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It’s review time once more! Today we’ll be looking at Value Lay. A review here on would not be considered a critique though without a decent bulleted list showing you what to expect. Here it is:

  • All of the critical information and facts in a product’s info section
  • Purchasing info
  • Statistical information on this program to help you out in your decision
  • The comments section! This is really an important part of the review process in which I collect views from people who have utilised the product
  • A bonus is one thing that must not be ignored. Find out what it is and exactly how you can receive one.
A short extra explication on the purchase reward: to become eligible you’ll have to click to the product vendor via a link marked with this icon: . It’ll inform the vendor you were sent over by and we will earn a commission. To say thanks to you you’ll get our special bonus items. We write the reviews utilizing statistics as well as user opinion and therefore this doesn’t affect the impartiality in the reviews.
Value Lay

Product Facts

Product Name: Value Lay
Standard Price: GBP7
Author: Simon Javaheri
Review Updated: 10th Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

Value Lay is offered for sale by their own website, which it is easy to check out through this weblink: The product is not distributed via any additional retailers, even if you might come across other web pages that link directly to the payment processor web page. Even so, it’s always best to click to the source to determine the most up-to-date price. If you need to buy without making use of an affiliate hyperlink you can do so by clicking here:

Publisher’s Description

37 Months Ago We Set Out To Discover Where The £Billions Of Profit Was Being Made In Horse Racing, With The Help Of A Renegade Bookie, An Inside Informer And An Astute Legal Team Keeping Us Out Of Jail We’re Thrilled To Finally Say “We’ve Done It!

  • Massive ROI’s Between 450% – 730% – You’re Return On Investment is important to us, and our average ROI is one of the largest of its kind
  • Consistent Profit From Rock Solid Tips – Profit is only good if it’s consistent, our aim is to give you 10 good weeks and 1 bad day
  • Choose Your Profit – When laying horses, you choose how much profit you want, so if you want to make £50 in one bet you can
  • Average Earnings Of £250 – £300 p/w – You can be earning an easy secondary TAX FREE income doing something that you enjoy
  • 88% Strike Rate – You can now win almost every time with Value Lay, we have the best strike rate:odds ratio in the world

User Comment and Discussion

Creating countless product reviews is really a tough task. Luckily, though, I don’t need to do it by myself – I have my subscribers to help me. Therefore please set aside a second to let everyone know your opinion about Value Lay

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Product Stats and Appraisal

This is the area of the analysis in which we assess the stats. The initial question most people usually have is – exactly where do the statistics originate from?

Well, I have prepared an explanation of that right here: stats explained. By using these stats, I have created two rankings to enable you to choose whether or not this is really a product you want to buy. I’ve named them the buyer satisfaction (self explanatory) and the buyer frenzy (how well the program is selling).

Buyer Satisfaction

The buyer satisfaction ranking for Value Lay comes out as 98.63/100 which is basically as high as it gets. With a small number of refunds, we can say there are plenty of pleased shoppers here.

Buyer Frenzy

Buyer Frenzy Score is an indication of exactly how much passion there exists for a product – a little like the item’s ‘sales rank’. A superior frenzy score signifies that consumers are going crazy for a product, buying it in their scores every single day. Programs that have a substantial frenzy are very often quality programs. Value Lay has a frenzy ranking of 60.48/100 that signifies a perfectly standard amount of sales made. It is not quite a best seller yet, but might be headed that way.

The Final Score Well, we’ve reached the last part of the review and it is the moment to calculate all the benefits and drawbacks and provide you with the final score. This ranking considers the satisfaction score, the frenzy score, and I will update it depending upon the thoughts and opinions of users here. Additionally, it considers the trust I place in the product’s web site and publisher. Now, my closing rating is 8.88/10. It is a great score – and a high rating usually means a terrific product. I wouldn’t have any qualms about taking out the mastercard for this one. However, although an outstanding program you’ll probably still reap the benefits of looking into the best rated items in this category. Fortunately for you I have put together a listing, grouped handily by category. Just click the subsequent hyperlinks:: Horse Racing, Betting Systems

Value Lay Bonus

As discussed in the introductory section, there’s an affiliate connection with the product vendor that benefits us should you finish up buying. In return, we like to compensate you via the form of a purchase bonus. To see precisely what that is read here: Value Lay extra.
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