, haven’t found one positive one yet. This almost angers me. The website clearly advertises books like twilight and popular books. WHAT A SCAM!? Thanks for saving me 50 dollars guys. The ppl behind this should be ashamed, America is broke enough as is.
  52. i was considering buying the novel network, but after reading these reviews i can conclude the novel network is one big SCAM! i did think it was a little supicious that somebody would make a whole website on a novel network review…
  53. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get a refund, and all I get is an automated response. Filling out their ‘refund’ form does the same thing. Just an automated response to tell me the same thing. As soon as I signed up, I checked the books available. It advertises ‘free’ downloads, but does not tell you that you have to pay for all the novels, just as you would on Amazon of anyplace else. All the free ones are the old archived volumes in public domain, and you don’t need any membership to be able to download them from Open Library or Gutenberg. They really are free. The Novel Network is definitely NOT. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a huge scam. I’m sorry I got suckered into it. I just want my money back, but it’s proving very hard to make them do that.
    • Pat – if you purchased via my link shoot me an email (see contact page) and I’ll walk you through the refund process. There’s a trick to it.
  54. THANK YOU for not taking down this site. I received an email today from the Novel Network and I was skeptical. I searched the web for reviews and found this site. I will not be making a purchase for the Novel Network through any link. Sorry Les, just to many bad reviews to take the risk even with the satisfaction guarantee. Again thanks for the information and good luck!
  55. I’ve suckered myself into paying the membership to The Novel Network and am in the process of getting a refund.

    I thought I was savvy by googling the website for reviews and found mostly ‘popular’ comments about it. It wasn’t until after I signed and payed that I should have stuck with my gut instinct ‘that it was too good to be true so it’s a scam’

    Wish I came across this site earlier, but lesson learnt and I hope that it’ll be sorted.

    Also have noticed on the email from Novel Network I received:

    A Note on Chargebacks and Fraudulent Transactions:

    All chargebacks are thoroughly investigated and may add you to a blacklist with our processor which will complicate future online purchases. Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in an investigation which can lead to heavy fines or other legal action toward you. Your credit rating can be affected by false claims of fraud. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to clarify the matter. All sales are tracked by Google.

    Is this a threat from them?
  56. I just purchased it and I hope I wasn’t scammed. I found a book I want to download but it says it is $10 and I thought it would be free. Is this a scam or am I doing something wrong?? Please get back to me at
  57. Glad I checked every review before I got suckered into losing $50 I’ll continue to check my bookmarked “free sites” daily. Come to think of it…it’s actually fun!

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This product scores 30/100 which is very low and this means that very few people who purchased were happy with the product.

Buyer Frenzy

Buyer Frenzy Rating is an indication of how much interest there in a product – a bit like the product’s ‘sales rank’. A high frenzy rating means that customers are falling over themselves to get to a product, buying it in droves every day. Products with a high frenzy are usually quality products.

The Novel Network has a frenzy score of 63.08/100 which is around standard – the frenzy levels haven’t reached fiver pitch quite yet

The Overall Rating

What’s our final opinion of The Novel Network? This score considers everything we have discussed so far, and in addition trust ranking sites such as It balances the trust in the product from 3 sources:, the buying public and the internet at large. So, our final rating is 4/10. This is a very low score – you should definitely consider purchasing a different product. So you may want to examine each category and see if there is a product that better suits your needs. Just click the following links:: Arts & Entertainment, General

The Novel Network Bonus

If you buy the product after visiting their site through our link, we receive a commission from the vendor of the product. In turn, we want to thank you. To read more about exactly what your bonus consists of, please click this link: The Novel Network purchase bonus
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